2021 Mid-America Garden Catalog (Print Version) All Other Countries
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2021 Mid-America Garden Catalogue print version Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine and all countries outside the USA and Canada
2021 Mid-America Garden Catalog (Print Version) U.S. A. And Canada Addresses Only
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2021 Mid-America Garden Catalogue for USA and Canada
A Certain Girl
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A CERTAIN GIRL (Blyth 2018) TB E-M 42” Standards are creamy peach with a slightly deeper edge and falls are peach with lighter area below the beards and deeper peach to near apricot hafts. Super show stems. 3 or 4 flowers out at once. A gorgeous Iris. (Bring Me Diamonds X Handful of Magic) Sdlg No. Y63-1
A Little Good News
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A LITTLE GOOD NEWS (T.Johnson ‘14) SDB Late 12” (30cm) Fantastic contrast and form. Show clumps filled with bloom. Sdlg. TA145B: Bluebeard’s Ghost X (Fusspot x (stormy circle x investor)
Abiding Love
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ABIDING LOVE (T.Johnson ‘14) TB Late 36” (91cm) Heavily ruffled and laced. Light rose orchid standards blend to mid peach margins. Apricot styles. Mid rose orchid falls are paler around orange beards. Nicely branched stalks with 7 to 8 buds. Sdlg. TC187A: Totally Tropical X (Formal Event x Romantic Melody sib)
Absolute Truth
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ABSOLUTE TRUTH (B. BLYTH ’18) TB Midseason-late 36” (91cm) Blended pristine white and lemon yellow standards, deeper at the base. White falls with faint and lemon edge and white beards. Gorgeous form and ruffles on a super clean color makes this a classy garden standout. Sdlg. X173-AA: Songsmith pod parent X Magical.
Aces Wild
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ACES WILD (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Early 30” (76cm) A very deep purple to near black plicata band surrounds the white ground Standards and Falls. Falls have sporadic lemon yellow ground pigment. Beards are an interesting rust color. A dramatic deep purple haft and wide dart below the beards adds to the interest. An early bloomer with 8 to 10 buds on nice stems. Quite lovely. Sdlg. TG183ZZ: Dancing in the Dark X (TD86ZZ: Penguin Party x TA83A: (Crowned Heads x Blackberry Tease)) x (P. Black L81B: (Out of the Dark sib. x Drama Queen))
Act Two
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ACT TWO (Black ‘19) BB Early-Midseason-Rebloom 25” (63cm) Superb branching and buds plus a lovely strong spicy fragrance create a memorable garden presence. Crisp form with plenty of ruffles. Rapid growth. Sdlg. X147FR: U75BR, Keep Going sib X U41AR: (Advantage X S142AR, Triple Dip sib)
Action Flick
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ACTION FLICK (L. Miller ’20) TB Midseason-Late 43” (109cm) If you like multiple colors in an iris this iris is for you. S and styles rich butter yellow w/ wine-red veined edges. F dark red-purple with white rayed area around dark tangerine beard. 8 buds on nice stems. Sdlg 8014D Serving Wench X Action Packed
Action Packed
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ACTION PACKED (Black '11) TB Zip, zing, zowie, it’s an Action Packed spectacle that is sure to get you excited. Buff standards are increasingly webbed with wine veins moving from centers toward margins. A nest of showy white veins surrounds orange gold beards on plush purple black falls. Wine and gold striped styles provide that extra punch needed to get your attention. Three branches with 8-9 buds produced by vigorous, clean plants keeps the excitement going. 36" (91cm) , Midseason-Late Sdlg. O177C: Magic Masquerade X ((Sensual Elegance x Romantic Evening) x Snowed In)
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Adriatic Noble
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ADRIATIC NOBLE (Keppel ’17) TB Heavily ruffled and nicely formed Concord purple with slightly darker falls.
Adriatic Waves
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ADRIATIC WAVES (Keppel '09) TB Mid violet blue standards. Satiny dark marine blue falls. Heavily ruffled.
Adrift At Sea
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ADRIFT AT SEA (Black ‘20) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Heavily ruffled light blue blossoms blend to pale blue margins. Mid gold to blue white beards sit between lighter blue hafts. Show stalks having 3 branches and 7-8 buds emerge from vigorous healthy plants. ‘Adrift at Sea’ has been an excellent parent in furthering my blue with pink and white with pink beard endeavor. Sdlg. Y19A: Multnomah Falls X U1A, Luxuriant sib
Affair To Remember
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AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (Black ‘15) TB Early-Late 37” (94cm) The picture doesn’t do it justice. The form is tighter and fuller than the picture indicates. ‘Affair to Remember’ is a reddder version of its parent, ‘Montmartre’ and has sparkling, bright yellow laced edges. Show stalks have 4 well-spaced branches and 9-10 buds. Growth is strong, vigorous and hardy as one would expect from ‘Master Plan’ and ‘Rock Star’, grandparents of ‘Love and Devotion’. An abundance of stalks insures a memorable performance in your garden. Sdlg. S62A: Love and Devotion X Montmartre
Aimee Bay
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AIMEE BAY (Boivin ’15) TB Early-mid 41” S light yellow; F dark pink violet blending to a light yellow edge. Strong and imposing!! From my friend Stephane Boivin in France.
Air Time
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AIR TIME (L. Miller ’18) TB SA M-L 34” 7 buds. Pleasing soft blue pink self with small blue pink flounces ending with a spoon in the air. Flounces protrude from coral pink beards that change to deep violet the last 1/3 before hooking upright into a spooned flounce. 3112E: Steeples x [(Winning Ticket x Rock ’N Roll) x Act Surprised]
Airy Fairy Flower
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AIRY FAIRY FLOWER (Paul Black 21) BB Early-Late 23” (58cm) Flowers, flowers everywhere! The exuberant branching and buds insure you’ll have loads of “Airy” flowers over a long time. There are 4 branches plus spur and a basal branch with 1 branch and 5 buds. It normally has at least 20 buds. Classically formed and ruffled sparkling white flowers have mid violet blue plicata band standards surrounding mid violet blue styles. Falls have a wire rim plic edging. Smaller flowers allow flowers to show without crowding. Proportion is its hallmark. Breathtaking clumps! Sdlg. Y180A: Stylish Choice X W215A: (S207E: (Keeper x Q47C: (O234A: (Silverberry x L86B: (Waiting For George x Cimarron Trail)) x O230A: (K256A: (Flights Of Fancy x I144A, Fleece as White sib) x T.Johnson TU78A: (I’ve Got Rhythm x Flight Of Fancy)))) x U69A: (Ink Patterns x Alberta Clipper)).
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ALAIA (T. Johnson ’18) SDB Midseason 13” (33cm). A real knockout and an excellent parent. Named after our little dog. Flashy, bright and clean bicolor plicata with shocking tang. bds. Strong growth with three buds. Highly recommended. Sdlg TH198D: (Brash and Sassy x Pinky Ring) X Sib to Valedictorian.
Alarm Bells
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ALARM BELLS (Blyth 2018) TB. EM. Standards are garnet rose, falls are darker garnet burgundy with 1/16” edge of the standard colour. Beards are garnet tipped muted bronze. Plenty of show stems. Ruffled and full flowers. (U346-2: Fine Drop x Peal of Bells sib) x Unknown) Sdlg No. W45-1