Artist's Hand
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
ARTIST’S HAND (P. Black ‘19)
SDB Midseason 13” (33cm)
Peach styles peer out from lilac blended standards. Unusual extended mulberry veined pattern on light rose buff falls have pale apricot hafts surrounding big burnt orange beards. Producing unique veined seedlings.
Sdlg. Y243A: U213A: (S258B: (O262CR: (91246BR: (79-3: (Puppet x Meadow Moss) x 89263A: (85388A: (Cindy Mitchell x 83132B: (B80-35: (Clays Caper x Michael Paul) x Rainbow Music)) x 86356 sib, Easy Style sib)) x Forever Blue) x Dime) x S265D, Cartoon Characters) X Blazing Garnet
As If!
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
AS IF (Black ’24)
SDB Midseason-late 14” (35.5cm)
Sweet fragrance. It takes a sassy attitude to wear such bold colors. You won’t walk by an eye-popping clump of this beauty. Sdlg CC251B: Black Z205E, Grape Moon sib X Sassy Salsa
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As You Wish
46.00 46.00 46.0 USD
AS YOU WISH (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason-late 35” (89cm)
Light fragrance. Medium rose-lavender-pink standards and edge on lighter pink falls. There is a darker pink blush on either side of the beautiful saturated pink beards. Very nice ruffled and laced form on nice show stems. As You Wish is an easy grower and has been used heavily in hybridizing. This is an iris that we like a lot!! Sdlg. TL74ZZ: Slice Of Heaven X Strawberry Shake.
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Assorted Colors
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
SDB Midseason-late 13” (33cm)
Sweet fragrance. Its bright yellow standards invite you in for a closer look at the more subtle red-violet plicata falls. Very pretty!! Sdlg. BB212O: Black X224C: (Intoxicating x Black V322A: (Black T248C: (Black Q95A, My Cher sib x Black P168F, Total Denial sib) x Black T233A: (Black P188B: (Black M251A: (Black J392A: (Black F240A: (Sweet Bite x Black B281B: (Tweety Bird x Black 91216, Spin Again sib)) x Minidragon) x Black J282C, Amusing sib) x Tickety Boo) x Black R264: (Delayed Development x Black P189, He's So Shy sib)))) X Black X223A: (Intoxicating x Spectator)
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65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
ASSURED (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Midseason-late 37” (94cm)
Light fragrance. Assured is a different shade of pink. Standards are a medium blue pink. Falls are lighter with deeper texture veins and a darker edge. Coral pink beards add a nice touch of elegance. Nicely branched and budded stems. Sdlg. TL163XX: (Full Of Grace x Pick-up Line) X Ballroom Belle
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At Large
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
AT LARGE (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Midseason-late 38” (97cm)
Slight fragrance. White ground standards are sanded all over with light golden yellow dotting. Falls are white with a light lilac dotted band. There is a red violet haft that spreads across the falls on either side of the burnt orange beards. At Large is so named because the flowers are immense and carried on strong wide candelabra branched stems. Quite impressive! Sdlg. TL166YY: Beautician sibling X (Marry The Night sibling x TD314ZZ: (Blyth O211-A: (L94-1: (Ostentatious x G48-5: (Burst x Epicenter)) x L266-1: (G48-5 x Zestful Miss)) x Blyth R41-6, Stay Stylish pollen parent sibling))
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Atom Smasher
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
ATOM SMASHER (T. Johnson ’21)
SDB Mid 14” (35cm)
Brilliant golden yellow standards with red veining at the petal edges. Falls have a near solid cranberry overlay on a yellow orange ground with saturated tangerine beards. Brilliant!! Absolutely stunning clumps!!
Sdlg TK270A: Gottcha Good X Alaia.
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Attention Seeker
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
TB Early-midseason 38” (97cm)
Light fragrance. Medium salmon pink standards. Falls are deep violet with a large salmon pink area around the tangerine beard. Very nice stems and good buds count help to display the vibrant color combination. Sdlg. TM136B: Hard To Resist X Bombshell
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Attitude Adjustment
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
TB Mid 35” (89cm)
Old gold standards with reddish violet wash and dots. Falls are white with deep maroon hafts and red violet dotting forming a wide plicata band. Beards are an interesting burnt orange. Beautiful full ruffled form on excellent show stems. Strong growth. Gorgeous!!
Sdlg: TI165YY: unknown X Marry the Night sib.
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Autumn Jewel
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
AUTUMN JEWEL (P. Black ‘20)
TB Early-Midseason-Rebloom 32” (81cm)
The hallmarks of this jewel are its beautiful form and exceptionally wide falls. Its vibrant color makes it a garden hit. Mid peach pink standards surround mid apricot styles. Dark red grape falls are showcased by mauve rose bands. Three well-spaced branches produce 8-9 buds. Strong growth.
