Garden Chit Chat

Welcome to our 44th edition iris catalogue.  As I write this letter, it is cold and dreary outside.  Looking through scores of photos of iris in preparing this catalogue and updating the website inspires us with ideas of new crosses to make in the spring.  With winter doldrums and thumbing through old catalogues, it makes us realize how important and relevant the printed version still is.  There is just something warm and cozy about sitting in a nice comfy chair with a warm drink and catalogue or book in hand.  As fast and convenient as a computer or website are, there is still no comparison to thumbing through a paper version.  So, for the time being we are going to continue with the print version.  I am sure there will come a day when we will be online only, but for now we are planning to continue with the paper catalogue.  We always enjoy hearing your thoughts and feedback.  


2023 was a busy year for us here at Mid-America Garden.  Sales were strong and we added several new countries to the list of places that we ship to.  Sometimes international sales can be quite challenging, to say the least.  It is always amazing to us how the love of Iris is so universal and unifying, and it is strangely comforting to know there are iris addicts all over the world. Thank you everyone far and wide for your support of our passion.  


As we go to press I am in the process of making a sizeable donation to The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Australia.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful cause through your purchase of ‘Lovely Livvy’.  You shattered all sales records and are making a difference through your donation towards breast cancer research. 


If you are not following us on Facebook, please look us up and click on like or follow.  We post many photos of upcoming introductions and seedlings.  I also announce such things as surplus sales and opening and closing dates on this platform.  I am planning on doing a series of short videos showing different aspects of our operation,  from how we dig and process orders to fall field replanting.  I hope you will find these videos fun and educational.  


It was a good year award-wise for our Mid-America Garden family of hybridizers.  Paul Black dominated in the median classes, winning the top award for BBs, IBs, MDBs, and ABs with less than 50% aril content.  What’s New Pussycat (BB), Black Comedy (IB), Black Olive (MDB), and Perry Dyer (AB) were the award winners.  I was happy to hear that Oh Canada won the Cook-Douglas medal for SDBs.  There were also many Award of Merit and Honorable Mention awards for Paul, Lynda and myself.  Thank you to all of the judges who took the time to grow and evaluate our hybrids.  


Happy gardening and peace to all,