Too Mixed Up
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TOO MIXED UP (Paul Black 22) TB Midseason-Late 30” (76cm) pronounced spicy fragrance If broken colored sorts are your proclivity, ‘Too Mixed Up’ should be on your must have list. Flowers are the ultimate in ruffled form but buds are bit lacking at 6-7. Standards are silvery white with random dashes, segments and slashes of violet to red violet. Falls are the same except rosy peach hafts. Two colored beards have tangerine throats ending in light lavender. Vigorous growth. Sdlg. X115B: Big Break X Break In
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Tom Johnson
8.00 8.00 8.0 USD
TOM JOHNSON (P. Black ’96)
TB Early 35" (89 cm)
Purple and purple black bitone with orange beards. Super branching with up to 12 buds. Classic!
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To Too Two
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TO TOO TWO (Paul Black 22) TB Midseason-Late 33” (84cm) slight sweet fragrance Unlike the English language, these alluring uncomplicated flowers need no explanation; they are simply beautiful. Raspberry rose standards color is repeated in a blended band around cream to light peach falls. Orange beards provide a pointed accent. Makes a more subtle statement in the landscape. Sdlg. Z119C: Black V160G (Black S158A, Like a Breeze pod parent x Enough is Enough) X Time Out
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Tizzy Fit
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TIZZY FIT (T. Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 14” (35cm)
Cream white ground with near solid mulberry plicata standards. Falls have yellow ground with medium raspberry plic hafts and edge. Falls are a fully saturated burnt to rust orange. Three buds on strong stems and plants. Very pretty.
Sdlg TJ33B Sib to Mulberry Jam
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Tit For Tat
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TIT FOR TAT (Thomas Johnson ’22) MDB Midseason 6” (15cm) Slight sweet fragrance. Light yellow with faint violet dotted edge and darker yellow centers. Falls are white touched medium yellow at the hafts and a lighter yellow rim. There are also medium maroon freckle dotted hafts on either side of orange beards. Sdlg TK267D: sister to Roman Numerals.
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Tiny Clown
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TINY CLOWN (T. Johnson ’19)
MDB Midseason 7” (18cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards are a blend of peach and pink. Falls are reddish violet with lighter peach area around tangerine beards. Bright and cute.
Sdlg. TI280B: Gottcha Good X Sweet Devotion.
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Timeless Treasure
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TB Midseason 37” (94cm)
Sweet fragrance. We look forward to TIMELESS TREASURE to bloom each year. It always puts on such a show. Moderately sized more tailored flowers are borne in profusion with a more open clump effect. This allows the viewing of each individual flower yet still giving a visual mass of color. A unique and bright color with pink Standards over lavender falls with a deeper lavender waterfall pattern that extends from the beard to a pink fall border. We Like!!
Sdlg. TH7A: Silk Road X Repertoire.
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Time Out
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TIME OUT (P. Black ‘18)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
The bold cantalope color and vivid orange beards insure these plentiful blooms won’t be lost in your garden. Strong stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. W20A: Thundery X Brilliance
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Time For Magic
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TIME FOR MAGIC (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Late-Very Late 14” (36cm)
FANASTIC!! The magic of breeding irises is on full display here. ‘TIME FOR MAGIC’ is a giant step forward in my quest for super late blooming SDBs that bloom well into TB season. By breeding, the parentage indicates it should be an IB or tet MTB, but it is a SDB. Two evenly spaced branches and 4-5 buds help lengthen the bloom season. Short foliage insures all those colorful flowers are above the foliage. Use for breeding SDBs, IBs, tet MTBs, BBs or TBs.
Sdlg. V343A: (Devil’s Delight pod parent x Gag Gift)
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Time Capsule
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TIME CAPSULE (Paul Black 22) TB Midseason-Very Late 33” (84cm) slight sweet fragrance I’ve thought for a while it was time for an update of the older, ‘Sand and Sea’. My ideal goal is yellow standards and band on blue falls. ‘Time Capsule’ is a notable step toward that goal. Dark red-violet standards base blend to gray then brassy gold then to tan margins. Pale blue falls are narrowly banded light yellow. Distinctive mid blue beards are tipped from tan throats to white ends. Compact flowers are lightly ruffled and laced. Three branches present 7-8 flowers. Sdlg. Z50C: Black V110B: (Fred and Ginger x Go for Broke) X Black V118A, Only the Shadow Knows sib
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Tic Tac Toe
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TIC TAC TOE (T.Johnson '10)
MTB Midseason-Late 24” (61cm)
Pink standards, pearl-violet falls and orange beards, it’s Tic Tac Toe. Strongly flared falls shade darker toward margins. Beautifully proportioned stalks have 2 branches and spur plus basal branch with a spur. Double and sometimes triple sockets produce 10-14 dainty flowers. Vigorous, healthy clumps are a lovely sight.
