All Grown Up
24.00 24.00 24.0 USD
ALL GROWN UP (P. Black 21)
TB Late-Very Late 32” (81cm)
Strong, well-branched stalks are able to showcase these giant-sized blooms without crowding. Lavishly ruffled standards have rosy mauve centers blended to wide light chalky gray lavender margins. Broad falls blend from pale violet blue to mid violet blue and gradually darkening to dark violet and banded dark plum. Two toned beards are gray tipped light coral and outward to mid violet. Stalks have 2 branches and 6-7 buds.
Sdlg. V159Q, Pleasure’s All Mine sib X Escape from Boredom.
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All In Vein
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
ALL IN VEIN (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Early 32” (81cm)
Very light grape standards with deep purple veins almost completely covering the petals. Petal edges are surrounded by a gilt gold narrow rim. Falls are deep purple with white rays extending out to the center of the petal then becoming solid purple with a stitched lavender rim. The backs of the falls are striped and veined all the way to the edge giving a very cool effect especially when in bud. Bright orange beards and feathered white style crests complete this wild ensemble. Good growth and stems carrying 8 buds. Coming from a cross of Blyth seedlings made in Australia. Truly striking!!
Sdlg TJ312A: (Ghost Writer x Expect Wonders) X (((Oreo x Hello Darkness) x Reckless Abandon) x Cher and Cher Alike sib)
All Natural
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
ALL NATURAL (Paul Black '22)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm
Pronounced musky fragrance Wide, ruffled and perfectly formed flowers have brassy caramel standards repeating in plicata bands around white falls. Big burnt orange beards.
Sdlg. AA179F: Bazinga X Kaching
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All Of Me
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
ALL OF ME (Thomas Johnson ’22)
SDB Midseason 13” (33cm)
Slight sweet fragrance. Brilliant coral pink self being a bit darker in the standards. The white beards are the perfect complement. A favorite of mine and used heavily in hybridizing.
Sdlg. TL263A: Blushing Diamond X Lovable Pink.
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All Rise
24.00 24.00 24.0 USD
ALL RISE (L Miller ’21)
TB Early-Mid 31” (78cm)
Standards and styles orchid pink. Falls orchid-purple paling at edges. Beards dark tangerine with frilly light purple flounces. Show stalks with three branches and 2 spurs. Consistent!!!
Sdlg 815E: ((Winning Ticket x Rock ‘n Roll)) x Act Surprised)) X 2313A: (((Beyond Dreams x Pink Cushion) x Act Surprised)) x Blowing Kisses))).
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All Stitched Up
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
ALL STITCHED UP (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Early-midseason 37” (94cm)
Sweet fragrance. Golden yellow standards with an ever so slightly stitched violet edge. Falls are cream with medium violet stitched hafts and narrow stitched band. All Stitched Up will start the TB bloom season and will continue on blooming all the way through midseason. A super strong grower, heavy bloomer with show stems galore. Sdlg. TL45A: High Desert X Beautician.
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All The Rage
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
ALL THE RAGE (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
A favorite of ours from its maiden bloom. Eggshell white Standards with a nice wide gold band and the beginnings of violet veining. Falls are wide and ruffled deep violet with a white ray spray pattern around brilliant orange beards. Nicely ruffled flowers are held on good stems with ample buds. Very showy and a garden favorite.
Sdlg. TH20A. Reckless Abandon X TD24A:(Gypsy Lord x Edge of Heaven).
All Too Exciting
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
TB Midseason-Late 42” (107cm)
Since the 1990s, it has been my goal to create a later blooming, excellent performing plicata. ‘ALL TOO EXCITING’ does so with style and height. Strong show stalks have 5 branches plus spur and 11-12 buds. Classic tight form and plenty of ruffles.
Sdlg. V126A: Tickle My Fancy X Raindrops Keep Falling sib
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Almost Taste It
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
ALMOST TASTE IT (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 36” (91.5cm)
Medium lavender blue Standards which lighten at the edges. Icy blue falls with flesh lined hafts and edge. Brilliant tangerine orange beards complete the package. Nice well-branched stems with 7 to 8 buds ensures a pretty display.
