Crazy Over You
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CRAZY OVER YOU (P. Black ‘17)
IB Midseason-Very Late 22” (56cm)
Rich smooth color. Two branches and 6 buds. Strong growth. Fertile.
SDLG. V199A: Black Comedy Sib.
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Black Comedy
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BLACK COMEDY (P. Black ‘17)
IB Early-Late 27” (69cm)
Amazing compact clumps filled with stalks having 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Showy orange beards. Fertile.
Sdlg. V199F: Love Spell X (lady of the night x Paul Black)
IB Award of Merit 2021
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Apple Crisp
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APPLE CRISP (P. Black ‘14)
IB Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
Beautiful form. Fancy washed plicata pattern. Show stalks have 2 branches plus spur & 6-8 buds. Myriads of stalks.
Fertile Sdlg. R202B: Dog and Pony Show sib
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Code Of Honor
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CODE OF HONOR (T.Johnson ‘13)
IB Midseason 25” (63cm)
Strong growth creates clumps filled with bloom. Icy white self with medium blue beards. Slight fragrance. Beautiful form one would expect from Bluebeard’s Ghost.
Sass Medal 2021
Sdlg. TB91A: Bluebeard’s Ghost X Mythology
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PLAYLIST (B. Blyth '18)
IB Mid-Mid/Late 22” (56cm)
A bright yellow bitone with falls a few shades deeper than the standards and a lighter creamy yellow area around the gold beards. Makes a gorgeous clump.
Sdlg No. X52-1 Decorum X Reckless Abandon
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Casual Attire
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CASUAL ATTIRE (P. Black ‘17)
IB Early-Late 24” (61cm)
Fantastic show stalks with 3 branches + spur and 10-12 buds. Excellent parent for tet MTBs. Standards palest grey-blue, finely lined narrow silvery tan edge; style arms palest grey-blue, violet ridge, light sulphur yellow crest; Falls mid purple blending outward to red-plum, dark plum haft, narrow plum band, light violet crystalline rim.
Sdlg. V258D: Silver Ice X T171D involved
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It's Amazing
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IT'S AMAZING (P. Black '12)
IB Early-Midseason 19” (48cm)
Amazing color! Hot pink with tangerine to blue beards. Very short IB. In some areas it will be an IB and others SDB height with similar variation from season to season. By breeding it is a SDB. Rampantly vigorous. Makes instant, massive clumps. Priced the same as SDBs because of rapid increase.
Sdlg. Q115A: (Tickety Boo x (Spree x Cachet)) X Giddy pollen parent sib
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Star In The Night
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STAR IN THE NIGHT (P. Black '09)
IB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
What a breathtaking sight a clump of 'Star in the Night' makes! Darkness descends as dark blue purple standards turn to inky blue black falls. White beards laid over violet bases shine brightly. Flowers are gently ruffled so as not to diminish the simple beauty of Star in the Night. Muted white rays amplify that brightness. Clean, healthy plants support bountiful stalks with 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Spectacular garden show.
Sdlg. O247C: Ocean Depths X Wish Upon a Star
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NICKEL (P. Black '06)
IB mid 26" (66 cm)
Very unique plicata. Butter standards with wide violet plicata bands. White falls with narrow blue-grape plicata bands. Lovely lightly ruffled form. Superb branching. A MUST HAVE!
Sdlg. K311A: H242A: (Starbaby x B302B: (85-385A: (82-2D: (Ice Chalet x Dixie Pixie) x Lavender Puff) x 88-262A: (85-319B: (Gentle Air x Chubby Cheeks sib) x 86-316A: (Little Louie x 84-272B: (Cindy Mitchell x unknown))))) 2006. HM 2008, AM 2010
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Cool Sister
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COOL SISTER (L. Miller ’19)
IB Midseason-Late 21” (53cm)
Striking Pale lavender-white with a chartreuse edge and hafts accented with dark tangerine beards.
Sdlg. 1814E: Fission Chips X (Rustle of Spring x Standing Alone) Won an EC in 2015.
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Blank Verse
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BLANK VERSE (K. Keppel ’19)
IB mid 24" (61cm)
Ruffled clean white glaciata with yellow touched hafts.
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Smooth As A Baby's
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SMOOTH AS A BABY’S (P. Black ‘19)
IB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
This shorter and smaller flowered glaciata IB will have you wanting to touch it. Open peach pink standards showcase the pretty yellow to white styles. White fall centers blend to pale butter peach. Tangerine to pale yellow beards are an easy touch. Two branches & 7 buds.
