I'm Not Stable
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I'M NOT STABLE (Black ‘20)
TB Early-Midseason 32” (81cm)
It’s much more fun to be a little wild and crazy and a bit mixed up. This broken color type will liven up your garden. Pale buff pink standards are randomly splashed mid lilac. Mid peach style crests are streaked lilac. Mid buff peach falls are randomly streaked from dark purple to light red purple. Hafts can be mid pink to butter. Each flower is different. Strong growth provides stalks with 2-3 branches and 7-9 buds. If you check out the second photo the color is not quite right but it shows the form so much better.
Sdlg. Y113A: V100C, I Broke It sib X W43A: (R100C: (Circle of Light x Ballet Performance) x Big Break)
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In Full View
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IN FULL VIEW (T.Johnson ’20)
TB Late 36” (91.5cm)
Deep rose to salmon pink Standards over white falls flushed lavender pink deepening towards the edges. Deeper pink hafts and very large frosted powder blue beards are what really make this one special. Nicely ruffled and lightly laced on strong stems.
Sdlg TH41A TD75ZZ:(TA80B: (TW3A: Ballet Royal x Corps De Ballet) x ((((Ballet Royale x Corps de Ballet) x ((Keeping Up Appearances x Suspicion) x Waterfall Mist)) x Rite of Passage) X Note to God).
Ink Patterns
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INK PATTERNS (T.Johnson '07)
TB Late Midseason 36" (91 cm)
Exuberantly ruffled white flowers have indelible inky blue stitched plicata bands around falls. Standards have wide washed and stitched plicata bands with dotting inside them and lines up midribs. Styles are wonderfully contrasted, inky, dark indigo. A clump of INK PATTERNS in the garden is unforgettable. It is sure to catch the judge's eye at shows. Wister Medal 2013. Runner up to the Dykes.
Sdlg. TW81B: American Classic X Royal Estate.
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Inked In
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INKED IN (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Late 38” (96cm)
Having had the opportunity to flower many thousands of plicatas over the years and seen many more in other seedling patches, this stands out for me as being very memorable. The standards are white, lightly veined light violet over most of the area, shading deeper at midribs and towards the base. The falls are white with a 1/4” stitched edge of near solid mid violet. The really striking parts of this flower are the hafts and style crests. The hafts are near black, heavily shaded brown, spreading out on the falls to the ends of the beards. Beards are white, heavily tipped violet-brown. Show branching and should win at a late show. Good parent, though not easy.
Sdlg. X268-6: sib to Margin Trader.
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INSANIAC (T.Johnson '12)
TB Midseason 33” (84cm)
What a crazy mixed up potpourri of color and pattern. Insaniac carries on with another variation of ‘Wild Angel’ type patterning. Flowers are fuller and more ruffled. The addition of gold edges on standards and styles makes a lovely accent. A clump of Insaniac will be a sure showstopper in your garden.
Sdlg. TA93A: Bright Sunshiny Day sib X Painter’s Touch
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Instant Attraction
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TB Midseason-Very Late 33” (84cm)
This colorful creation is sure to draw your attention. Mid-light lavender standards are a harmonius contrast to bright gold fall centers blended to rusty cinnamon. Styles echo the fall color. Bright yellow beards. Stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Light sweet fragrance.
Sdlg. W153D: P225C: (Never Been Kissed x Blyth O227-4, Edgy pollen parent sib) X Adoree
Instant Message
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INSTANT MESSAGE (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Early 34” (86cm)
Standards have a white ground that is almost completely overlaid with lavender blue. Falls have a stark white ground with a deep inky blue purple plicata band. Tangerine beards are tipped violet. Garden performance is what comes to mind when I think of this iris. It is a very floriferous and strong grower that is quite stunning in full clump. Amazingly beautiful!!
Sdlg TI128A: Whisper in the Wind X (Rumor Has It x High Octane).
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It's Me Again
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IT'S ME AGAIN (P. Black ‘20)
TB Early-midseason-Rebloom 32” (81cm)
Unlike some guests, you’ll be glad when ‘It’s Me Again’ returns after its spring bloom. Pale straw standards blend darker to mid golden wheat margins. Wide mid golden wheat blended falls have icy white centers with violet stripes at end of two toned beards. Superb show stalks with 3 branches and 9-10 buds.
Sdlg. Y63AR: U28AR: (O373XXR: (Cantina x Sweetly Sung) x Yours Free) X W101BR: (S142CR: (Summer Luxury x Sweetly Sung) x Q16AR, Advantage sib) x Q2DR: (Cantina x Sweetly Sung)
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JUBILANCE (K. Keppel '21)
TB midseason 35" (89 cm)
White standards, infused bright yellow; Falls bright yellow with yellow beards. Very bright.
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Just You And Me
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JUST YOU AND ME (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Late 37” (94cm)
Standards are a blended pink with peach gold bands. Falls are white with a narrow light peach band. There is a slight medium peach touched haft area on either side of large powder blue beards. Wonderful wide and ruffled and even slightly laced flowers are carried on gorgeous show stems. A fantastic way to close the season. A very much admired, elegant beauty!!
