Lessons In Love
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LESSONS IN LOVE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason 36” (91cm)
Slight fragrance. Pink standards with lighter edges. Smooth mid lavender falls with a very slight pink touch at the hafts. Beards are a gorgeous combination with orange in the heart then frosty blue and finally lavender at the tip. A good grower on a beautiful bicolor combination of lavender and pink.
Sdlg TK55I: Secret Affair X sib to Pharaoh’s Poet.
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Lemon Moonbeam
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TB Midseason-Late 31” (79cm)
Putting a blue beard on a yellow, pink or white iris has been an ongoing challenge. ‘Lemon Moonbeam’ is another small step in that direction. Mid yellow standards blend outward to white. White falls have yellow gold hafts and bands. Stalks have 3 branches and 7-9 buds.
Sdlg. Y123E: V110B: (Fred and Ginger x Go for Broke) X Blyth T46-A: (Rite of Passage x Carnival Caper)
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Lemon Delicious
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TB Midseason 37” (94cm)
Standards are lemon yellow, closed and ruffled. The falls are creamy white, shading to creamy lemon towards edge and a defined 1/4” edge of yellow. Gold beards. Gorgeous wide and ruffled form and super show branching. A sister to Misty Sunlight.
Sdlg No. X173-J (Keppel 07-68B: (04-49A: Silk Road sib x (99-206A: Proposal x (Blyth: F175-1: Man About Town x (Poetess sib))) x (Keppel 04-44A: (99-208B: Proposal x (Blyth F119-3: Act Three x (D61-2: Poetess sib)) x House Afire) X Magical.
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Law And Order
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LAW AND ORDER (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 39” (99cm)
White Standards almost completely overlaid with medium lavender plicating. A narrow gilt edge on the standards and style crests adds to the intrigue. Falls are Stark white with a very dark purple wide band and dotted center belly stripe. Beards are a rich tangerine. A strong grower with nice show stems carrying up to 11 buds. Very floriferous and gorgeous!
Sdlg TI172E sib. to Counting Stars
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Lavender Whirl
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LAVENDER WHIRL (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Midseason 38” (97cm)
Sweetly scented. A difficult iris to portray the beauty. This iris absolutely shines in the garden especially when it is in clump. Standards have a white ground with a wide lavender dotted plicata band and a narrow buff edge. Falls are pristine white with a deep purple plicata band. Beards are orange with blue purple tips. As an added attraction LAVENDER WHIRL has nice contrasting dark buff gold style arms. Strong stems carrying 9 buds ensures a long season of bloom. Very floriferous and a strong grower. Recommended!
Sdlg. TG78YY: Dancing in the Dark X Petticoat Shuffle
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Latest Fashion
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LATEST FASHION (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early-Midseason 37” (94cm)
Lovely blue white Standards are infused pink in the center. Falls are ruffled salmon pink with a lighter central area below violet tipped orange beards. Latest Fashion has good strong stems carrying 8 buds. A beautiful iris that is much admired!!
Sdlg. TH143A: TD357ZZ: (Head over Heels sib. x Sudden Bliss) X TD139A: (Rasputin x Blyth O227A: (I’m Dreaming sib. x L159-2: (J219-1: (Enjoy the Party x F160-1: (D46-1, Arabian Story sib. x Cast a Spell)) x G63-B, Mandarin Morning sib.)))
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Later Alligator
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LATER ALLIGATOR (Paul Black '22)
TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. Be careful this intriguing character doesn’t sneak up on you. Swirling mid to light slate blue standards are flushed darker gray violet up midribs. Ruffled mustard yellow falls have paler centers and are veined darker gold. Show stalks with 3 branches and spur have 8-10 buds which is characteristic of both parents. Robust growth ensures this gator will be back year after year.
Sdlg. Y46A: Black U10, Luxuriant sib X Black W130A: (Black T19B, Lost World sib x Secret Agenda
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Last Kiss Goodnight
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TB Early-Mid 35” (89cm)
Garden notes called this the moody variegata. The standards are golden yellow with an olive infusion. The very ruffled falls are velvety red black with 1/8” buff edge, more noticeable at the bottom. Show stems abound. A gorgeous Iris and maybe the best variegata we have flowered to date. Fertile.
Sdlg No. W62-2 (T151-1: (R41-2: ((((Holiday Lover x Love Comes) x Bygone Era) x (Affaire x ((X108-2 x X108-10: Chocolate Vanilla Sibs)) x (Chocolate Vanilla x Electrique))) x (Mandarin Morning Sib)) x I’m Dreaming Sib)) x (R79-1: I’m a Hussy Sib) x Unknown)
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Lace And Promises
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LACE AND PROMISES (Paul Black '22)
TB Midseason-Very Late 37” (94cm)
No fragrance. Large voluptuous blooms are breathtakingly presented on statuesque stalks that will draw comments of admiration in your garden. Pale violet blue standards color is repeated in lighter beards set on white falls. Each bloom is precisely edged in lace and their heavy substance promises they’ll be a lasting presence for you to enjoy.
