Club Orders


Available to U.S. garden clubs only. No individual orders accepted. Orders must be accompanied by a garden club check - no personal checks or credit cards.  club orders CAN NOT be placed through the shopping cart.

This is an excellent way for societies to help update their member’s iris collections. Send any amount of money (Minimum order $100.00) and we will send you 3 to 4 times that amount in iris. Shipping costs are 20% of the amount ordered. These are mature, full sized plants, not little dinky leftovers. Please tell us the date you want them and whether you prefer the newest varieties, not quite so new or a mix of both. At these prices, we are not able to send older/minimally priced varieties. Varieties we send must be of our choosing and will contain a majority of Mid-America Garden introductions. We will not send varieties we consider inferior and that you wouldn’t want to grow. No club orders shipped before July 8.