Castle On The Hill
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CASTLE ON THE HILL (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Early-Midseason-Late 40” (102cm)
Sweet fragrance. Creamy white standards with a very light violet plicata stitched edge and gold rim. Falls are stark white with deep violet plicata edge and haft. The beard is white at the base then violet and finally tipped orange. Very dark mustard yellow style arms provide a stark contrast. The crowning glory is the incredible show stems that are well branched and budded carrying 18 buds consistently. A very long period of bloom that starts with the early bloomers and continues into the late season. Impressive!!
Sdlg TK118F: ((((Dinner Talk x (Jersey Bounce x (Goldkist x Heaven))) x Vapor) x (Silk Brocade x Epicenter) x Petticoat Shuffle) x Keppel 98-204A: sib to Tunnel Vision pod parent X Be Not Afraid pollen parent.
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Casual Attire
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CASUAL ATTIRE (P. Black ‘17)
IB Early-Late 24” (61cm)
Fantastic show stalks with 3 branches + spur and 10-12 buds. Excellent parent for tet MTBs. Standards palest grey-blue, finely lined narrow silvery tan edge; style arms palest grey-blue, violet ridge, light sulphur yellow crest; Falls mid purple blending outward to red-plum, dark plum haft, narrow plum band, light violet crystalline rim.
Sdlg. V258D: Silver Ice X T171D involved
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Cat Tales
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CAT TALES (P. Black ‘18)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
OH! This luminata plicata has a great depth of color and yet is a bright beacon because of the light yellow fall veining. Neat brown to black caterpillar beards are an interesting adornment. Show stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. V127A: Awash in Purple sib
Cat's Eye
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CAT'S EYE (P. Black '02)
SDB Mid season 15" (38 cm)
Mauve rose w/ big, vibrant red F spot; TOTALLY UNIQUE! Winner of Walther Cup, Lankow Medal, Cook Douglas Medal and runner up for Dykes Medal. EXTREMELY POPULAR.
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Catch My Breath
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CATCH MY BREATH (T.Johnson ‘15)
TB Late 34” (86cm)
This magnificently formed confection will take your breath away. Heavily ruffled and laced standards are toasted watermelon flushed dark violet up midribs. Expansive falls are palest pink blended darker toward laced edges and hafts. Pink texture veins are a lovely addition. Show stalks are the norm. Garden visitors give it five stars.
Sdlg. TC7A: In the Morning X Original Cast
Catch My Eye
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CATCH MY EYE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm)
Sweet fragrance. Medium orange standards and deep orange style arms. Falls are a light orange ground overlaid with medium crimson violet lines and dots. The hafts are touched orange and the beard is an intense tangerine. Great stems and 4 buds.
Sdlg TL316A: Sweet Tweet X Alaia.
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Catch Phrase
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CATCH PHRASE (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Early-midseason 36” (91.5cm)
Sweet fragrance. Icy blue white standards with green veins in the center. Falls are white with a lavender rim. Inside the rim are random violet dots. The hafts have deep violet lines and there is a center line of violet below the beard. Beards are white with orange hair tips. A beautiful take on a purple and white plicata. An easy grower with show stems and gorgeous form. We like! Sdlg. TL46A: High Desert X Mixed Feelings.
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Catch The Fever
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CATCH THE FEVER (K. Keppel ’18)
TB Early-Mid 34" (86 cm)
Blended burgundy-red standards. Falls rich blended burgundy-orange with red beards. Color!
Caterpillar Blues
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TB Midseason-Late 32” (81cm)
No fragrance Breeding for a pure white with dark blue beard TBs has been the pursuit of many hybridizers and one that has yet to be accomplished. The link between beard saturation and petal color has been near impossible to break. The darker the beard, the bluer the petals. The whiter the petals, the lighter the beard becomes. ‘Caterpillar Blues’ is a very light reverse blue amoena with a darker blue beard. Disease resistant foliage and durable plants produce plenty of bloom stalks with 3 branches and 6-7 buds.
