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PARABLE (T. Johnson '11)
AB Early 20” (51cm)
Parable is a top notch garden subject. Growth is rock solid. Purple base foliage is clean and healthy. Clumps are filled with stalks having 1 branch and 3 buds. Blue violet standards and red violet falls have darker blue texture veins. Strong black signals with a satin sheen confirm its aril heritage. Beards are dark navy overlaid brown.
William Mohr Medal 2021
Sdlg. TX155AA: Puddy Tat sib X Kalifa’s Robe
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Egyptian Queen
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EGYPTIAN QUEEN (T. Johnson '07)
AB Midseason 20" (51cm)
Very round "onco" looking standards are medium lilac with rosy copper midribs and fine network of veins overall. Large tan-copper styles peer from between them. Colorful falls are rose-copper blended to tan-copper with muted gold hafts. Bright yellow beards terminate in rich, velvety black-cherry signals. EGYPTIAN QUEEN has one branch and three buds produced by healthy, vigorous growth. Slight fragrance. Very Nice! Honorable Mention 2009. Award of Merit 2011. Mohr Medal 2013.
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SUSPECT (T.Johnson '06)
AB midseason 23" (58cm)
Medium blue-violet standards. Mauve-rose falls with big black signals. SUPERB! Very large signal for an arilbred median.
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Clear Blue Sky
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CLEAR BLUE SKY (T. Johnson ’12)
SDB mid season 13" (33 cm)
Sky blue self; beards white; slight fragrance.
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Haunting Passion
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IB Mid-Late 18” (46cm)
Shorter stature. Fresh and pretty. Using to breed late blooming SDBs that have increased branching and buds.
Sdlg. V192A: Ambiguous sib
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Crazy Over You
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CRAZY OVER YOU (P. Black ‘17)
IB Midseason-Very Late 22” (56cm)
Rich smooth color. Two branches and 6 buds. Strong growth. Fertile.
SDLG. V199A: Black Comedy Sib.
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Black Comedy
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BLACK COMEDY (P. Black ‘17)
IB Early-Late 27” (69cm)
Amazing compact clumps filled with stalks having 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Showy orange beards. Fertile.
Sdlg. V199F: Love Spell X (lady of the night x Paul Black)
IB Award of Merit 2021
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ULTIMATE (T. Johnson '03)
SDB midseason 13" (33 cm)
Standards and style arms medium yellow; falls dark mahogany spot, precise yellow band narrower at haft, short dart into lower spot edge, few gold rays on haft; beards yellow, white base; slight spicy fragrance. Cook-Douglas medal winner 2010. Very good grower and showy!!
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YODA (B. Blyth '12)
SDB Very Early 12" (30 cm)
Gold standards. Rose wine falls with blue violet beards. Fun color. Photos courtesy of Katja Woidacki.
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FIRE (P. Black '15)
SDB Mid-Late 12" (30 cm)
Satiny dark garnet red with black red spot. Burnt orange beards. Wide.
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Lust For Lemon
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LUST FOR LEMON (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Mid- season-Late 12” (30 cm)
Super wide and round, very clean glaciata. Bright clumps.
Sdlg. U118C: Dare sib X Birds's-eye View sib.
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LOTTERY (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm)
Great color and carrying power. Fantastic beards. Standards mid-light apricot, chartreuse veins up rib to lighter lines over rest of petal; style arms mid apricot-orange; Falls mid-dark apricot-orange with green metallic sheen, lighter blended band, green veins overall, short orange dart at end of beard; beards fully saturated orange, big and bright; pronounced sweet fragrance.
Sdlg. U161A: Come and Get It sib X All is Bright
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It's A Small World
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IT’S A SMALL WORLD (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm)
Minimal plicata. Fabulous pink styles and tangerine beards. Unique for sure!
Sdlg. U206E: Fun in the Sun X (Total Denial sib x My Cher sib)
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Cat And Mouse
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CAT AND MOUSE (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Early- Mid 12” (30cm)
Floriferous clumps. Rampant growth. Cute kitty face flowers. Standards light green-yellow, light grey-blue rib; style arms white, light yellow edge and crest; falls white, dark brown veins over haft changing to dark red-violet blended spot at end of beard, white dart at end of beard, 3/4˝ wide light yellow segment in distal center from spot to edge of petal; beards light yellow in throat, white in middle and end; slight musky fragrance.
Sdlg. U158C: (Devoted x (Worry Wart pollen parent x Lab pod parent)) X Open Your Eyes
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SDB Mid-Late 14” (36cm)
From years of breeding for clear pink and blue combos. Exquisite form and color.
Sdlg.U216A: Involved X Oh So Sweet
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BLISSFUL (P. Black ‘16)
SDB Early-Late 15.5” (40cm)
Standards clear mid yellow; style arms warm white, clear mid yellow crests; falls white, wide blended clear light-mid yellow band; beard hairs based white, dark tangerine in throat, mid tangerine in middle, ends dotted tangerine, wide; slight musky fragrance. Fabulous glaciata. Most popular of SDBs. Oh those ruffles!
SDB Award of Merit 2021
Sdlg. U207C: Fun in the Sun sib X (My Cher sib x My Cher)
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Start The Party
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START THE PARTY (T.Johnson ‘16)
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 20” (51cm)
Show branched stalks with loads of buds and petite flowers.
Sdlg. Cotillion Ball X Orange Rush
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Portland Pink
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PORTLAND PINK (P. Black ‘15)
SDB Late-Very Late 15” (38cm)
It was tagged for introduction from its maiden bloom. Saying it is unique is a vast understatement. It is the best formed of all the pink SDBs. Color has great depth and richness. Its one flaw is some flowers have a 4th standard. It is a big advancement in my project to create SDBs that bloom into TB season. It begins bloom in early TB season. How cool to have a SDB for a TB timed show. The cross that created it, an IB X IB, shouldn’t have been fertile but it did have viable seed. Even more amazing, ‘Portland Pink’ is fertile. It can be picky about its partner but can have anywhere from a few to normal numbers of seed and they germinate. Shorty, the pod parent, is from a pink tetraploid MTB seedling X my SDB, ‘Juicy Tidbit’. The pollen parent is a multi-branched & budded IB from a small flowered TB, ‘Inspired’ sib X my SDB, ‘Love Spell’. Growth is strong and increase rapid. Although it is from 2 IBs, it has never exceeded SDB height. What about using it in hybridizing? Go on, have your way with it. It is fertile with SDBs, IBs, tet MTBs, BBs and TBs. I haven’t tried MDBs. Expect wide variation in flower and plant size of seedlings.
Cook-Douglas Medal 2021
Sdlg. T234A: Shorty X (Inspired sib x Love Spell)
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Limbo Rock
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LIMBO ROCK (P. Black ‘15)
ABM Early- Midseason 24” (61cm)
Easy, vigorous growth. Garnet falls glow and glisten in the sun.
Sdlg. S193MM: Solar Wind X Nosferatu
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Elf Esteem
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ELF ESTEEM (P. Black ‘15)
MDB Midseason-Late Rebloom 7.5” (19cm)
Standards green-white fading to white; style arms white, mid violet in heart; Falls white, dark burgundy spot bisected by white wedge stripe from beard to edge, white rays over haft surrounded by olive-brown veins; beards mid lavender; slight sweet fragrance. Garden visitors love this showy little elf. Rapid increase. Clump covered in bloom.
Caparne-Welch Medal 2021
Sdlg. S259A: (involved seedlings x Forever Blue) X Replicator
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