Moment To Treasure
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
TB Late 36” (91cm)
‘Moment to Treasure’ is like that perfect day with a light breeze, blue skies and warm tempeatures. This clean and pretty bicolor has mid pink standards and medium lavender falls with mauve hafts. Soft tangerine beards transition to white. Strong show stalks and plenty of buds as one would expect from this pedigree.
Sdlg. TC77A: I Hope You Dance X Florentine Silk
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
MOONGLINT (Keppel ’20)
TB Early-mid 35” (89cm)
Medium lavender blue standards with lighter edge; Falls deep lavender blue with a lighter edge and white luminata patch surrounding yellow beards.
Moonlit Rendezvous
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
TB Early 32” (81cm)
Stark white with deep inky blue violet fall band. This is an iris that has to be seen to truly appreciate the sharpness and clarity of the pattern. Very nice wide overlapping ruffled form on great show stems. Moonlit Rendezvous is a prolific grower and bloomer. Makes a striking garden iris. Nice!!
Sdlg TJ95ZZ: Center Ice X Hard to Resist.
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More Than Ruffles
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm)
It has ruffles in abundance and light lacing with subtle art shades coloring that will have you drawing closer to appreciate it delicately complex colors. Light steely mauve standards encase light tan peach styles. Mid violet veins extend onto violet white falls with light khaki hafts and narrow bands. Show stalks have 3-4 branches and 9-11 buds. Vigorous growth.
Sdlg. Y93D: Nostalgic Memory X U1U, Luxuriant sib
Musical Chairs
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
MUSICAL CHAIRS (K. Keppel ’19)
TB Early-Late 36" (91 cm)
Flesh Pink to deep salmon standards. Falls are wisteria blue with salmon touched hafts.
My Passion
19.00 19.00 19.0 USD
MY PASSION (P. Black ‘20)
TB Early-Late 36” (91cm)
This exceptional iris is the result of compounding the genes of three extraordinary irises. Growth, vigor, stalks and buds are all top-notch as are its colorful flowers. Pale mauve pink standards centers blend to creamy tan and are etched with darker lines. Interior is pale lilac with darker center streak. Creamy tan styles have mid violet centers. Mid violet blue falls are paler around burnt orange beards and darker moving outward and narrowly banded light slate gray.
Sdlg. Y1A: All Ashore X R31C, All Ashore sib
My Pretty
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
MY PRETTY (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Late 34” (86cm)
Ivory standards with a blue cast and a strong deep pink center spot. Falls are light blue, pink and white blend with deep pink hafts and very light powder blue beards. Very wide form helps to show off the deep pink thumbprint hafts. Very distinctive and pretty.
Sdlg TJ93A: Beauty Within X (Poem of Love sib x Magic Act).
Mystery Lady
24.00 24.00 24.0 USD
MYSTERY LADY (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid-Late 35” (89cm)
Dusty rose standards with deeper violet flush in center. Falls are slate blue purple with dusty rose hafts and tangerine beards. Well branched and budded stems assure a Queen of Show every time. Mystery Lady is a heavy bloomer covering itself in flowers. Strong growth with rapid increase. An iris that will draw you in for a closer inspection every time. Nice!!
Sdlg TJ116A: Barbara Rider X All Ashore.
Mystic Art
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
MYSTIC ART (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Late 38” (97cm)
Medium pink Standards and edge on rose to lavender pink falls. Strange violet tipped orange beards add to the interest. Hard to convey the beauty of this one in a photo. Garden visitors often commented on their love for it.
Sdlg. TH35C: Hold Me Now X Friendly Advice.
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
MYSTICANO (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Early-Mid 34” (86cm)
A striking and contrasting variegata. Standards are light golden yellow infused tan and with faint light violet infusion at base of midribs. The falls are near black with a reddish cast. A small spray of white is at each side of the orange-over-white beards. Show stems abound and it is fertile. Variegatas are difficult to improve upon in hybridizing and this we feel is a good step towards that elusive perfect specimen.