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Ambrosia Of The Gods
60.00 60.00 60.0 USD
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. The heady fragrance of these sturdily constructed flowers is a delight to the gods. Lightly laced light peach apricot standards repeat in wide light peach bands around cream falls. Zingy mid burnt orange beards give an inner warmth. Well branched show stalks have 3 branches and 9-10 buds. Robust growth Sdlg. Z106D: Black V159B, Pleasure’s All Mine sib X Time Out
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America's Top Model
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
TB Early-Midseason 36” (91cm)
Slight sweet fragrance Isn’t she stunning as she glides down the runway! Pristine white standards encapsulate white styles rimmed pink. Silken, diamond dusted creamy falls wash to pale buff edges. Mid pink beards assure her couture is anything but common. Hybridizers have worked many years for whites with pink instead of orange beards and finally here it is. Well-branched stalks have 3 branches and 7 buds. Sdlg. AA98A: W77A: (S74OO: (Kiss of Passion x All My Dreams) x S53A: (Royal Sterling x Giorgio)) X Y18A: (Multnomah Falls x Strawberry Shake)
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Amethyst Angel
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AMETHYST ANGEL (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Late 38” (96.5cm) Sweet fragrance.
Light lavender standards with pink centers. Falls are a rich purple reminiscent of the purple seen more often in siberian iris. The beards are large and a unique blending of colors that comes off as kind of a frosted root beer. The flowers are very wide, large and ruffled. Tall well branched stems add to the look. A beautiful color combination that is hard to capture in a photo. Sdlg. TI11ZZ: Beauty Contest X All About Me.
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Angelic Morn
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ANGELIC MORN (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid-Late 31” (79 cm)
White standards with wide gold band and deep gold base and midrib. Falls are white with lavender band and gold touched hafts. Bright orange beards. Creates a beautiful color combination and a garden standout.
Sdlg TJ238B: (Hard to Resist sib x Edge of Heaven) X (Watercolor Print x Dignified).
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9.00 9.00 9.0 USD
ANTSY (T. Johnson ’17)
SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm)
Nice brown spot pattern with great blue beards. Easy grower with three buds. Showy!
Sdlg TG285A: Thump X Lab
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Apple Crisp
9.00 9.00 9.0 USD
APPLE CRISP (P. Black ‘14)
IB Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
Beautiful form. Fancy washed plicata pattern. Show stalks have 2 branches plus spur & 6-8 buds. Myriads of stalks.
Fertile Sdlg. R202B: Dog and Pony Show sib
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Apple Of My Eye
60.00 60.00 60.0 USD
APPLE OF MY EYE (Paul Black 23)
TB Late-Very Late 35” (89cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance Oh YES, I really like this one. Be sure to take in the lovely, nuanced colors. Tight classically formed flowers have waxen substance and sheen. Lightly laced red brown standards blend to wide dark mulberry bands, a very interesting color transition. Narrow crinkle laced black cherry falls are touched with white dotting. The white chevron around the multi-layered beard is heavily mottled mid black cherry. Three layered beards are white to dark purple and tipped old gold. Strong, disease resistant foliage. Show branched stalks have 3 branches plus spur and 9- 10 buds. Sdlg. AA268A: Ruby Tracery X Black Y54A, Drag Race sib
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Apricot Smoothie
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Cream Standards infused solid deep apricot in the center lightening to near white at edge. Falls have a large peach spot overlaid and washed deeper rose and then banded in cream and edged in light peach. Beards are bright red orange. Great form and branching with up to 11 buds.
Sdlg. TG51A: Stylized X Twilight Rhapsody.
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Arabian Treasure
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Very light buff pink Standards flushed heavily with Med. Violet in the center. Falls are deep violet with deeper veining and a lavender band. Lovely formed flowers and a strong grower with heavy bloom. Makes a nice show.
Sdlg TH13A: Haunted Heart X Call Me Maybe.
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Arctic Chill
19.00 19.00 19.0 USD
ARCTIC CHILL (K. Keppel ’20)
TB Midseason 40” (102cm)
Big blocky icy blue white with blue beards.
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Art Critic
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ART CRITIC (P. Black ‘20)
TB Midseason-Very Late 36” (91cm)
Five stars go to this uniquely beautiful plicata. Pale yellow standards centers blend to wide silvery white bands touched pale yellow on their tips. White stylearms are adorned with bright yellow crests. Brassy butterscotch plicata hafts and narrow bands encircle white falls. Mid marigold beards cause little controversy. Strong show stalks have 4 branches and 14-16 buds that give ‘Art Critic’ an outstanding presence in the garden. A mild sweet fragrance will set the mood.
Sdlg. W84A: S112H, Bright on Top sib X U14A: (Dog Days x R133A: (O159B: (Out of the Dark x Sea Power) x P75B: (L83D, Wonders Never Cease sib x Cheap Frills)))
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