Sdlg. TZ262A: Enriched X Snob Appeal Tetraploid.
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Thundering Applause
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TB Early 36” (91.5cm)
Coming out of my lined pattern breeding, THUNDERING APPLAUSE pushes the pattern a step further. We are finally getting wide ruffled and even slightly laced form. Creamy white standards are infused peach pink. Falls have a light lemon base that is overlaid with violet lines radiating from the heart of the flower and becoming more of a wash near the edge. Then the whole pattern is framed by a nice lemon-yellow band. Tangerine beards help to compliment the pattern. Super strong growth on floriferous clumps.
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Through The Looking Glass
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TB Early-Midseason 32” (81cm)
Fantastical visions can appear once you go ‘Through the Looking Glass’. This bright yellow glaciata has an unusual big white “what-would-be” a luminata spot if there were any anthocyanin (blue/purple) markings. Add your own antho- cyanin markings and see what you get. Strong growth produces 3 branches and 7 buds.
Sdlg. W71A: Affair to Remember X S62B, Affair to Remember sib
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Three Times A Lady
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TB Early-Midseason 29” (74cm)
She’s all peaches and cream with laced and ruffled couture. This unique glaciata has light pink standards blending to butter peach edges. Butter cream falls have mid peach hafts, center stripe and distal laced band. Show stalks have 3 branches and 7-9 buds.
Sdlg. W73B: Affair to Remember X T179A: (Q137A: (O233A: (Silverberry x J66B: (Master Plan x Rock Star)) x O230A: (K256A: (Flights of Fancy x I144A, Fleece as White sib) x TU78A: (I’ve Got Rhythm x Flights of Fancy))) x R73A: (Fancy Dog x O6 glaciata sib: (Blackberry Tease x M78A: (J140B, First Page sib x Double Click))))
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Thread The Needle
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TB Early Midseason 31" (79 cm)
Blue white Standards with med lavender blue stitched edge. Falls white with deep lavender purple band and short white rays around white beard.
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Those Violet Eyes
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THOSE VIOLET EYES (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Lavender pink standards over very light pink falls with a slightly darker pink edge. Beautiful violet beards really stand. Nothing else quite like it, very distinctive. Nice show stems with 8 buds complete the package.
Sdlg. TF6B: Secret Affair X Haunted Heart
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Think Diamonds
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TB Early-Mid 38” (96cm)
We have loved this sister to Lovology from the first day it opened and it has been exceptional each season since. The standards are creamy white, deepening at midribs to soft lemon. Falls are creamy white with rich gold hafts spreading across the falls and shading lighter down the falls. Beards are golden orange, lightening towards outer parts. Branching is a bit high for a champion show stem, but it has heaps of buds and makes a spectacular display in a clump. Good increaser.
Sdlg Y63-A: Bring Me Diamonds X Handful Of Magic
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THIMBLE (T. Johnson ’19)
SDB Late 15” (38cm)
Medium blue standards and wide band on darker indigo blue falls. Reddish hafts on either side of the orange tipped white beards add interest. A lovely iris.
Sdlg. TH193A: Sib to So Noted.
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The Majestic
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THE MAJESTIC (Mego 17) Yellow and wistaria blue blended S; F deep violet with lavender and yellow band. Unique and colorful.
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That's The Spirit
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THAT'S THE SPIRIT (P. Black ‘17)
SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm)
Striking minimal plicata, near yellow ground glaciata with big bright yellow beards.
Sdlg. V335C: T271B, Spring is Here sib X (My Cher x (P150 joyce terry type sib x (Ghost Ship x (Tahoma x Yippy Skippy)) x P168F, Total Denial sib))
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