Sdlg. Y45C: Black U10, Luxuriant sib X Black U51B, When Angels Sing sib
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Kiss The Night
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KISS THE NIGHT (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early 35” (89cm)
Very dark almost solid black cherry standards with a slight yellow ground showing in the center. Falls are a rich butter yellow ground with a wide deep near solid black cherry border and dotted center line that extends from below the beard to the border. Rusty yellow beards complete the look. Good branching with 8 to 11 buds. Very dark and pretty!!
Sdlg. TG404ZZ: Tuscan Summer X unknown.
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Kiss The Bride
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KISS THE BRIDE (Blyth ‘22)
TB Late 40” (102cm)
Sweet fragrance. White standards with a slight orchid pink cast, deepening at base. Falls white with a slight orchid pink cast. Beards white with heavy tangerine tips. Super branching as would be expected from such a pedigree.
Sdlg X130-BB: Magical X Wishes Granted.
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Just Wanting Attention
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TB Midseason 36” (91cm
Sweet fragrance. Icy white standards are heavily infused deep yellow in the center. Falls have a large deep yellow flash around and below the beard. Below the yellow flash is a blue wash that becomes red violet before forming a lavender blue band. A very beautiful and colorful combination. An easy and free flowering variety with good strong show stems carrying 9 buds. Nicely ruffled and very widely formed flowers. Large brilliant orange beards add to the display.
Sdlg TK199D: sib to Festival Of Light and Pull Me Close.
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Just Curious
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JUST CURIOUS (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Early 35” (89cm)
Sweet fragrance. Medium orange standards with darker centers and style arms. Falls are a light butter yellow with an old rose band and lighter white area below the brilliant orange beard. Super grower with well branched and budded show stems. I have used Just Curious heavily in hybridizing, it is a fantastic parent for all sorts of different rimmed patterns. It also transmits its vigorous plant habit and great stems quite easily to its children. There will be many introductions from it in the next few years. Beautiful!!
Sdlg TK32ZZ: (((Pursuit Of Happiness x Stage Presence) x Rio) x (Gypsy Lord x Watercolor Print pod parent)) X Oil Painting
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JUNOESQUE (B. Blyth ‘22)
TB Early 40” (102cm)
Sweet fragrance. As the name is meant to convey, this is tall and stately. Standards are pure white and the falls are white with ¼” edge of rich yellow, broadening out to 1” at the vivid tangerine beards. Typical results when looking for a yellow amoena with red beards: the white blaze appears along with the white standards. Fertile.
Sdlg A17-2: Heart of Dreams X Layer Cake.
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Instant Message
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INSTANT MESSAGE (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Early 34” (86cm)
Standards have a white ground that is almost completely overlaid with lavender blue. Falls have a stark white ground with a deep inky blue purple plicata band. Tangerine beards are tipped violet. Garden performance is what comes to mind when I think of this iris. It is a very floriferous and strong grower that is quite stunning in full clump. Amazingly beautiful!!
Sdlg TI128A: Whisper in the Wind X (Rumor Has It x High Octane).
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Instant Attraction
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TB Midseason-Very Late 33” (84cm)
This colorful creation is sure to draw your attention. Mid-light lavender standards are a harmonius contrast to bright gold fall centers blended to rusty cinnamon. Styles echo the fall color. Bright yellow beards. Stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Light sweet fragrance.
Sdlg. W153D: P225C: (Never Been Kissed x Blyth O227-4, Edgy pollen parent sib) X Adoree
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Inked In
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INKED IN (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Late 38” (96cm)
Having had the opportunity to flower many thousands of plicatas over the years and seen many more in other seedling patches, this stands out for me as being very memorable. The standards are white, lightly veined light violet over most of the area, shading deeper at midribs and towards the base. The falls are white with a 1/4” stitched edge of near solid mid violet. The really striking parts of this flower are the hafts and style crests. The hafts are near black, heavily shaded brown, spreading out on the falls to the ends of the beards. Beards are white, heavily tipped violet-brown. Show branching and should win at a late show. Good parent, though not easy.
Sdlg. X268-6: sib to Margin Trader.
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INKBLOT (K. Keppel ’18)
TB late midseason 37" (94 cm)
Yellow standards; Falls have a deep violet flush below beard & are lighter on either side. Yellow touched hafts & blended edge add to the mystery.
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In Vogue
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IN VOGUE (Blyth ‘22)
TB Early-Midseason 38” (96cm)
Sweet fragrance. Pure white standards with just the faintest pink mid-rib flush on opening. The lightly ruffled falls are soft rose to mauve pink, lightening around muted pink beards. Excellent branching. Coming from strong pink amoena breeding.
Sdlg Z88-1: Tend My Heart sib X (((((Wicked Woman x Starring) x (I'm Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib)) x Adoree) x In High Heels sib) x (Chasing Destiny sib x Stylish Edge)).
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In Full View
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IN FULL VIEW (T.Johnson ’20)
TB Late 36” (91.5cm)
Deep rose to salmon pink Standards over white falls flushed lavender pink deepening towards the edges. Deeper pink hafts and very large frosted powder blue beards are what really make this one special. Nicely ruffled and lightly laced on strong stems.
Sdlg TH41A TD75ZZ:(TA80B: (TW3A: Ballet Royal x Corps De Ballet) x ((((Ballet Royale x Corps de Ballet) x ((Keeping Up Appearances x Suspicion) x Waterfall Mist)) x Rite of Passage) X Note to God).
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