We Are Magic
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WE ARE MAGIC (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Early-midseason 37” (94cm)
Sweet Fragrance. Pink standards over violet falls with lighter pink rays radiating out from around the coral pink beard. A light lavender pink band on the falls frames the picture. Color can be a bit variable from one year to the next. Some years the whole pattern is much lighter, but either way it is still a garden favorite. Sdlg. TL154WW: Dressed To The Nines X Bombshell
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Waters Edge
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WATERS EDGE (P. Black '22)
TB Early-Midseason 32” (81cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. The base of mid violet-blue standards blend outward to icy white. Milk-glass white falls have narrow blended light blue bands and blue-gray texture veins. Tan-gold beards end in white. Three branches and 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. AA131E: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy X Black Y69A: Jungle Mist X Black W2A: (Beauty Becomes Her x Black U1B, Luxuriant sib)
Water Waltz
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WATER WALTZ (T.Johnson ‘14)
TB Late 36” (91cm)
As one would expect from this parentage, ‘Water Waltz’ has large flowers with plenty of undulating ruffles. Standards are clear mid blue with falls slightly lighter and beards unobtrusive blue white. Strong show Stalks are the norm.
Sdlg. TC10B: Merchant Marine X Abiqua Falls
Water Goblins
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WATER GOBLINS (P. Black ‘19)
MDB Midseason 7” (18cm)
‘Water Goblins’ is a very much improved I.pumila type. Petite white flowers have bold dark violet -blue irregularly edged spots with white darts coming from around white beards. Petite stalks with one bud stand above narrow foliage.
Sdlg. X343A: U220A: (Unknown x Sky of Blue) X U113C: (Dedicated x Easy Does It)
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Watching You
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WATCHING YOU (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Early-midseason 36” (91cm)
Light fragrance. Light flesh pink standards. Falls are lighter with a red violet stitched bar across the haft and a deep blue violet dart that extends below the beard to halfway down the petal. The beards are red, which in combination with the dart give a bit of a feeling like you are being watched. Totally unique and startling in the garden. Recommended! Sdlg. TM77ZZ: Final Answer sibling X Simple Magic sibling
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Warm Kitty
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WARM KITTY (L. Miller '22)
MTB (tetraploid) Early-midseason 21" (53cm)
Red brown self with gold beards. Nicely branched with 8 to 11 buds
Sdlg. 616: (Raspberry Shocker sib x Foxy Lady) X (Raspberry Shocker sib x Red Vision)
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War Of Words
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WAR OF WORDS (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Early-midseason 38” (96.5cm)
Sweet fragrance. Brilliant yellow standards with the edges veined in red. Falls are a rich dark chocolate with yellow rays extending out from around the beard. Gorgeous flowers on exceptionally well branched and budded stalks. A very fast increaser and easy doer. Sdlg. TK90ZZ: Superhero Kiss sib.
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Walk Right Back
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WALK RIGHT BACK (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 36” (91.5cm)
Cream to flesh pink standards that are heavily infused antique to rose pink in centers. Falls are deeper flamingo to rose pink with tangerine beards. Nicely formed and ruffled flowers are carried on show stems with 11 buds early in the season. Coming out of a cross made with two Blyth seedlings. Very nice!
Sdlg TI222B: Blyth W68-4:(T196-1:(R85-Y: CERTAIN MAGIC SIB) x (R41-4: (P157-1: (N275-2: (L280-1: (G75-A: (E99-1: (B132-2: HOLIDAY LOVER x LOVE COMES) x BYGONE ERA) x (E158-2: (B202-1: AFFAIRE x (Z55-3: (X108-2 x X108-10: CHOCOLATE VANILLA SIBS)) x (B164-1:CHOCOLATE VANILLA x ELECTRIQUE))) x (G63-G: MANDARIN MORNING SIB)) x (L133-1: (J141-1: GIRL THING SIB x G63-B: MANDARIN MORNING SIB))) x (L115-B: SHIVER OF GOLD SIB)) x (O228-4: (L133-7: I’M DREAMING SIB) x (L304-1: PLATINUM CLASS SIB)))) x (T315-1:(P168-1: PAINTED FLUTES x (N300-1: CHOCOLATES AND SILK x DECADENCE)) x ADOREE)) X W72-:(HELLO BEAUTIFUL X (T314-1: (P161-AA: (N309-6: ITALIAN MASTER SIB) x (L169-A: (J230-2: ENJOY THE PARTY x KATHLEEN KAY NELSON) x CALLING)) x LOST TAG
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Waiting To Fly
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WAITING TO FLY (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Early-midseason 36” (91cm)
Slight fragrance. Pinkish buff standards are heavily infused violet in the center. Falls are a rich blue violet with a light pink zone around the brilliant orange beard. The flower is very ruffled and well formed. A very nice bicolor. Sdlg. TL28YY: Arrivederci X Sweet City Woman
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VOULEZ-VOUS (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
If you’re a connoisseur of flat irises, then you’re going to love ‘Voulez-Vous’. Six consistently flat falls are lavender with a darker maroon wash and darker texture veins. There are no standards. Buffy peach styles create pretty contrast in their centers. Growth is strong and vigorous. Show stalks are the norm. Large blooms have been consistently flat over 6 years of evaluation. It should be an easy winner at shows.
