Dark Universe
15.00 15.00 15.0 USD
DARK UNIVERSE (K. Keppel ’19)
TB Early 35” (89cm)
Velvety grape black bitone with white edges and central patch around lemon beard. A beautiful ruffled luminata!
Debonair Bear
11.00 11.00 11.0 USD
DEBONAIR BEAR (P. Black ‘20)
SDB Midseason-Late 15.5” (39cm)
Full and round flowers have mid straw standards and darker styles. Dark ruby fall centers and lighter center streak blend outward to wide buff band washed rose.
Sdlg. Y278B: V316F, Circus Act sib X Don’t Fix It
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Deceptive Heart
65.00 65.00 65.0 USD
DECEPTIVE HEART (T. Johnson ’24)
TB Midseason-late 36” (91cm)
Slight fragrance. Peach pink standards. Cream falls have a deep rosy pink haft bar and a light pink edge. Sdlg. TM162C: Absolute Truth X Fields Of Gold
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Deep In Love
28.00 28.00 28.0 USD
DEEP IN LOVE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Early 35” (89cm)
Slight fragrance. Blue white standards with a strong pink flush in the center. Falls are a rich flamingo pink with a red beard. A striking color combination with well branched and budded stems. A very rich and vibrant approach to a pink amoena.
Sdlg TK195A: unknown parentage, lost tag.
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Deep In The Heart
14.00 14.00 14.0 USD
DEEP IN THE HEART (P. Black '21)
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
The lush velvety purple black falls will draw you in for a closer look. You’ll then notice the mid purple standard’s color repeats in a narrow fall band. Look inside and you’ll see sparkling white styles with center ridge and crest of mid lilac. It is entrancing. As with others of this type, there are loads of branching and buds to insure a long bloom season.
Sdlg. Y203A: To the Contrary X long & involved.
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Deeper Meaning
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
DEEPER MEANING (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
Light Peach to buff standards with a slight violet infusion in the center. Falls are a deep purple to black with a lavender rim. Super strong growth with 7 buds.
Sdlg. TF118C: ((Dinner Talk X Let’s Romp) x Glamorama) X (Rite of Passage x Florentine Silk
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10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
DELECTATION (S. Boivin ’15)
TB Midseason-late 39” (100cm)
Standards light salmon. Falls white blending to a light salmon band. Very pretty! From France! For Lovers Only X Kind Word
Demure Princess
17.00 17.00 17.0 USD
SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm)
Pronounced spicy fragrance Absolutely beautiful in every way – form, color and plants. Round and gently ruffled falls of mid violet blue flowers have large darker violet blue spots with white darts over hafts. Soft pale blue beards are the perfect accent. Evenly distributed stalks throughout the clump. Sdlg. BB199F: Zaa Zaa Zing sib
Desert Dynamo
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
DESERT DYNAMO (Paul Black 23)
AB OGB- Late 32” (81cm)
Slight sweet fragrance Big flowers are carried on show branched stalks with 2 branches and 5 buds. Pale violet white standards have light buff filigree overall. Large smoky tan styles peer out over mid grayed rosy violet blended falls. Dark Dutch chocolate beards end in dark grape aril signals. Sdlg. BB185A: Smokin’ Hot X Big Band
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Destiny's Kiss
22.00 22.00 22.0 USD
DESTINY’S KISS (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Mid 37” (94cm)
The nearest approach to a pink amoena so far. The standards are not pure white as they have a faint flush of pink in the midribs, so strictly speaking, it is not a true amoena. Falls are lovely soft smooth pink with lighter near white ¼” edge. Beards soft tangerine on white. Lovely ruffled blooms on well branched show stems. Makes small plants and good increaser. Delicious! Fertile.
