Storm Burst
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STORM BURST (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason 37” (94cm)
Sweet fragrance. Icy blue white standards have a deep lemon base then becoming lemon veining. Falls are white with a deep violet band, haft and center belly stripe. Lots of buds on tall widely branched and re-branched stems. Sdlg. TM152B: (Blyth O211-A: (L94-1: (Ostentatious x G48-5: (Burst x Epicenter)) x L266-1: (G48-5 x Zestful Miss)) x R41-6, Stay Stylish pollen parent sib X High Desert.
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Stop The Presses
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
TB Early-Midseason 33” (84cm)
Slight musky fragrance. Few people can resist its brilliant color that makes a strong statement in the garden. Clear pink standard centers blend to rich medium orange. Mid orange falls have a marked gold undertone that showcases the vivid orange beards. Three branches produce 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. X20B, Bring on the Bright sib
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STOKED (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Light lavender blue standards with darker lavender infused centers. Fall are smooth lavender blue with bright red beards! Very ruffled and full formed flowers on good stems. Very unique bicolor with the intense red beard.
Sdlg TK46XX: sister to Double Jeopardy.
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STITCHES (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Mid-Late 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Light yellow standards with a very narrow darker plicata stitched edge. Falls are white with a narrow purple stitched edge and short purple lines on either side of fuzzy mustard beards. Coming from parents carrying the plicata gene but not plicata themselves adds a bit more genetic diversity to the pattern. A nice clean pattern that is proving to be a garden favorite. Good growth and heavy substance flowers on strong stems carrying up to 10 buds.
Sdlg. TGH58A: Stole the Show X (TD 334YY: Nothing but Class X Sib to Cameo Minx).
Stay In Line
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STAY IN LINE (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason-late 34” (86.5cm)
Light fragrance. White standards have a heavy peach pink washed center. Falls are Light orange with violet lines radiating out from below the beard. There is a wide orange band at the petal edge and within the band in the center is a large concentration of violet dots. Finally, we are starting to combine the dots and speckles pattern in a more controlled fashion instead of just random. It is also exciting to get some different colors going in the lined pattern. Sdlg TM99A: Open Heart X Leave Me Breathless.
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Starry Starry Night
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TB Midseason-Very Late 36” (91cm)
Slight musky fragrance It is a night you’ll long remember. Classically formed, ruffled and lightly laced purple black flowers have standards with white sanded veins over their centers that show their plicata heritage. White fall hafts have closely spaced purple black lines and sanded veins transitioning to velvety purple black falls. Butterscotch beards turn to white climaxing in a white shooting star dart for a dramatic accent. It has a stunning presence even before opening. Bud reverses have chartreuse haft centers streaking into white center bands then white veins streaking into dark purple outer bands. It is an awesome look. Sturdy growth produces 4 well-spaced branches but only 7 buds. As if this wasn’t enough, it has been a mystery progenitor of many broken color plicatas. There is nothing in the parentage to suggest this trait. I’m still exploring its potential. In one cross, about a third of the seedlings looked like it, a third were standard plicata types and a third were broken color plicatas. There is much to be explored!
Sdlg. Y161A: Me and My Shadow X Black V159B, Pleasure’s All Mine sib
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Stardust Evening
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
TB Early-Midseason 31” (79cm)
Even before opening, its opalescent silver gray buds are intriguing. As the buds open there is a transformation to dark purple flowers. Dark indigo purple standards are narrowly banded dark red purple as are styles. Wide, ruffled and laced falls are dark indigo purple becoming lighter toward edges and rimmed dark purple. Mixed old gold to brown beards are sandwiched between white hafts heavily veined/sanded black purple. Stalks have 3-4 branches and 7-8 buds. It is an interesting parent.
Sdlg. Y170B: V159P, Pleasure’s All Mine sib X Creature of the Night sib
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STARCHASER (T. Johnson ’23)
SDB Early-midseason 11” (28cm)
Slight fragrance. Sky blue standards and wide band on indigo blue falls. Showy white beards have the slightest orange hair tips. Makes beautiful clumps. Sdlg. TM72B: Captivating One sib.
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Star In The Night
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
STAR IN THE NIGHT (P. Black '09)
IB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
What a breathtaking sight a clump of 'Star in the Night' makes! Darkness descends as dark blue purple standards turn to inky blue black falls. White beards laid over violet bases shine brightly. Flowers are gently ruffled so as not to diminish the simple beauty of Star in the Night. Muted white rays amplify that brightness. Clean, healthy plants support bountiful stalks with 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Spectacular garden show.
Sdlg. O247C: Ocean Depths X Wish Upon a Star
Stage Fright
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STAGE FRIGHT (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason-late 35” (89cm)
Light fragrance. Standards have a solid pink base which changes to veins over a white ground as it moves towards the gilt gold petal edge. Falls are a rich medium fuchsia with a darker fuchsia wash below the tangerine beard. Nice blocky flowers with good stems and ruffles. Sdlg. TK107B: Apricot Smoothie X Precious Thing pollen parent.