Sdlg Y77-A: (Keppel 06-59A: ((Italian Master sib x (( Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling)) x Lesley Blyth 03L-4-4: (Secret Service x Wearing Rubies)) x Reckless Abandon) X Island Drumbeat sib
Natural High
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
NATURAL HIGH (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Icy blue white Standards with buffy cream center flush. Falls are lavender violet with deeper thumbprint hafts and a light lavender edge. Large flowers carried on show stems with 8 to 12 buds.
Sdlg TI82C Sib to Flaming Torch
Need You Now
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
NEED YOU NOW (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 35” (89cm)
Medium pink standards and light pink flushed edge on white falls. Deep pink hafts on either side of nice pink beards. Full round formed flowers have nice stems carrying 7 buds. Nice yummy luscious color!
Sdlg. TG222B: (Milan x Note to God) X Poem of Love sib.
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
NEVERTHELESS (K. Keppel '21)
TB early-mid-late 40" (102 cm)
Light pink and violet blended Standards; Falls deep red purple with white luminata patch around orange beard
Night Whispers
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
NIGHT WHISPERS (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Medium wine-red Standards over deep black cherry falls with smoldering saturated orange beards. Fantastic wide show stems with plenty of buds make NIGHT WHISPERS a smashing sensation.
Sdlg TJ84D Sib to Heat of the Moment
Ninja Warrior
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
NINJA WARRIOR (L.Miller ’16)
TB Midseason 27” (69cm)
You are reminded of the stealth of a ‘Ninja Warrior’ when you first look at this iris. The name really describes it. Shorter stalks ensure it will stay upright on those blustery, windy days. Smoky pink standards are infused orchid up midribs. Ready for action, horizontally flared falls are velvety black with a slightly lighter wire rim and mid purple veins beside sienna to purple beards. Need some protection - get a ‘Ninja Warrior’.
TB Award of Merit 2021
Sdlg: 8710B: Royal Togs X Unknown
Nostalgic Memory
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
TB Midseason-Very Late 42” (107cm)
Harken back to your first “Queen of Show”. ‘NOSTALGIC MEMORY’ could well be your next. The accent here isn’t just on a beautiful flower but also on robust growth producing many show stalks having 3 branches plus spur and 10-11 buds.
Sdlg. V56B: All Ashore X Thundery
Now What
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
NOW WHAT (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Midseason 36” (91.5cm)
Golden yellow standards with a faint yellow edge. Deep rich black cherry falls with short white spray pattern on either side of beard. Beautiful wide form and a strong grower. Nice show stems carrying up to 13 buds.
Oh What Fun
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
OH WHAT FUN (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
A different reverse bicolor pattern. Standards are blue to light violet. Falls are Rosy pink with a lighter area below beard that becomes a blue wash. Bright orange beards set the whole pattern off. Good strong growth with lots of bloom are an early season delight. The flowers transition as they age to this color, starting out with a more lavender pink fall border. Very pretty through all stages. Check out the website for both images.
Sdlg. TG93A: reverse sib to Easy on the Eyes.
Once Upon A Time
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
ONCE UPON A TIME (P. Black ‘18)
TB Late-Very Late 39” (99cm)
There are plenty of BIG flowers on heavy duty, show branched stalks. Bluish lilac beards on heavily ruffled, stately blooms are a lovely complement. Four branches plus terminal have 12 buds. The pronounced spicy fragrance is a plus.
Sdlg. V158A: (Toast of the Town x Absolute Zero) X Clash of Titans
One Man's Art
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
ONE MAN’S ART (B. Blyth ‘19)
TB Early-Mid 35” (89cm)
A stunning color combination. The standards are creamy beige and falls are dusky rose with soft lemon overlay around the burnt tango beards and a 1/4” edge of beige finish it off. Standards are slightly open but firm. Show stems and very fertile. Love this and want to see the seedlings from this Iris.
Sdlg No. Y58-1 (W72-4: Hello Beautiful x (Italian Master sib x ((Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling)) X U239-4: Painted Words sib)