That's My Girl
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THAT’S MY GIRL (Thomas Johnson ’22) TB Early-Midseason 35” (89cm) Slight fragrance. Icy blue white standards are heavily infused coral orange. Falls deep coral orange with near white flash below red beards. Coral pink style arms shine through the standards and are quite visible. Classic round and ruffled form. Flowers are more moderate sized on well branched and budded stems. Very sharp looking and bright. Sdlg TK105A: How Wonderful X sib to Latest Fashion.
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That's Entertainment
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TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Sweetly scented. A very unusual color pattern. I have found that it is a love it or hate it Iris with visitors. I love it but it is a bit gaudy for some. Clear butter yellow Standards sit atop yellow falls with a heavy maroon wash in a bit of a segmented broken color pattern. Very unique and different.
Sdlg. TG374ZZ: Cosmic Melody X Unknown (unreadable faded tag).
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Tender Loving Care
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TLC (Paul Black 22) SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) pronounced spicy fragrance You just know you’re going to get a little tender loving care from this lovable being. Ruffled pure snow-white flowers have standards with sparse red-purple plicata bands and midribs. Fall hafts are decorated with darker plicata markings. Red-purple styles focus your interest on these sparkling clumps. Sdlg. AA199D: Algorithm sib
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Ten Of Hearts
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TEN OF HEARTS (B. Blyth ‘19)
TB Late 35” (89cm)
Coming right at the end of the flowering season is one of the most gorgeous Iris we have ever raised. We are a bit sorry it is so late. The standards are opalescent white with a pastel coral flush up the midribs. Falls are soft peach shading to opalescent peach and heavy apricot coming about 1/3rd of the way down the falls and with heaver shading on the hafts. Beards are tangerine orange. Super branching if you have a really late show. Fertility untried.
Sdlg No V114-1 (Ginger Ice X My Beloved)
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Tasty Treat
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TASTY TREAT (T. Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 12” (30.5cm)
Rosy pink plicata Standards. Rosy red plicata falls with lighter clear salmon area on either side of brilliant red beards. Lovely ruffled solid pink syles show brightly in the heart of the flower. Three buds on strong plants. We like this one a lot.
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TARANIS (Lynda Miller ’22) TB Midseason 33” (84cm) Named after the Celtic God of thunder and storms. Standards are dusky apricot shaded dark purple at the midrib. Stormy black falls have deep wavy ruffles. Even the beards are stormy, they are dark purple, tipped old gold. 9 to 10 buds. Sdlg 6615D: Ninja Warrior X Main Street.
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Tanzanian Queen
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TANZANIAN QUEEN (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 32” (81cm)
White standards are heavily infused apricot. Falls are deep apricot to orange with shocking red beards. A very early variety that packs quite a punch in the color department.
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Tamale Time
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TAMALE TIME (Keppel 20) Old gold S; yellow ground F with wide port wine border haft and wide center stripe.
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Talking Smack
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TALKING SMACK (L Miller ’21)
MTB Tet Early-Mid 22” (56cm)
Dark purple with tangerine beards and 10 to 16 buds!!! First in my quest for a black with red beards!
Sdlg 515A: ((Ben A Factor x Red Trooper) x unknown) X (Raspberry Shocker x Night Spirit).
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Talking Back
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TALKING BACK (Thomas Johnson ’22) MDB Early 7” (17.5cm) Sweet fragrance. Brilliant gold standards with a few random burgundy spots near the edge. Falls are light yellow with a lighter cream area below the beard. There is a pattern of darker gold at the hafts and on the edge that is in turn overlaid with burgundy stripes and dots. Short burgundy lines randomly jut out below the neon tangerine beard. Neon colors!! Sdlg TK269G: Unwritten X ((sib to Brash and Sassy x Gottcha Good) x Valedictorian)
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Take Your Pick
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TAKE YOUR PICK (P. Black '21)
SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm)
You can take your pick from all the diverse personalities of ‘Take Your Pick’. Standards are dark purple and styles a bit darker. Light pink ground falls may have anywhere from a dark purple plicata band to purple almost completely covering the falls. Markings can vary from flower to flower on the same plant. All are beautiful. Coral beards.
Sdlg. Z185A: Pepito X X330G: (Bazinga x T229B: (R270A: (O315A: (L264C, Bright sib x M200C, Meow sib) x Circus Clown) x Extraterrestrial)).
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Tainted Love
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TAINTED LOVE (T. Johnson ’16)
TB Very early 31” (79 cm)
This mid peachy orange has short red plum lines beside orange beards. ‘Tainted Love’ blooms with the SDBs so you can take it to your early show. Wonderful stalks with lots of buds and branching.
Sdlg TD300YY: Poster Girl X Adoree
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TAGLINE (J. Ghio ’18)
BB mid-late 26" (66cm).
Creamy standards with lemon centers. White falls violet band and lemon hafts. Pretty combination!
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TABOO (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid 35” (89cm)
Light lemon-yellow standards are washed and veined a darker lemon. Falls are a medium lavender blue with a dark maroon wash, deepening at the hafts. A lighter lavender fall band and center belly stripe that extends from below the beard to the petals edge completes the pattern. Super strong growth with large showy flowers on nice show stems. A longer season of bloom was also noted in the field this year.
Sdlg TI83ZZ: ((Sirocco Mist x Dinner Talk) x Carnival Capers) X Twilight Rhapsody.
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Swivel Hips
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SWIVEL HIPS (T.Johnson ’16)
TB Late 32” (81cm)
There are plenty of ruffles on this smooth bicolor. Smoky pink standards are heavily infused royal purple. Very wide and ruffed falls are velvety deep royal purple with a lighter band. Strong stalks carry 8 to 11 buds.
Sdlg TD303WW: High Chancellor X Dinner Talk
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Swing Dancer
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SWING DANCER (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Midseason 36” (91cm)
Light Lavender to lilac standards. Falls are plush deep violet blue with lighter fall washed edge; bright tangerine beards. Good stems with up to 9 buds on nicely formed ruffled flowers.
Sdlg. TG101A: All the Talk X Super Model
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Sweet Tweet
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SWEET TWEET (T. Johnson ’19)
SDB Late 14” (36cm)
Standards have a white ground with lilac plicata stitched and dotted edge. Falls are a light orange with a lilac dotted edge and belly stripe below tangerine beards. Orange hafts and contrasting orange style arms add to the looks of this ruffled beauty. 4 buds are a bonus. We like!!
Sdlg. TI291B: Unwritten X Sweet Devotion.
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Sweet Talker
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SWEET TALKER (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Late 41” (104cm)
Deep plum standards and edge on medium lavender-purple falls. Hafts are touched gold. Beards are lavender at the base then white and finally tipped orange creating an interesting look. A later flowering variety that is tall with very nice show stems carrying up to 10 buds. We Like!!
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Sweet Devotion
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SWEET DEVOTION (T. Johnson ’17)
SDB Early-Midseason 11” (28cm)
Cream to light pink ground almost completely covered with lilac pink. Show pink styles and Coral beard. Beautiful!
Sdlg TG262A: Love Spell X Tweet
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Sweet City Woman
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SWEET CITY WOMAN (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Midseason-late 33”(84cm)
Light salmon to pink Standards. Rich deep Claret to rose falls with burnt orange beards. A lovely iris with nice show stems and good bud count. Nicely ruffled and proving to be a good parent for nice bicolors.
Sdlg. TG120A: Coralina X Abiding Love.
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