Wait A Minute
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WAIT A MINUTE (J. Ghio ’18)
TB Late Midseason 36" (91 cm)
Cameo peach pink standards and edge on white falls. Nicely ruffled full formed flowers. Very pretty!
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VOULEZ-VOUS (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
If you’re a connoisseur of flat irises, then you’re going to love ‘Voulez-Vous’. Six consistently flat falls are lavender with a darker maroon wash and darker texture veins. There are no standards. Buffy peach styles create pretty contrast in their centers. Growth is strong and vigorous. Show stalks are the norm. Large blooms have been consistently flat over 6 years of evaluation. It should be an easy winner at shows.
Sdlg. TC342D: Credentials sib X Full Disclosure
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Volcanic Glow
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VOLCANIC GLOW (K. Keppel '12)
TB Midseason 36" (91 cm)
Butter standards flushed rose brown. Mahogany falls with white luminata patch.
Wister Medal 2021
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VIVACITY (Blyth ‘22) TB Midseason-Late 37” (94cm) No fragrance. We have loved this since its opening bloom. An amoena plicata. White standards. White styles, with blue behind the anthers. The falls are pure white with1/4” mid blue plicata stitched edge and deeper blue violet hafts, reaching across to the white based, tipped yellow beards. Gorgeous balanced ruffled form. Fertile. Sdlg A163-1: Beside Myself X Love’s Edge sib.
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Vista Point
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VISTA POINT (K. Keppel ’17)
TB Late Midseason 39" (99 cm)
Standards deep wine; white ground with yellow patch below beard & wine hafts, midline and edge.
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Vintage Look
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VINTAGE LOOK (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 29” (74cm)
Eggshell white standards with very slight turquoise veining at edges and on style crests. Falls are white ground overlaid with lilac to lavender with slightly darker and faint veining near petal edge. Nicely ruffled flowers create a very classy look.
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Very Berry Shake
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VERY BERRY SHAKE (T.Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 13” (33cm)
Creamy white ground plicata with deep wide deep raspberry plicata band on Standards and Falls. Fully saturated burnt orange to red beards. Nice ruffles on strong plants. 4 buds!
Sdlg TJ33A Sib to Tizzy Fit
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Variegated Wonder
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TB Midseason-Late 40” (102cm)
‘Variegated Wonder’ is a sport of the Award of Merit winner ‘Wonders Never Cease’. It is a major advancement in form for variegated foliage TBs. The flower is exactly the same as ‘Wonders Never Cease’. It is also one of the most stable with very few green reversions since its appearance in the garden. Stalks are also variegated. It is fertile and has given a number of seedlings with variegated foliage and one with superbly formed variegated flowers. Amazing to get variegated foliage and flower together.
Sdlg. sport of ‘Wonders Never Cease’
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Vanity Girl
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VANITY GIRL (T.Johnson ’16)
TB Midseason-late 35”(89cm)
‘Vanity Girl’ is another step forward in my work for blue bearded pinks. Ruffled standards are medium pink as are hafts. Translucent white falls with the clarity of a glaciata are brushed pale pink on their edges. Whie beards are brushed coral and then end in palest lavender. Strong vigorous growth produces well branched show stems. Lovely!
Sdlg TD13ZZ: Rite of Passage X Venita Faye
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Valley Of Dreams
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TB Midseason 36" (91 cm)
Icy lavender lilac standards over Sienna brown falls. Different and unique!
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Untamed Glory
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UNTAMED GLORY (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid 28” (71cm)
Untamed Glory is a novelty iris. It very consistently has six falls and no standards, but instead of going completely flat they hold in the shape of a magnolia bloom. It is very reminiscent in form of a very old cultivar by Opal Brown called Pink Magnolia. A clump of Untamed Glory will completely cover itself with these large ruffled salmon pink flowers with irregular white broken color. Definitely an iris for those who love the novelties.
Sdlg TI225YY: Blyth W75, pollen parent of Beachy Queen, X Blyth W68-4: (Heart of Dreams sib x Stay Stylish pollen parent) X Chasing Destiny
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Unspoken Passion
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TB Mid to Late Midseason 38" (97 cm)
Luscious creamy white standards infused peach; White falls with peach hafts.
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Unrestrained Passion
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TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
When the chemistry is just right, passion can’t be denied. A single bloom of this eye candy demands you stop to enjoy its beauty. Exuberantly ruffled standards are a medley of white and creamy pink to peach. Greenish warm white fall centers blend from light to mid peach pink and are edged in petite white ruffles. Greenish texture veins overlay centers. Big burnt orange beards are the perfect accessory. Three branches have 8-10 buds. Gorgeous to say the least!
Sdlg. X78D: Multnomah Falls X Double Platinum
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Under Dog
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UNDER DOG (P. Black ‘19)
TB Midseason-Very Late 36” (91cm)
Big ruffled blooms have standards of mid dusky spiced rose that repeats in 3/4” wide blended bands on light rosy butter falls. Soft tangerine beards add a touch of persuasion. Strong growth produces show stalks with 3 branches and 9-10 buds. Color lightens with age.
Sdlg. W20B, Time Out sib
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Unbridled Passion
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UNBRIDLED PASSION (Thomas Johnson ’22). TB Late 36” (91cm) Sweet fragrance. Standards have pink centers and a wide lacy orchid lavender edge. Falls are white with a lacy orchid pink band. The beards are lavender, frosted white, and the style arms are pink creating a very pleasant and harmonious appearance. Wide expansive form with heavy lace make this late season beauty a real show stopper. Sdlg TJ99ZZ: Don’t Stop Believing X Full Of Hope.
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ULTIMATE (T. Johnson '03)
SDB midseason 13" (33 cm)
Standards and style arms medium yellow; falls dark mahogany spot, precise yellow band narrower at haft, short dart into lower spot edge, few gold rays on haft; beards yellow, white base; slight spicy fragrance. Cook-Douglas medal winner 2010. Very good grower and showy!!
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Two Hearts
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TWO HEARTS (Thomas Johnson ’22) SDB Early 12” (31cm) Slight sweet fragrance. Sky blue with deep maroon red falls spot and white tipped orange beards. Sdlg TK264C: Prego X Oh Canada.
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Two Faced
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TWO FACED (P. Black ‘19)
SDB Midseason 14” (36cm)
Sometimes it is pale blue white with a light turquoise spot and other times depending on weather, it will have mid violet blue streaks and splashes. Either way it is quite attractive. Nice round form.
Sdlg. Y295A: W276 sib: (T235A: (Q36B, Green Oasis sib x Leopard Print) x Riveting) X W277A, pod parent of Sky and Meadow
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Twitter Bug
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TWITTER BUG (T. Johnson ’20)
SDB Midseason 15” (38cm)
Very bright lemon yellow ground plicata with intense yellow orange beards. Super form and ruffles on this beauty. The flowers just glow from within assuring TWITTER BUG won’t be overlooked in the garden.
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Twinkle Little Star
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
MDB Midseason-Late 7” (18cm)
It has great garden impact for such a little guy. Standards are white as are bands and darts beside white beards on dark indigo falls. Cream styles.
Sdlg. X343B, Water Goblins sib
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