Sdlg TH122A: Hold Me Now X Lasting Moment
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King's Reign
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KING’S REIGN (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Midseason-Late 32” (81cm)
‘King’s Reign’ may be short like Napoleon, but it has a commanding presence just as he did. Bright white standards are banded gilt gold. Dark maroon falls have big white starburst centers punctuated by vivid orange beards in their centers. Show stalks are the norm.
Sdlg. TD24A: Gypsy Lord x Edge of Heaven
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Kiss The Night
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KISS THE NIGHT (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early 35” (89cm)
Very dark almost solid black cherry standards with a slight yellow ground showing in the center. Falls are a rich butter yellow ground with a wide deep near solid black cherry border and dotted center line that extends from below the beard to the border. Rusty yellow beards complete the look. Good branching with 8 to 11 buds. Very dark and pretty!!
Sdlg. TG404ZZ: Tuscan Summer X unknown.
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Kissed By An Angel
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KISSED BY AN ANGEL (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 34” (86cm)
Very pale blue white standards and edge on falls that are overlaid with med. Lavender blue. Falls have central violet blue lines radiating out from around blue tipped orange beard. Beautiful form and ruffles on well branched stalks carrying up to 9 buds. Very classy looking and much admired by visitors.
Sdlg. TG68C: (Hysteria x (Let’s Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X Haunted Heart
Lash Out
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LASH OUT (P. Black ‘19)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
‘Lash Out’ offers a unique medley of color and pattern. Red amber standards blend to gold amber to light lilac and then to mid gold. Styles are gold. Standards color repeats in the falls and have a more distinct gold band. Strong growth produces show stalks with 3 branches and 10-12 buds.
Sdlg. V130B: S41A: (Passionate Embrace x OllXX: (Bold Encounter x Foreign Legion)) X S113C: (OllZZ: (Bold Encounter x Foreign Legion) x Silent Screen)
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Latest Fashion
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LATEST FASHION (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early-Midseason 37” (94cm)
Lovely blue white Standards are infused pink in the center. Falls are ruffled salmon pink with a lighter central area below violet tipped orange beards. Latest Fashion has good strong stems carrying 8 buds. A beautiful iris that is much admired!!
Sdlg. TH143A: TD357ZZ: (Head over Heels sib. x Sudden Bliss) X TD139A: (Rasputin x Blyth O227A: (I’m Dreaming sib. x L159-2: (J219-1: (Enjoy the Party x F160-1: (D46-1, Arabian Story sib. x Cast a Spell)) x G63-B, Mandarin Morning sib.)))
Lavender Breeze
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LAVENDER BREEZE (T. Johnson ’19)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Sweetly scented. Rich lavender blue standards. Falls are lavender blue with deeper lavender veins extending to a medium lavender diffused band then encircled by a light lavender wire rim. Gorgeous full ruffled form with great stems and buds. Looks mighty fine in a clump. A good strong grower and very floriferous.
Sdlg. TH13B: Sib to Arabian Treasure.
Law And Order
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LAW AND ORDER (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Early 39” (99cm)
White Standards almost completely overlaid with medium lavender plicating. A narrow gilt edge on the standards and style crests adds to the intrigue. Falls are Stark white with a very dark purple wide band and dotted center belly stripe. Beards are a rich tangerine. A strong grower with nice show stems carrying up to 11 buds. Very floriferous and gorgeous!
Sdlg TI172E sib. to Counting Stars
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Leave Me Breathless
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TB Midseason-Late 37” (94cm)
Slight fragrance. LEAVE ME BREATHLESS is exactly what happened when I first laid eyes on this one when it bloomed as a seedling for me the first time. I remember gasping when I got down to the end of the row and saw it. Large showy flowers scream LOOK AT ME! A very fun pattern indeed I am going to let the picture do the talking as far the color is concerned. Nice well branched stems carry 9 buds. A favorite that never fails to delight.
Sdlg. TG160ZZ: Read Between the Lines X TC339A: ((Hysteria x Blyth O201A): (Lets Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.))
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Let's Snuggle
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LET’S SNUGGLE (T. Johnson ’20)
TB Late 36” (91.5cm)
Shrimp pink standards with deeper shrimp pink hafts and narrow light pink edge on white falls. Beards are a Nice coral to pink with white tips. Nicely branched stems. One for near the end of the bloom season. Very pretty!
Like A Breeze
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LIKE A BREEZE (P. Black ‘19)
TB Midseason-Very Late 38” (97cm)
Mid- dark cobalt blue flowers are evenly ruffled and lightly laced. Strongly flared falls give it a resolute feeling. Two branches plus spur carry 8 buds. Great color.
Sdlg. W116C: S158A: (Bubblicious x Q6A: (Dearie x Drifting Bubbles)) X Lost World
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