What A Party
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WHAT A PARTY (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Midseason-late 33” (84cm)
Yellow to gold standards with a little violet blended in. Falls are plush and rich deep burgundy black changing to a feathered red edge then encircled with a lavender blue band and finally edged gold. A beautiful flower for sure. Branched stalks have up to 12 buds. Color!!
Sdlg. TG125A: ((Lunch in Madrid x ((Decadence x Next Millenium)) x (Magic by Gosh x Crowns for credit sib.)) X Abiding Love
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ELITE (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 36’” (91cm)
Buff pink standards; Rich rosy orchid falls washed darker around beard and near end of petals. Beards are tangerine. Lacey with up to 9 buds.
Sdlg. TG1091B: Sib to Swing Dancer
Sizzlin' Hot
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SIZZLIN’ HOT (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 35” (89cm)
Light to med yellow standards. Falls are plush burgundy red with light yellow fall band that ages to near white. Fully saturated burnt orange. Well branched stems carry up to 10 buds. Very flashy and a garden favorite of visitors.
Sdlg. TG149A: Seasons in the Sun X Risk Taker
Apricot Smoothie
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TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Cream Standards infused solid deep apricot in the center lightening to near white at edge. Falls have a large peach spot overlaid and washed deeper rose and then banded in cream and edged in light peach. Beards are bright red orange. Great form and branching with up to 11 buds.
Sdlg. TG51A: Stylized X Twilight Rhapsody.
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Kissed By An Angel
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KISSED BY AN ANGEL (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 34” (86cm)
Very pale blue white standards and edge on falls that are overlaid with med. Lavender blue. Falls have central violet blue lines radiating out from around blue tipped orange beard. Beautiful form and ruffles on well branched stalks carrying up to 9 buds. Very classy looking and much admired by visitors.
Sdlg. TG68C: (Hysteria x (Let’s Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X Haunted Heart
Song Of Silence
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SONG OF SILENCE (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Early-midseason 33” (84cm)
What is commonly referred to as a “fancy” or luminata plicata. Standards are deep purple falls have a light lavender blue ground washed with deep purple becoming a solid purple black band. Beards are white tipped blue. Nicely ruffled with good branching and buds. Lovely!!
Sdlg. TG61A: ((High Master x Blackberry Tease) x (Blackberry Tease x Tuscan Sun pod parent)) X Grapetizer
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Down In Mexico
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DOWN IN MEXICO (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Midseason-late 35” (89cm)
Golden Yellow Standards and band on Rusty red falls. Beards are mustard. Good strong stems carrying 8 buds. A very bright and showy iris.
Sdlg. TG170A: ((Wild Angel x sib) x Girl Gone Wild) X Mardi Gras Ball.
Full Of Hope
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FULL OF HOPE (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 36” (91cm)
Standards are pearly lavender with pinkish flush in center. Falls are light lavender to pink, lighter in the center. Beards tipped violet. Full formed flowers are ruffled and lightly laced. Good stems with up to 10 buds.
Sdlg. TF5A: Secret Affair X Haunted Heart.
Whirl And Sparkle
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TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm)
These large ruffled blooms will add a sparkling splash of color to your garden. Tight, classic form insures these beauties will be with you come rain or shine. Show stalks have 3 branches plus a rebranch and 8-9 buds.
Sdlg. V135D: Countess sib
Time Out
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TIME OUT (P. Black ‘18)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
The bold cantalope color and vivid orange beards insure these plentiful blooms won’t be lost in your garden. Strong stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. W20A: Thundery X Brilliance
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I Broke It
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I BROKE IT (P. Black ‘18)
TB Early-Midseason 35” (89cm)
‘I Broke It’ but please don’t fix it. This broken color beauty has about everything; big ruffled form, tall show stalks and vigorous growth.
Sdlg. V100D: Die Laughing X (Claim to Fame x Advantage)
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HOTTIE (P. Black ‘18)
Early-Midseason TB 32” (81cm)
The pigment for a scarlet red bearded iris doesn’t exist. “Iris” red is a visual effect of an overlay of blue/purple and yellow. It is a deli- cate dance measured in subtle gradations and years of breeding. ‘Hottie’ makes one more tiny step in that direction. Some areas of the falls between the darker veins appear quite red, especially in “just the right sun”.
Sdlg. W27A: (House Afire x (Good Humor x Weekend Update)) X Feast of Kings sib x Gaudy is Good)
Creature Of The Night
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
TB Midseason-Late 33” (94cm)
Beware what lurks in the night shadows, it is beautiful but menacing. A strong sweet fragrance tells of its presence. Unique blooms are presented on show stalks with 3 branches and 7 buds.
Sdlg. V61C: Big Band X (Cool Confidence x Dream Team)
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
COUNTESS (P. Black ‘18)
TB Early-Late 36” (91cm)
The ‘COUNTESS’, all decked out in her royal attire, is ready for a night of celebrating. Imposing clumps are filled with show stalks having 4 branches plus rebranch and carrying 10-11 buds.
Sdlg. V135A: (Royal Sterling x Giorgio) X (Unknown x Jazz Band)
Absolute Truth
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TB Midseason-late 36” (91cm)
Blended pristine white and lemon yellow standards, deeper at the base. White falls with faint lemon edge and white beards. Gorgeous form and ruffles on a super clean color makes this a classy garden standout.
Sdlg. X173-AA: Songsmith pod parent X Magical.
Deeper Meaning
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DEEPER MEANING (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
Light Peach to buff standards with a slight violet infusion in the center. Falls are a deep purple to black with a lavender rim. Super strong growth with 7 buds.
Sdlg. TF118C: ((Dinner Talk X Let’s Romp) x Glamorama) X (Rite of Passage x Florentine Silk
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Higher Love
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HIGHER LOVE (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early 30” (76cm)
We love Higher Love, it has beautiful ruffled flowers on nice stems and has color galore. Very light yellow standards are infused deep gold in the center and then veined medium gold . Falls are plush oxblood red encircled by a lavender violet band and finally rimmed with a quarter inch metallic gold edge. A favorite and recommended.
Sdlg: TF76A: parentage unknown faded label
Color Wheel
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COLOR WHEEL (P. Black ‘17)
TB Midseason-Late 32” (81cm)
Wow, wild splashes of color make ‘color wheel’ a most desirable addition to your garden. The upper third of standards is etched with gold veins while centers are blushed peach pink. Heavily ruffled falls have mid peach centers blended to cream then widely banded with irregularly washed red grape bands that are then narrowly banded oxblood and finally pale silvery lilac. A wide eye-poping beard is bright orange to light gold. Two well-spaced branches have 7 buds. Proving to be an excellent parent.
Sdlg. T24B: Pop Idol X Brazilian Art
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SERGEY (T.Johnson ’16)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
‘Sergey’ is an unsually gorgeous and subtle blue and yellow blended bicolor that was much admired at the 2015 AIS convention. It has wonderful form, growth, buds and stem. It is Being used heavily in breeding. Named in honor of our friend, Sergey Loktev, who has been a great advocate of irises and a frequent garden visitor from Russia.
Sdlg TF100A: Cameo Minx X First Avenue
Ravishing Ruby
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RAVISHING RUBY (T. Johnson ’16)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Heavily ruffled standards are magenta blended to darker rose magenta. Lighter chalky rose maroon falls have a bluish cast and have hafts and narrow bands of the standard’s color. Intriguing beards are dark mustard tipped brown. Tall, well-branched stalks have 7 buds.
TB Award of Merit 2021
Sdlg TD338A: Prince of Hearts X Broome Sunset sib