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Saxifraga stolonifera cuscutiformis
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Evergreen spreading mound of dark green
leaves veined in white. Leaves & stems
have a distinct maroon cast. Blooms May
to July with finely textured white flowers.
Plant in full shade to almost full sun.
Drought tolerant but prefers regular
waterings. Height: 4”-8” tall. Zones
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Loudmouth (Rich 70) Dark Slate Mauve with darker veins and near black signal. 12" tall.
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Clear Blue Sky
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CLEAR BLUE SKY (T. Johnson ’12)
SDB mid season 13" (33 cm)
Sky blue self; beards white; slight fragrance.
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Fab Life
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FAB LIFE (T. Johnson ’17)
SDB Midseason 15” (38cm)
An odd but very showy color combination with electric blue beards. Great grower, buds and stem. Coming from Neutron linage.
Sdlg TG284C: TC258A: Warm and Fuzzy x Loveable Pink) X Lab
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Crazy Over You
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CRAZY OVER YOU (P. Black ‘17)
IB Midseason-Very Late 22” (56cm)
Rich smooth color. Two branches and 6 buds. Strong growth. Fertile.
SDLG. V199A: Black Comedy Sib.
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Black Comedy
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BLACK COMEDY (P. Black ‘17)
IB Early-Late 27” (69cm)
Amazing compact clumps filled with stalks having 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Showy orange beards. Fertile.
Sdlg. V199F: Love Spell X (lady of the night x Paul Black)
IB Award of Merit 2021
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ULTIMATE (T. Johnson '03)
SDB midseason 13" (33 cm)
Standards and style arms medium yellow; falls dark mahogany spot, precise yellow band narrower at haft, short dart into lower spot edge, few gold rays on haft; beards yellow, white base; slight spicy fragrance. Cook-Douglas medal winner 2010. Very good grower and showy!!
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FIRE (P. Black '15)
SDB Mid-Late 12" (30 cm)
Satiny dark garnet red with black red spot. Burnt orange beards. Wide.
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Lust For Lemon
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LUST FOR LEMON (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Mid- season-Late 12” (30 cm)
Super wide and round, very clean glaciata. Bright clumps.
Sdlg. U118C: Dare sib X Birds's-eye View sib.
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LUCKY (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm)
Round and ruffled. Mulberry to orchid instead of usual violet plic.Violet blue beards are the perfect complement.
Sdlg. U107A: Jellicle Cat X (Jellicle Cat x He’s so Shy sib)
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LOTTERY (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm)
Great color and carrying power. Fantastic beards. Standards mid-light apricot, chartreuse veins up rib to lighter lines over rest of petal; style arms mid apricot-orange; Falls mid-dark apricot-orange with green metallic sheen, lighter blended band, green veins overall, short orange dart at end of beard; beards fully saturated orange, big and bright; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Sdlg. U161A: Come and Get It sib X All is Bright
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It's A Small World
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IT’S A SMALL WORLD (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm)
Minimal plicata. Fabulous pink styles and tangerine beards. Unique for sure!
Sdlg. U206E: Fun in the Sun X (Total Denial sib x My Cher sib)
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SDB Mid-Late 14” (36cm)
From years of breeding for clear pink and blue combos. Exquisite form and color.
Sdlg.U216A: Involved X Oh So Sweet
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Canine Caper
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CANINE CAPER (P. Black ‘15)
SDB Mid- season-Late 15.5” (39cm)
Strangely beautiful. Rapid growth. Floriferous. Note style arms. Interesting half plicata parent.
Sdlg. T260B: Island x My Cher sib
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Oh Canada
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OH CANADA (T.Johnson ‘15)
SDB Early 13” (33cm)
Big flowers & big spots. Colorful clump. Neat two colored beards. Super wide falls.
Sdlg. TE116A: Riveting X Capiche
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INTELLECT (T.Johnson ‘15)
SDB Early- Midseason 12” (30cm)
Clear mid blue with very round and wide falls. White fall zone & beard make it sparkle.
Sdlg. TD246C: Golden Ring sib X Star of India
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COMIC (P. Black ‘14)
SDB Midseason-Late 11” (28cm)
Huge orange beards insure you won’t ignore this character. Light gold minimal plicata. Fantastic parent.
Sdlg. S319E: Total Denial X Total Denial sib
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A Little Good News
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A LITTLE GOOD NEWS (T.Johnson ‘14)
SDB Late 12” (30cm)
Standards and style arms milk white; falls same with medium yellow spot; beards orange in throat, blue in middle and end; slight fragrance. Fantastic contrast and form. Show clumps filled with bloom.
Sdlg. TA145B: Bluebeard’s Ghost X (Fusspot x (stormy circle x investor)
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JEWELS (T.Johnson ‘14)
SDB Midseason 15” (38cm)
Show clumps. Standards medium pink; style arms rose-pink; falls medium pink with broken rose-violet spot; beards white, tangerine hair tips, ends all white; slight fragrance.
Sdlg. (Devoted x Clever) X Black O319A: involved pink seedlings
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