Daring Deception
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TB Midseason 35” (89cm)
A garden favorite from its maiden bloom and has remained so. It is a great show-off in the garden with its bold contrasting colors including bright red beards. You won’t need a name tag to know what it is. From crosses I made while in Australia.
Sdlg.TB127B: By Jeeves X (Hold My Hand x Brave Face) Wister Medal 2019
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Black Lipstick
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BLACK LIPSTICK (K. Keppel '16)
TB Early-Mid 35" (89 cm)
Silky smooth deep purple black including beards. From plicata breeding.
Honorable Mention 2018, Walther Cup 2018, TB Award of Merit 2021
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Purple Punch
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PURPLE PUNCH (T. Johnson ’16)
TB Midseason 33” (84cm)
Dark royal purple standards top rich velvety purple black falls veined deeper and with paler edges. Unique beards are purple black with a bit of dark brown overlay. Nicely branched stalks with 7 buds. Rapid increase.
Sdlg TD340XX: Prince of Hearts X Buccaneer’s Prize
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Mayan Sunrise
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MAYAN SUNRISE (T.Johnson ’16)
TB Early 35” (89cm).
Moderately sized flowers are born in profusion on this extremely showy gem. Light slate blue blended standards are the perfect foil for white falls with mid yellow hafts and bands. Super strong growth with up to 10 buds ensures a long bloom season. A huge clump of this last spring was stunning and earned it the cover one of our previous catalogs.
Sdlg TE69E: ((Quite the Reverse x Mythology) x Crystal Gazer) X ((Crowned Heads x Blackberry Tease) x Alpenview).
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Quack Quack
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QUACK QUACK (P. Black ‘16)
TB Early-Late 42” (94cm)
What a cacophony of sound these bight yellow duckings make - ‘QUACK QUACK’! Bright mid yellow flowers are lightly laced and have contrasting mid marigold beards. Strong show stalks have 3 branches plus spur and 8-9 buds. Rampant growth creates bright clumps you won’t forget.
Sdlg. U37C: Black Q5A: (Cool Confidence x Dream Team) X Black Q26A, Early to Rise sib
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Football Hero
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FOOTBALL HERO (L. Miller 15)
TB Midseason 36" (91 cm)
Butter yellow standards. Red purple falls with light orchid band. Popular.
President Cup winner and favorite guest Iris at 2015 American Iris Society National convention in Portland.
Wister Medal 2021
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Cherokee Blaze
8.00 8.00 8.0 USD
CHEROKEE BLAZE (J.Painter '13)
TB Midseason 36 (91 cm)
Ruffled brick red with darker fall shoulders and violet blaze. Gold beards.
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Belle Fille
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BELLE FILLE (M. Smith '15)
TB Early-Late 34" (86 cm)
Frilly violet and dark purple bitone with white luminata patch and petal edges.
Wister Medal 2021
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Paul Black
8.00 8.00 8.0 USD
PAUL BLACK (T.Johnson '03)
TB Mid-Late 42" (107 cm)
SHOW STALKS! Strong growth. Lovely perfume. Medium dark purple blue; beards dark orange; pronounced spicy fragrance. Winner of Dykes Medal 2010.
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Watercolor Print
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TB Late 33” (84cm)
White standards are delicately tinted palest violet and have yellow shadings part way up midribs. Standards and styles have delicate gold rims. Lightly ruffled circular falls have mid violet bands with paler washed watermark bands inside that. Vivid yellow to marigold beards scream, “look at me”. Excellent growth produces plenty of well-branched stalks. Use to lighten and brighten an area.
Sdlg. TD23YY: Gypsy Lord X (Starship Enterprise x Pursuit of Happiness)
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King's Reign
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KING’S REIGN (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Midseason-Late 32” (81cm)
‘King’s Reign’ may be short like Napoleon, but it has a commanding presence just as he did. Bright white standards are banded gilt gold. Dark maroon falls have big white starburst centers punctuated by vivid orange beards in their centers. Show stalks are the norm.
Sdlg. TD24A: Gypsy Lord x Edge of Heaven
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Barbara Rider
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BARBARA RIDER (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Late 38” (97cm)
This bright and showy iris is being named in honor of Thomas’s grandmother. It is a beauty to look at and a durable workhorse in the garden. Clear vivid yellow standards color is repeated over the hafts. Mid lavender blue blended falls give way to brassy gold bands.
Sdlg. TD80B: Catwalk Queen X Silk Road
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Merchant Marine
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TB Midseason 38" (97 cm)
Big, ruffled mid blue. Healthy growth produces strong show stalks. Honorable Mention 2009; Award of Merit 2011.
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Water Waltz
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WATER WALTZ (T.Johnson ‘14)
TB Late 36” (91cm)
As one would expect from this parentage, ‘Water Waltz’ has large flowers with plenty of undulating ruffles. Standards are clear mid blue with falls slightly lighter and beards unobtrusive blue white. Strong show Stalks are the norm.
Sdlg. TC10B: Merchant Marine X Abiqua Falls
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Midnight Velvet
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TB Early 32” (81cm)
You’ll be drawn again and again to this beautifully formed dark purple and white plicata. Bright white fall centers contrasted with purple black shaded plic bands draw your eye from any distractions. Unique dark purple beards are topped dark old gold. Well-branched stalks have 9-14 buds. Excellent growth. ‘Midnight Velvet’ creates a showy clump you won’t soon forget.
Sdlg. TC175B: (Blackberry Tease x Tuscan Summer pod parent sib) X (High Master x Blackberry Tease)
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Good Morning Sunshine
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TB Midseason- Late 33” (84cm)
Heavily ruffled standards are brilliant sunshine yellow. Fall centers are light violet with wide, shaded center elipse of dark violet. Mid yellow gold haft’s color continues in pleated ruffles around falls. Beards are dark marigold. Expect about seven of these showy creations per stalk. Growth is strong, vigorous and clean. Makes a fantastic clump.
Sdlg. TD20A: Bollywood X Catwalk Queen
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CORALINA (T.Johnson ‘14)
TB Midseason 34” (86cm)
Frothy, heavily ruffled and laced mid peach blend with fall centers several shades lighter. Soft brownish orange beards blend perfectly with this demure creation. Note the abundance of bloom and show stalks in the picture.
TB Award of Merit 2021
Sdlg. TB135A: Blyth O256-B, involved seedlings X Eye for Style
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Clouds Go By
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CLOUDS GO BY (P. Black ‘14)
TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm)
These heavily ruffled, classically formed white beauties have falls narrowly banded light blue, becoming near white with age. Big, fiery orange red beards add a bold touch. Show stalks with 8-10 buds are the norm. Strong, vigorous growth makes it a most desirable garden subject.
Sdlg. Q15E: (Kiss of Passion X Gypsy Lord), Girogio sib
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BERSERK (T.Johnson ‘14)
TB Midseason 30” (76cm)
Falls of big white, heavily ruffled blooms are wildly patterned over their centers with closely spaced networks of lines and veins, becoming a heavier wash toward lower edges. Light tangerine beards are a pleasing accent. Nicely branched stalks have 7 buds.
Sdlg. TC341A: Hysteria X Blyth O201-A: (Let’s Romp sib x Mango Daiquiri sib)
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ELEGANZA (T.Johnson ‘14)
TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm)
Elegant it is. Prominent midribs of heavily ruffled white standards are flushed pink and blended outward. Hafts and edges of chalky white falls are touched pink. Strong show stalks insure it a place on the “Queen’s Court”. Fast increase and free bloom insure there’ll be plenty of them.
Sdlg. TC316A: (Sirocco Mist x Dinner Talk) X For the Soul
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