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Split Ticket
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SPLIT TICKET (K. Keppel '21)
TB late midseason 37" (94 cm)
White standards; falls deep purple with light lavender ruffled edge. Orange beards.
Splash Out
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
SPLASH OUT (P. Black '21)
TB Early-Midseason 31” (79cm)
You’ll be ready to ‘Splash Out’ for this bold beauty. Mid-light smoky mulberry standards are widely banded light tan and rimmed gilt gold. Near black lines of expansive falls are overlaid velvety darkest burgundy and decorated with ruffled rose bands. Startling large tangerine beards are flanked with butter hafts veined dark garnet. Well-branched stalks have 4 branches and 8-9 buds. May rebloom in warmer climates.
Sdlg. Y32CR, Autumn Jewel sib
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SPLASH (P. Black '21)
SDB Early-Midseason 12” (30cm)
You won’t miss seeing it. Round, vivid yellow flowers have large slightly darker fall spots with fiery dark marigold orange beards. A patch of this brilliant creation will be a show stopping edge in your flower bed.
Sdlg. X301A: (U161B, Lottery sib X Lottery)
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Spine Tingler
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SPINE TINGLER (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Luminatas have always been a favorite of mine and I am super excited about Spine Tingler. The form is divine-very wide and ruffled flowers on show stems with high bud count. A clump of it approaches perfection. Inky purple standards with nice precise gold edging. Darker violet falls with nice creamy-white lumi patch that is touched gold with a short white dart below the orange beard. The very wide ruffled falls are edged in gold. Recommended for the lovers of this pattern.
Sdlg TK22YY: Dancing In The Dark X Belle Fille.
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Spilt Milk
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SPILT MILK (Paul Black 23)
AB OGB- Midseason-Late 28” (71cm)
Slight sweet fragrance Interestingly, this cross had about 1/3 broken colored seedlings. I don’t know where it comes from. Ecru standards have light old gold centers turning to lines and then heavier stitched borders. Random rosy wine splashes further decorate them. Crests of dark gold styles are striped red-brown. White falls are heavily washed and mottled dark brown. Random streaks and flecks of white make it a bit whimsical. Multi-layered dark brown and old gold beards terminate in small black aril signals. Two well-spaced branches have 5 buds. Sdlg. BB186B: Smokin’ Hot X Let’s Play Dress Up
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Spicy Hot
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
SPICY HOT (T. Johnson ’21)
SDB Mid 14” (35cm)
Golden yellow with an overall maroon wash and dots on falls. Beards are intense orange. The flowers on Spicy Hot are so intensely colored they appear neon in the field. COLOR!!
Sdlg TK292A: Alaia X illegible cross tag.
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Spicy Gal
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
SPICY GAL (L. Miller ’23)
MTB dip. Midseason-late 16” (41cm)
No fragrance. Standards are old gold with darker sanded margins. Falls white bordered old gold with veins and dots of brownish-purple. Gold beards. 9-10 buds. Sdlg. 3918: 6814B: ((5610B: (Garden Imp x Survivor) x 2710A: (Garden Imp x persona)) X Pixel Packin’ Mama.
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Spiced Apples
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
BB Midseason-Late 27” (68.5cm)
Slight sweet fragrance You’ll love the warm yummy colors of these ‘Spiced Apples’. Standards are light copper peach styles mid copper. White fall hafts are mottled light wine then solid to edge. Light rosy peach centers blend to light then mid rosy-copper to edges and are circled with gilt gold rims and adorned with bright orange beards. Show stalks have 4 branches plus spur and 11-14 buds. Superb parent. Sdlg. Z148B: Delectable Treat X Black W182D: (Black U78C:(Black R168C, Three Part Harmony sib x Grace and Charm) x Long And Winding Road pollen parent)
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Special Agent Man
70.00 70.00 70.0 USD
TB Midseason-late 35” (89cm)
Sweet fragrance. Another ‘Crocodile Smile’ child. It has an interesting combination of cool colored standards and warm falls. Falls show a slightly different expression of the plicata pattern. Also notice the interesting dotted plicata pattern on the back of the falls, characteristic of many ‘Crocodile Smile’ offspring. Near solid gray plum standards sit atop butter yellow ground falls with a nearly solid overlay of dark plum and marigold beards. Sdlg. BB108A: Black Y56B: (Hot Off The Press x All Too Exciting) X Crocodile Smile
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Sparkle And Shine
38.00 38.00 38.0 USD
TB Midseason-Late 31” (79cm)
Slight sweet fragrance What an impressive clump this one makes in the garden. Stark white standards dance above strongly flared warmer white falls that become wide mottled and washed mid violet bands. Fiery orange beards demand you come in for a closer look. The bloom keeps on going and going with 4 branches and 10-11 buds. Sdlg. AA63A: Color Wheel X Black Y126 caramel sib: (You Belong to Me x Black Y61B, Creature of the Night sib)
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