Sdlg. X190C: House of Cards X V322A: (T248C: (Q95A, My Cher sib x P168F, Total Denial sib) x T233A: (P188B: (M251A, Outspoken pod parent x Tickety Boo) x R264sib, Fire sib))
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Pineapple Splash
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IB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
‘Portland Pink’ again shows its veratility as a parent in this shorter IB. Apricot styles peer from inside burnished gold standards. Vivid gold falls are adorned with orange beards. Two and three branches carry 8-10 buds. Strong growth. Petals occasionally have pink streaks.
Sdlg. W224A: Portland Pink X U68B: (Date with Destiny x Unknown)
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Nickel's Worth
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NICKEL’S WORTH (P. Black ‘19)
IB Midseason 24” (61cm)
Slate lilac standards are edged cream. Buff styles peak out over mid red violet minimal plic falls. Nice contrasting tangerine beards.
Sdlg. X191B: T169B: (Q47C: (O234A: (Silverberry x L86B: (Waiting For George x Cimarron Trail)) x O230A: (K256A: (Flights Of Fancy x I144A, Fleece as White sib) x T.Johnson TU78A: (I’ve Got Rhythm x Flights Of Fancy))) x Teeny-Bopper) X Unknown
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IB Early-Midseason 21” (53cm)
Delicate and simply formed flowers are mid orchid with tangerine beards. Well-branched & budded stalks are equally petite. It is a ‘Continuation’ of my efforts to create better formed and clearer colored MTBs.
Sdlg. W208A: U79B: (Grace and Charm x S222A: (((Royal Ovation x ((Abridged Version x ((Centerfold x Wings Of Dreams) x Birthday Gift)) x (Autumn Blush x (Tweety Bird x ((Apricot Elf x Pet) x ((Caesura x (Betsy Boo x (Antique Satin x Encanto))) x (Gigglepot x Oriental Blush))))))) x ((Northern Jewel x Dolce) x Unknown)) x Sun Spirit)) X U62B: (R176B, Grace and Charm sib x S222A: (Q103A: (N226A: (Royal Ovation x J234A: (B194C: (Abridged Version x 91135D: (85114A: (Centerfold x Wings Of Dreams) x Birthday Gift)))) x H168B: (Autumn Blush x D139C: (Tweety Bird x 91280D: (85436A: (Apricot Elf x Pet) x 88267A: (85418A: (Caesura x 83178A: (Betsy Boo x B80-14: (Antique Satin x Encanto))) x 84207A: (Gigglepot x Oriental Blush))))) x O208A: (L171A: (Northern Jewel x Dolce) x Unknown)) x Sun Spirit))
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Aunt Pitty Pat
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AUNT PITTY PAT (P. Black ‘19)
IB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
Compact ruffled flowers. Buff ground with heavily plic banded standards and moderately banded falls with lively tangerine beards.
Sdlg. W220A: T173A: (Q68A: (O233A: *pumila spot plic IB* (Silverberry x J66B: (Master Plan x Rock Star)) x O233 purple sib sib) x Teenybopper) X U194D, Pepito sib
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ESCAPEE (B. Blyth ‘19)
IB Mid 20” (51cm)
Quite a startling pattern for a plicata of IB size. Standards are gold with faint all over light olive brown dotting. Falls are basically white with a 3/8” to 3/4” edge of rich brown over creamy yellow. There are the same color brown lines running up the falls to the muted yellow beards. Very wide and flaring form and a pronounced perfume.
Sdlg No. Y18-6: Gig x (U20-1: (S81-X: Hussy x Wide Open) x Frenetic)) X (V354-5: (S263-A: Wicked Romeo sib) x (T333-1: (O211-A: (L94-1: Ostentatious x (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter)) x (L266-1: (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x I’m A Hussy)).
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Hot Sister
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HOT SISTER (L Miller ’19)
IB Midseason-Late 19” (48cm)
Blazing deep red self with burnt orange beards.
Sdlg. 1814D: Sib to Cool Sister.
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PURRFECT (B. Blyth 2018)
IB Mid 18” (46cm)
Gorgeous bright salmon pink with slightly darker hafts and a small white area below the vivid tangerine beards. 5 buds at least and show stems. Slow increaser.
Sdlg No. X87-A Kiss Me Pink X Music Of The Surf
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Meditation Garden
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IB Early-Midseason 24” (61cm)
A clump of MEDITATION GARDEN gives a feeling of calm serenity. Classically formed and precisely ruffled white flowers have mid lilac plicata bands and plum hafts. An amazing 4 branches plus spur give 10-11 buds.
Sdlg. Y180C: S207E: (Keeper x Q47C, Devil’s Delight pod parent) X U69A: (Ink Patterns x Alberta Clipper
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