Sdlg. TC342D: Credentials sib X Full Disclosure
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VOCALISE (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Early-Midseason-late 38” (97cm)
Sweet fragrance. Clear medium pink standards. Falls are a rich blue violet with deeper subtle texture veins. Hafts are blushed buff pink. Beards are totally orange. Gorgeous form and super strong growth with well branched stems. A very sharp, clean, and ruffled bicolor. Sdlg. TK218XX: unknown, lost hybridizing tag
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Vivid Sunset
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VIVID SUNSET (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Early-midseason 38” (96.5cm)
Light sweet fragrance. Gold and rose blended standards with a gold band. Falls are a rich burgundy with a wide lilac rose band and then a second but narrower gold band. Large well-formed flowers on tall stems. A very colorful and fun iris. Sdlg. TI61ZZ: What a Circus sib.
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VIVACITY (B. Blyth ‘22)
TB Midseason-Late 37” (94cm)
No fragrance. We have loved this since its opening bloom. An amoena plicata. White standards. White styles, with blue behind the anthers. The falls are pure white with1/4” mid blue plicata stitched edge and deeper blue violet hafts, reaching across to the white based, tipped yellow beards. Gorgeous balanced ruffled form. Fertile.
Sdlg A163-1: Beside Myself X Love’s Edge sib.
Vintage Look
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VINTAGE LOOK (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 29” (74cm)
Eggshell white standards with very slight turquoise veining at edges and on style crests. Falls are white ground overlaid with lilac to lavender with slightly darker and faint veining near petal edge. Nicely ruffled flowers create a very classy look.
Very Berry Shake
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VERY BERRY SHAKE (T.Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 13” (33cm)
Creamy white ground plicata with deep wide deep raspberry plicata band on standards and falls. Fully saturated burnt orange to red beards. Nice ruffles on strong plants. 4 buds!
Sdlg TJ33A sib to Tizzy Fit
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VAVAVOOM (L. Miller ’23)
TB SA Midseason-late 31” (79cm)
Light fragrance. A difficult to describe shade of orange. A blend of coral, peach, and orange depending on the lighting. Crisp, nicely ruffled flowers with flaring falls are well placed on strong stalks. The deep coral orange beards are completed by the upturned horns. Fuzzy horns are always consistent along with 7 to 9 buds. Sdlg. 4317B: 7414B: (Swoosh x (High Spirited x Autumn Reisling)) X 9013C: ((7211: ( In Love Again x Super Model) x Fiesta Orange)).
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Until We Meet Again
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UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Late 38” (96.5cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards are pink with a flesh pink band and a gold edge. Falls are a rich plum violet with tangerine beards. This is a late variety. It is in full flower when pretty much everything else has finished. A very strong grower and increaser and floriferous, covering itself in bloom. Sdlg. TK1ZZ: Love You So sib.
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Untamed Glory
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UNTAMED GLORY (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid 28” (71cm)
Untamed Glory is a novelty iris. It very consistently has six falls and no standards, but instead of going completely flat they hold in the shape of a magnolia bloom. It is very reminiscent in form of a very old cultivar by Opal Brown called Pink Magnolia. A clump of Untamed Glory will completely cover itself with these large ruffled salmon pink flowers with irregular white broken color. Definitely an iris for those who love the novelties.
Sdlg TI225YY: Blyth W75, pollen parent of Beachy Queen, X Blyth W68-4: (Heart of Dreams sib x Stay Stylish pollen parent) X Chasing Destiny
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UNSTAINED (Keppel '23)
TB Midseason 32" (81cm)
Purest white including the beard. Very clean and sharp looking (Nevertheless sib X ((Telepathy x Moonlit Water) x Montmartre))
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Unruly Surprise
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SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm)
No fragrance Clumps of ‘Unruly Surprise’ are covered with these more simply formed flowers. Standards are pale peach as are hafts and narrow bands around falls. Zingy orange beards punctuate the falls. Sdlg. BB234A: Missing You X Kisses
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