Loads Of Love
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LOADS OF LOVE (P. Black ‘20)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
Passion fills the air along with a mild sweet fragrance. These yummy flowers have light pink standards blended paler to buff edges that open slightly to reveal mid apricot styles. Heavily substanced mid cantaloupe falls are shaded a bit golden toward edges. Heavily saturated orange beards color continues in a paler streak. Stalks have 2 branches and 7 buds. Nicely ruffled and lightly laced.
Sdlg. X42A: Name Game X Luscious Lace
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LOCOMOTION (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early 32” (81cm)
Standards are almost a solid raspberry red with just a slight yellow ground showing in the center. Falls are white overlaid with a light to medium lemon fall wash in the center. There is a very dark raspberry black bar across the hafts and short dart below beard. The pattern is completed with a wide raspberry band. Strong growth on nicely budded and branched stalks. Very showy.
Sdlg TF77A: parentage unkown broken label.
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Loving Embrace
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LOVING EMBRACE (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Early 37” (94cm)
Icy blue white standards are heavily flushed melon orange in centers. Petal edges are touched lemon. Falls are a full medium salmon to orange with bright tangerine to red beards. As an added touch the peekaboo style crests are orange. Tall and well branched for the early season.
Sdlg TJ334ZZ: Lost in Dreams sib X Bashful Love.
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LOVOLOGY (B. Blyth ‘21)
TB. Mid. 37” (94cm)
A very pretty approach to a pink amoena that makes a super garden display. It has some excellent show stems. Standards are white, flushed with soft pink at the midribs. Falls are soft creamy pink, deeper on the outer ½” and at the hafts. Beards are tangerine on white.
Sdlg Y63-B: Bring Me Diamonds X Handful Of Magic
Madly In Love
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MADLY IN LOVE (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Late 38” (97cm)
Standards are a blend of salmon and flesh pink deeper at the edges and with a heavy deep violet flush in center of petals. Falls are a milk white with a peach pink border and white tipped tangerine beards. Beautiful show stems with ample buds. The flowers are heavily ruffled and lightly laced. Another welcome addition to the late season bloomers. A very intriguing color. Beautiful!!
Sdlg. TH65B: Catch My Breath X (Silk Road x Full of Grace).
Magic In Me
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MAGIC IN ME (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Mid-Late 37” (94cm)
This came from a cross made in Keith Keppel’s garden in Oregon by me using an American Iris as pod parent and pollen parent is from a Keppel cross made in Australia from Australian varieties and seed sent back to US and raised by Keith Keppel. The seedling which was to become Magic in Me was raised and selected in Australia and was returned to America for naming and introduction, a complete international effort! Standards are creamy lemon, faintly flushed lavender at midribs. The falls are lavender-violet with blended tan around the edges and hafts. Beards are prominent burnt tangerine. An elegant Iris that grows easily and flowers in profusion.
Sdlg. Z16-1: Wishes Granted X Keppel 11-178X: (Jealous Guy x Rubenesque)
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Magic Ring
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MAGIC RING (K. Keppel ’20)
TB Early-mid 36" (91cm)
Bright golden yellow standards; Falls light yellow ground paling to white in center and a deep wine-red band. Very showy in the garden!
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Magic Trick
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MAGIC TRICK (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
Cocoa pink S with darker pink veining. Falls are deeper cocoa pink with darker veining and a light cocoa pink edge. What really makes this one stand out are the large Cocoa pink beards that are frosted white on the tips. A nicely ruffled uniquely colored creation. Very distinctive and pretty.
Sdlg. TH33C: Sib to Fairytale Romance.
Magical Night
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MAGICAL NIGHT (L Miller ’21)
TB Mid-Late 34” (86cm)
Standards lacy orchid pink veined plum. Falls black lightening to dark red-violet with a few pink lines beside mysterious purple beards tipped deep bronze. Large well-formed blooms and great color!!
Sdlg 4515D: Ninja Warrior X Fatherland.
Making A Scene
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MAKING A SCENE (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 35” (89cm)
Icy white standards with green veining up the midrib. Falls are white with gold veined hafts and gold and purple blended veins on either side of the beard. Then there is almost a complete white bar across the falls which transitions into purple lines and wash and finally a light lemon edge. A very complex color pattern indeed. Even the beard is different. The hairs are white at the base then orange and finally red at the tips. Nice branching and strong growth and 8 buds. A favorite seedling of mine for the last few years. Very distinctive and won’t be confused with anything else.
