Blushing Love
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BLUSHING LOVE (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 33” (84cm) Icy pink white standards with light pink flush up the midrib. Falls are light pink with deeper pink hafts and edge and coral pink beards. Another approach to the elusive pink amoena. Very nice classical form with show stems and ample buds make Blushing Love a class act. Lovely indeed!! Sdlg TI115ZZ: Sib to Poem of Love X Keppel 06-156Y, Friendly Advice sib
Blushing Moment
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BLUSHING MOMENT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Late 40” (102cm) Lavender pink standards; extremely light pink to white falls with deep peach pink hafts on either side of the beard. Beards are tangerine in the throat then blue at the end with frosted white hair tips. Tall and well branched stalks carrying up to 9 buds. A lovely creation. Sdlg TH42A: Don’t Stop Believing X Note to God
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BOMBSHELL (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 34” (86cm) Peach pink standards. Falls are peach with a deep magenta fall wash. A peach center belly stripe starts below the beard and extends to the petal edge, then a wide lighter peach fall band with a pencil thin magenta edge, and tangerine beards complete the picture. Large round and full formed flowers make quite a statement from a distance as well as up close. Sdlg TI86B: Call Me Maybe X Twilight Rhapsody.
Bond Girl
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BOND GIRL (Keppel ’17) TB Orchid pink with lighter central fall wash. Lovely ruffled and laced form. Floriferous!
Boo Berry
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BOO BERRY (Paul Black 21) BB Early-Midseason 27” (69cm) This sibling to ‘Poise and Charm’ has all the great traits it has, classic flower form, perfect proportion, strong growth, show stalks with 3 branches and spur providing 8-9 buds. Mid blueberry blue flowers are shaded darker blue around edges. It has a slight sweet fragrance and the added bonus of purple based foliage. I’m using it in my quest for turquoise to green TBs (tall bearded) Sdlg. X184J: ‘Poise and Charm’ sib.
Boo To You
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BOO TO YOU (Black 21) SDB Early-Midseason 14” (36cm) The accent here is on the round, lightly ruffled and strongly flared falls. The falls of these pristine white flowers are blended light to mid blue over their centers leaving a wide white band and a patch around the beard. Stalks are distributed evenly throughout the clump, so flowers are never crowded. Sdlg. Z231C, By the Sea sib
9.00 9.00 9.0 USD
BOONDOGGLE (Keppel ’17) BB Peachy pink standards and hafts on washed wisteria falls. Huge tangerine beards.
Bordeaux Blaze
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BORDEAUX BLAZE (Paul Black 21) AB (OGB-) Early-Midseason 26” (66cm) It has strong aril characteristics including the bold burgundy blaze. Mid orchid standards surround mid apricot gold styles. Mid peach apricot hafts blend to mid violet centers banded darker dusky rose. Wide marigold beards narrow to light lavender scruffy ends. Two branches and 5 buds give it a good season of bloom. Sdlg. W306A: Energizer X S167A: (P220A: (Fancy a Flutter x Palace Symphony) x Cheap Frills)
Born This Way
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
BORN THIS WAY (T.Johnson ‘15) TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm) Big, round and buxom. She was ‘Born this Way’. Frothy, exuberantly ruffled fuchsia rose falls are widely banded near white with an interesting veined transition between central color and banding. Strong well-branched stalks carry these beauties in regal fashion. Easy increaser. Unfortunately the cross tag was lost. Sdlg. TD181C: Unknown - lost tag
Bottle Rocket
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BOTTLE ROCKET (M.Sutton 10) TB Mid apricot standards, edge & veining on ruby falls. Orange beards. Colorful.
Boundless Berry
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BOUNDLESS BERRY (Paul Black 21) BB Midseason-Late 27” (69cm) Border bearded irises are no longer sulky shrinking violets. ‘Boundless Berry’ is testament to that with its robust growth and showy clumps filled with bloom stalks. Compact, heavily ruffled flowers have light warm pink blooms. Fall hafts are rouged red plum and veined cream and shade lighter to narrow warm pink bands. Big, dark sienna beards are an interesting contrast. Show stalks have 3 branches and 7-9 buds. A moderate sweet fragrance is a plus. Sdlg. Y171B: (Delectable Treat X V182D: (R170J, Simply Coral sib x Enough is Enough).
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
BRAINTEASER (T. Johnson ’18) TB Late 37” (94cm) Medium rosy pink blended standards. Falls are Medium lavender pink with large central fall wash of Rosy orchid. Tall well branched stalks carry up to 9 buds. Quite showy in the garden. Sdlg. TG150B: Seasons in the Sun X Twilight Rhapsody.
Brass Lamp
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
BRASS LAMP (Keppel ’18) TB. Brass gold standards flushed rosy mauve; falls golden yellow. Show Stalks!
Bratislavan Prince
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
BRATISLAVAN PRINCE (Mego 10) TB F Pale violet standards widely banded tan. Dark blue purple falls veined white over haft around persimmon orange beards. Nice.
Break In
22.00 22.00 22.0 USD
BREAK IN (Black ‘19) TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm) Here’s another impressive broken color iris from ‘Die Laughing’. White standards are splashed mid violet. White falls are blended to apricot, then splased and sanded dark red violet. Interesting splashed style crests. Amply ruffled blooms are carried on strong show stalks. Excellent growth and increase. Sdlg. V100A, I Broke It sibling
Break My Heart
60.00 60.00 60.0 USD
BREAK MY HEART (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid-Late 36” (91cm) The first of many introductions this year from the wonderful parent Dressed to the Nines. White standards with lemon centers becoming faint veining to petal edge. Falls are a deep rich red violet with a very light lavender band and then a gold edge. The beards are tangerine tipped violet. Very nice ruffled form on fantastic show stems. Break My Heart is a strong bloomer covering itself with flowers. Fabulous!! Sdlg: TJ252C: Dressed to the Nines X When Doves Cry.
Break Tradition
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
BREAK TRADITION (T. Johnson ’18) TB Midseason 35” (89cm) Pristine white standards. White falls with wide deep violet lines extending from beard to near edge. A nice white band encircles the falls and is then edged with a violet wire rim. Bright Tangerine beards set the whole pattern off. A super clean lined iris with great form stem, growth and buds. Has been used heavily in hybridizing. Sdlg. TG167ZZ: Mardi Gras Ball X (Hysteria x (Let’s Romp Sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.))
Breaking Free
36.00 36.00 36.0 USD
BREAKING FREE (Black ‘20) TB Early-Midseason 32” (81cm) Definitely not one size fits all flowers. Each one is distinctly different. Blue white standards are randomly streaked mid lilac. Fall hafts are white lined and sanded mid rose plum. Remainder of fall is pale straw yellow randomly streaked varying hues of red to rose grape. Nicely ruffled flowers are born on strong stalks having 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Excellent increase and strong growth. Its strong sweet fragrance is a plus. Sdlg. Y115E: I Broke It X V24C: (Variegated Wonder x Die Laughing)
Breaking The Ice
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
BREAKING THE ICE (Ghio ’18) TB Icy blue white standards; Falls have a very wide dappled blue band with large white sunburst. Nicely ruffled!
7.00 7.00 7.0 USD
BREATHTAKING (Black ‘16) SDB Mid-Late 14” (36cm) From years of breeding for clear pink and blue combos. Exquisite form and color. Sdlg.U216A: Involved X Oh So Sweet