Sdlg. Y96A: Black V59C: (After the Rain x Black is Black) X U50A: (After the Rain x S110D: (N193A, Blue Trill sib x Blue Trill))
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Central Intelligence
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Early 40” (102cm)
Standard light lavender dotted and stitched darker with a gold edge. Fall white with blue dotted edge and haft.
Certain Riches
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TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm)
Fruity fragrance. A self of light burgundy with a small bluish haze around the lavender tipped white beards. Fertility untried.
Sdlg Y52-A: Last Kiss Goodnight sib X Argyle Knight sib.
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Chamber Of Secrets
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CHAMBER OF SECRETS (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason 38” (97cm)
Sweet fragrance. Medium purple standards with a strong red violet wash through the center of the petal. The falls are medium purple heavily washed red violet and then edged medium purple. A striking flower that is well formed and ruffled. Seven buds are held on slightly top branched stems.
Sdlg TK79B: Higher Love X Keppel 11-152B: (Arrivederci x Dancing Days)
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Champagne Dream
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CHAMPAGNE DREAM (Thomas Johnson ’19)
TB Midseason 37” (94cm)
Light pink Standards deepening to a more salmon pink in the center. Falls are Medium mauve with darker texture lines and a narrow light pink edge. Beards are orange with frosted mauve tips. Nice full expansive ruffled blooms on nicely branched and budded stems. Very distinctive and pretty with a sweet scent.
Sdlg# TG68E: TC339A: ((Hysteria x Blyth O201A): (Lets Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X Haunted Heart
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Character Study
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CHARACTER STUDY (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason 36” (91.5cm)
Light fragrance. Flesh pink standards, darker in the center. Falls are pink with a reddish violet blended band and vivid orange beards. The standards have an interesting serrated edge in gold. Puts on a great show. In the garden. Sdlg. TI52ZZ: Conniption Fit X Dignified.
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Chase The North Star
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TB Midseason 33” (84cm)
Light sweet fragrance. Icy blue white standards with a light blue edge. Falls are white with a deep inky blue-black band. Yellow orange beards scream out from the heart. This is the traditional emma cook pattern but with a much deeper blue band than we have seen before. Quite dramatic in person and not to be overlooked. Sdlg. TK24ZZ: Hard To Resist X Brouhaha.
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Cher's Fancy Idea
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CHER’S FANCY IDEA (Paul Black '22)
IB Early-Midseason 26” (66cm)
Slight spicy fragrance It is a lovely luminata from two excellent parents. Dusky rose standards blend lighter to light yellow bands. White luminata patches on mid purple blended falls are splashed with pretty marigold beards.
Sdlg. AA175B: Cher’s Delight X Fancy Idea
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Cherokee Blaze
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CHEROKEE BLAZE (J.Painter '13)
TB Midseason 36 (91 cm)
Ruffled brick red with darker fall shoulders and violet blaze. Gold beards.
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Cherries And Cream
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TB EML 34” (86cm)
Just lovely! The standards are cream with a yellow flush coming ¾ of the way up the mid ribs and the reverse of standards is just cream. Falls are plush burgundy with 3/16” well defined edge of soft lilac. Beards are bronze over purple giving a very dark effect. Very wide and ruffled and plenty of buds give a long bloom season.
Sdlg No. Y48-2 ((W53-1: (T57-1: (Keppel 05-114A: (01-99A: Mysterious Ways sib x (Shoop 91-26 x Lotus Land)) x Decadence) x (04-93F: Brilliant Idea sib)) x Hello Beautiful) X Valley of Dreams)
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CHILD (Paul Black '22)
SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance ‘Child’ is the beginning of a new color pattern of pink and yellow bi-colors. Mid pink standards sit atop light yellow falls washed pale pink then decorated with half tangerine and half soft lavender beards. Very pretty.
Sdlg. AA240C: Black T255A, Festive Bow pollen parent X Platitude
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Ciao Bella
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CIAO BELLA (T. Johnson '19)
SDB Early 13" (33cm)
Sweet. Yellow ground plicata with ruby to rust red nearly solid overlay on standards and edge on falls. Very nice wide and ruffled form with huge beards. Gorgeous!!
SDlg. TI292B Unwritten X Raspberry Crisp
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