Marry The Night
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MARRY THE NIGHT (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early 32” (81cm)
Near solid, very dark purple standards and deep fall band and haft bar on pristine white falls. Showy old gold beards make a statement. Moderate sized flowers are heavily ruffled on wonderful show stalks with lots of buds. Very showy. Gorgeous form!
TB Award of Merit 2021
Sdlg TF77D: Sib to Locomotion.
Mayan Sunrise
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MAYAN SUNRISE (T.Johnson ’16)
TB Early 35” (89cm).
Moderately sized flowers are born in profusion on this extremely showy gem. Light slate blue blended standards are the perfect foil for white falls with mid yellow hafts and bands. Super strong growth with up to 10 buds ensures a long bloom season. A huge clump of this last spring was stunning and earned it the cover one of our previous catalogs.
Sdlg TE69E: ((Quite the Reverse x Mythology) x Crystal Gazer) X ((Crowned Heads x Blackberry Tease) x Alpenview).
Me And My Shadow
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ME AND MY SHADOW (P. Black ‘19)
TB Late-Very Late 40” (102cm)
As dark plicatas go, this one is a MUST HAVE. Tall show stalks have 3 branches plus 2 spurs with 10-14 buds produced by strong healthy plants. White standards have purple plic sanding over centers blending to wide red black bands. Startling red black styles arch above wide, flaring and tightly ruffled falls of warm white touched light yellow on sides and edged with 3/4” near black plicata banding and black sanding across hafts.
Sdlg. V151B, Steal Your Heart sib
Medal Of Honor
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MEDAL OF HONOR (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
A complex flower to describe. Standards are a blend of russet and yellow with very light red veins. Falls are lavender to mauve with a deep red central signal around the beard. The signal has short white lines radiating out around the orange beard. A totally unique flower, nothing like it!!
Sdlg. TG392A: Punctuation sib.
Merchant Marine
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TB Midseason 38" (97 cm)
Big, ruffled mid blue. Healthy growth produces strong show stalks. Honorable Mention 2009; Award of Merit 2011.
Midnight Velvet
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TB Early 32” (81cm)
You’ll be drawn again and again to this beautifully formed dark purple and white plicata. Bright white fall centers contrasted with purple black shaded plic bands draw your eye from any distractions. Unique dark purple beards are topped dark old gold. Well-branched stalks have 9-14 buds. Excellent growth. ‘Midnight Velvet’ creates a showy clump you won’t soon forget.
Sdlg. TC175B: (Blackberry Tease x Tuscan Summer pod parent sib) X (High Master x Blackberry Tease)
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MINDBLOWING (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 32” (81cm)
Brilliant golden yellow Standards. Falls are oxblood red with a wide mustard gold band and then a red wire edge. Extremely bright, almost shocking color combination! Very early to bloom on good stems with 8 buds. The falls remind me more of the spot pattern found in SDBs. FUN!!
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Misty Sunlight
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TB Mid 35” (89cm)
A superb show Iris with an average of 12 buds. The standards are lemon blending to lemon cream at midribs and at the base. Falls are creamy white with1/8” edge of lemon and the reverse of the falls is lemon yellow, showing well on the ruffles. Gold hafts. Beards are white tipped lemon. Fertile and a great parent. Some magic coming from Magical. Sister to Lemon Delicious.
Sdlg No. X173-C ((Keppel 07-68B: (04-49A: Silk Road sib x (99-206A: Proposal x (Blyth: F175-1: Man About Town x (Poetess sib))) x (Keppel 04-44A: (99-208B: Proposal x (Blyth F119-3: Act Three x (D61-2: Poetess sib)) x House Afire) X Magical).
Moment To Treasure
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TB Late 36” (91cm)
‘Moment to Treasure’ is like that perfect day with a light breeze, blue skies and warm tempeatures. This clean and pretty bicolor has mid pink standards and medium lavender falls with mauve hafts. Soft tangerine beards transition to white. Strong show stalks and plenty of buds as one would expect from this pedigree.
Sdlg. TC77A: I Hope You Dance X Florentine Silk
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MOONGLINT (Keppel ’20)
TB Early-mid 35” (89cm)
Medium lavender blue standards with lighter edge; Falls deep lavender blue with a lighter edge and white luminata patch surrounding yellow beards.