Sdlg. Y32BR: Ready For My Closeup X W103DR: (S142ER: (O375AR: (Summer Luxury x Sweetly Sung) x Q14AR, Advantage sib) x Vanilla Berry)
Autumn Tease
14.00 14.00 14.0 USD
AUTUMN TEASE (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early 30” (76cm)
Bright yellow Standards. Falls have a large cinnamon central spot surrounded by a wide white border and then a gold band. A very unique creation and proving to be a great parent for unique patterns. Different!!
Sdlg: TH68B: Seasons In The Sun X Risk Taker.
Awesome Wonder
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
AWESOME WONDER (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 37” (94cm)
We would love to have a nice blue and orange bicolor and this is certainly a strong step in that direction. Standards are blue with deeper blue centers and veins, then ending with light buff edges. Falls are salmon orange/pink with a bit lighter area below tangerine beards. Great Show stem branching with ample buds. Very showy and pretty! Unique!
Baby Blush
17.00 17.00 17.0 USD
BABY BLUSH (T. Johnson ’23)
SDB Late 13” (33cm)
No fragrance. Standards are peach with white ground centers that are overlaid pink. Falls have light peach ground that is then overlaid deep rose pink. Hafts and edge are peach, beards are tangerine. 4 Buds on heavy blooming clumps. Sdlg. TM173I: Alaia X Sweet Tweet
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Baby Doll Pink
14.00 14.00 14.0 USD
BABY DOLL PINK (P. Black '21)
MTB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm)
The soft light orchid of the standards is blended over the soft pink falls. A slight metallic sheen adds a touch of mystery. Mid pink styles provide a bit of contrast as do the shrimp beards. Three branches are graced with 7-9 buds on easy to grow plants.
Sdlg. Z139BB: Unknown
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Baby's Got The Blues
14.00 14.00 14.0 USD
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
The clean, dark indigo standards and inky blue black blended falls make this a great addition to the MTB class. Strong growth produces plenty of show stalks with loads of branches and buds. Unusual beards are half bronze brown and half indigo.
Sdlg. Y195A: Waylaid X U66B: (Date with Destiny x S208A, Silver Ice sib)
Background Noise
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
TB Late-Very Late 34” (86cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance Two of this year’s introductions are from this cross that produced many delightful seedlings. ‘Me and My Shadow’ has proven to be a solid parent for quality later blooming hardy plicatas. Light blending to dark butterscotch standards have fine darker caramel veining. Styles are darker butterscotch with styles veined brown. Crisp white falls are decorated with wide dark burgundy plicata bands while near black irregular lines descend part way down their centers. Three well-spaced branches carry 7-8 buds. A vigorous and hardy plicata.
Sdlg. Z100I: Me and My Shadow X First Pick
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Bacon And Eggs
17.00 17.00 17.0 USD
BACON AND EGGS (Paul Black 23)
SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance Sunnyside up light yellow standards sit atop mid red-brown bacon falls with a little egg at hafts and around them. Clumps are filled with stalks and plenty of increase left for next year. Sdlg. BB195C: Before the Dawn X Mesa Sunrise
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Bad Habits
42.00 42.00 42.0 USD
BAD HABITS (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason 35” (89cm)
Light sweet fragrance. Rich royal purple standards over purple to near black falls. Beards are a burnt orange with yellow hair tips. Quite a beautiful iris in our continuing quest for a nice ruffled and laced yellow bearded black or purple bitone. Very pretty! Sdlg. TM94B: Own The Night X Heat Of The Moment
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Ballroom Belle
17.00 17.00 17.0 USD
BALLROOM BELLE (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Late 32” (81cm)
Peach pink Standards with lighter peach edge. Falls have a peach pink ground overlaid and washed with deeper lavender texture vein lines. The falls are then encircled with a lighter peach edge. The flowers are full formed and heavily ruffled and laced. Nicely branched stems. The flower can vary being more clean peach tones with lighter violet fall veins in warm sunny weather and showing more violet and more pronounced veining especially in the falls on cooler cloudy days. Check out both photos to see the difference. Either way it is very pretty and unique. Very different!
Baltic Sea
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
BALTIC SEA (T.Johnson '08)
TB Late 38” (97cm)
The extreme ruffles of Baltic Sea reminds us of the power of crashing, windswept waves as they curl toward the shore. Large, tightly formed medium marine blue flowers are breathtaking when seen singly or in clump. Beards are soft cream to blue-white. Strong growth produces stalks with 3 branches and about 9 buds. Heavy substance helps Baltic Sea maintain its lovely form even in the rain.
Sdlg. TW10A: Capital City Jazz X Sea Power