Sdlg X228-6: Lost in Dreams sib X Bashful Love
Detail Oriented
17.00 17.00 17.0 USD
DETAIL ORIENTED (T. Johnson ’23)
SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm)
Slight fragrance. Peach to orange standards and narrow band on light mauve pink falls. There is a violet plicata overlay around the beard & inside the narrow band. We are using this one heavily in breeding to intensify the unique contrasting band on the falls. Nicely ruffled, flashy and charming. Sdlg. TL304A: (Sib to Alaia pod parent x (Pirate Baby x Raspberry Crisp)) X Alaia
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Devoted To You
45.00 45.00 45.0 USD
DEVOTED TO YOU (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason-late 36” (91.5cm)
Light sweet fragrance. Intense true medium to deep pink standards. Falls have a light pink center with a medium pink band. Beards are pink and orange with a short lavender tip. Beautifully ruffled and lightly laced flowers are held on nice show stems. Very rich and gorgeous! Sdlg. TK65A: Slice Of Heaven X sib to Simply Fabulous.
Diamond Heart
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
DIAMOND HEART (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Gold standards with slight violet line up the midrib. Falls are lavender purple with deep gold thumbprints on either side of brilliant tangerine beards. A brown band around the falls brings the whole pattern to life. Wide overlapping falls, an easy grower and very floriferous, Diamond Heart is a welcome addition to the early season.
Sdlg: TI137A: Painted Love X Hard to Resist
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25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
DIARY (Paul Black 22)
TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
Slight sweet fragrance Entry into my ‘Diary’ says, “lovely demure blooms with clean yellow standards, styles and hafts on waxy textured white falls with big bright marigold beards”. Fall reverse is also yellow. Strong growth produces many stalks per clump with 3 branches plus spur and 9-10 buds. Clean disease resistant foliage.
Sdlg. Z79A: Lash Out X Black W37E: (All Ashore X Silk Road)
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Different Path
26.00 26.00 26.0 USD
DIFFERENT PATH (Paul Black 23)
BB Early-Midseason 26” (66cm)
Slight sweet fragrance In addition to using the species I. junonia in my SDB breeding, I’ve also used it in TB breeding to bring new genes into plicatas. In only two generations, form is modern and show stalks have been the norm. Gently ruffled standards are mid tan-gold rouged light rose over centers. White blended to butter ground falls have rosy plum plic hafts and 1” bands. Mid-marigold beards echo the standards. Easy growth produces quick clumps filled with stalks having 4 branches and 8-9 buds. Sdlg. Z149A: Black X220A: (Barbara May x I. junonia) X House of Cards
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10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
DIGNIFIED (T. Johnson ’17)
TB Late 37” (94cm)
Great form and stems with a bold pattern make ‘Dignified’ a garden showoff. Peach to apricot standards. Falls are slightly lighter with rosy orchid fall band. Bright tangerine beards set off the pattern.
Sdlg TC208A: Stage Presence X (Pursuit of Happiness x Rio)
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16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
DING-A-LING (Paul Black '22)
IB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
Pronounced spicy fragrance This purple and white plicata with darker wine hafts is perfection of flower size, form and proportion of stalk which has 2-3 branches and 8-10 buds. Showy clumps.
Sdlg. AA277C: Midnight Velvet X Lap of Luxury
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Disco Ball
14.00 14.00 14.0 USD
DISCO BALL (L Miller ’21)
MTB Tet Early-Mid 20” (51cm)
Standards peach shaded orchid with apricot rim and styles. Falls peach veined rose. Lightly ruffled and 9 buds
Sdlg 4414B: Raspberry Shocker X (Rustle of Spring x Standing Alone)
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Disco Lights
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
DISCO LIGHTS (T. Johnson ’18)
TB Late 35” (89cm)
Bright lemon with falls overlaid and washed lavender blue becoming a solid brownish violet band. Yellow orange beards. A showy and fun pattern.
Sdlg. TG418A: (Free Ride x I’m a Hussy sib) X unreadable tag.
Distant Shores
42.00 42.00 42.0 USD
DISTANT SHORES (T. Johnson ’23)
TB Midseason-late 36” (91.5cm)
Sweet fragrance. Icy white standards are infused light violet and pink at the midrib. Falls are lavender-blue violet with a lighter lavender edge. What brings life to Distant Shores is the pink in the base of the standards. It draws your eye in for a closer inspection of the frosted blue violet beard. Nicely ruffled flowers are held on well branched stalks. A good quality iris, a solid performer, and an easy doer. Sdlg. TJ308A: pod parent of Rolling In The Deep X Secret Status.
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