All In Vein
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ALL IN VEIN (T. Johnson ’21) TB Early 32” (81cm) Very light grape standards with deep purple veins almost completely covering the petals. Petal edges are surrounded by a gilt gold narrow rim. Falls are deep purple with white rays extending out to the center of the petal then becoming solid purple with a stitched lavender rim. The backs of the falls are striped and veined all the way to the edge giving a very cool effect especially when in bud. Bright orange beards and feathered white style crests complete this wild ensemble. Good growth and stems carrying 8 buds. Coming from a cross of Blyth seedlings made in Australia. Truly striking!! Sdlg TJ312A: (Ghost Writer x Expect Wonders) X (((Oreo x Hello Darkness) x Reckless Abandon) x Cher and Cher Alike sib)
Angelic Morn
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ANGELIC MORN (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid-L 31” (79 cm) White standards with wide gold band and deep gold base and midrib. Falls are white with lavender band and gold touched hafts. Bright orange beards. Creates a beautiful color combination and a garden standout. Sdlg TJ238B: (Hard to Resist sib x Edge of Heaven) X (Watercolor Print x Dignified).
Atom Smasher
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ATOM SMASHER (T. Johnson ’21) SDB Mid 14” (35cm) Brilliant golden yellow standards with red veining at the petal edges. Falls have a near solid cranberry overlay on a yellow orange ground with saturated tangerine beards. Brilliant!! Absolutely stunning clumps!! Sdlg TK270A: Gottcha Good X Alaia.
Attitude Adjustment
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ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 35” (89cm) Old gold standards with reddish violet wash and dots. Falls are white with deep maroon hafts and red violet dotting forming a wide plicata band. Beards are an interesting burnt orange. Beautiful full ruffled form on excellent show stems. Strong growth. Gorgeous!! Sdlg: TI165YY: unknown X Marry the Night sib.
Bashful Look
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BASHFUL LOOK (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 36” (91cm) Medium lavender pink standards. Falls are darker with a lighter edge. Beards are a frosted lavender. Nice show stems, and a good grower. The flowers are well formed with nice width and are lightly laced. A very lovely pastel. Classy! Sdlg: TK187A: Magic Trick X (Poem of Love x Those Violet Eyes).
Beachy Queen
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BEACHY QUEEN (T. Johnson ’21) TB Early 35” (89cm). Deep toasted watermelon standards with lighter edges. Falls are light creamy pink with deeper toasted watermelon area around beard extending to a fall wash and then a light buff pink band. Very nicely ruffled full formed flowers are carried on nice show stems with 8 buds. A very lovely blended creation. Sdlg TI232ZZ: Blyth W83:(Dance a Dance Sib) x Unknown X Blyth W75: (((Alpine Harmony sib x (I’m Dreaming sib x Platinum Class sib) x ((Wicked Woman x Pop Star) x (Wedding Belle x Starring))) x unknown)
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BELIEVE (T. Johnson ’21) SDB Late 14” (35cm) Believe is named to remind myself that someday I hope to have a dramatic orange with deep blue beards. Although this is not it yet, it is another step in that direction. Very pretty with nice stems, growth and plenty of buds. Sdlg. TK277C: Sib to Honorary X Keppel 0916-A, (((Spring Fresh x (Oregold x Chanted)) x Cachet) x Bluebeard’s Ghost).
Big Flirt
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BIG FLIRT (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 36” (91cm) Flesh pink standards and light veining throughout. Falls are deep grape purple with white spray around beard and light lavender marginal band. Large and very wide ruffled flowers create a very dramatic display. Amazing garden presence pulls you in for a closer look every time. Sdlg: TJ161C: Sergey X Que Sera Sera
Blushing Love
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BLUSHING LOVE (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 33” (84cm) Icy pink white standards with light pink flush up the midrib. Falls are light pink with deeper pink hafts and edge and coral pink beards. Another approach to the elusive pink amoena. Very nice classical form with show stems and ample buds make Blushing Love a class act. Lovely indeed!! Sdlg TI115ZZ: Sib to Poem of Love X Keppel 06-156Y, Friendly Advice sib
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BOMBSHELL (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 34” (86cm) Peach pink standards. Falls are peach with a deep magenta fall wash. A peach center belly stripe starts below the beard and extends to the petal edge, then a wide lighter peach fall band with a pencil thin magenta edge, and tangerine beards complete the picture. Large round and full formed flowers make quite a statement from a distance as well as up close. Sdlg TI86B: Call Me Maybe X Twilight Rhapsody.
Break My Heart
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BREAK MY HEART (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid-Late 36” (91cm) The first of many introductions this year from the wonderful parent Dressed to the Nines. White standards with lemon centers becoming faint veining to petal edge. Falls are a deep rich red violet with a very light lavender band and then a gold edge. The beards are tangerine tipped violet. Very nice ruffled form on fantastic show stems. Break My Heart is a strong bloomer covering itself with flowers. Fabulous!! Sdlg: TJ252C: Dressed to the Nines X When Doves Cry.
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BUDGIE (T. Johnson ’21) SDB Mid 13” (33cm) Flashy canary yellow with a yellow patch around the beard, then a diffused rust spot encircled by a wide canary yellow border. What really makes Budgie stand out is the ruffled, rounded petals and the overall symmetrically round flowers. Very cute indeed!! Sdlg. TK290C: Thimble X sib to Searing Embers.
Coat Of Many Colors
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COAT OF MANY COLORS (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 34” (86cm) This iris is a very complex mix of colors and is hard to describe. I think it is best to just look at the picture. The name Coat of Many Colors seems to fit it well. Nicely branched stems and good bud count combined with lovely ruffled form make it a winner for sure. On top of all of that it is a hybridizers dream, giving some of the most awesome patterns in the seedling patch this past season. Coat of Many Colors is the product of two Barry Blyth seedlings. Recommended!! Sdlg TK247A: Blyth W72-4, Pod parent of One Man’s Art, X Blyth W51, Epic Romance sib.
Dance Off
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DANCE OFF (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid-Late 36” (91cm) Beige standards with violet flush up the midrib and slight gold blending at petal edges. Falls are a rich deep lavender becoming lighter at the edge. Burnt orange beards are tipped deep lavender. This is a very classy looking iris with gorgeous form and wide ruffles on show stems with ample buds. A very dependable and consistent showoff in clump. Nice!! Sdlg: TJ117A: Sergey X All Ashore
Diamond Heart
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DIAMOND HEART (T. Johnson ’21) TB Early 36” (91cm) Gold standards with slight violet line up the midrib. Falls are lavender purple with deep gold thumbprints on either side of brilliant tangerine beards. A brown band around the falls brings the whole pattern to life. Wide overlapping falls, an easy grower and very floriferous, Diamond Heart is a welcome addition to the early season. Sdlg: TI137A: Painted Love X Hard to Resist
Do The Fandango
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DO THE FANDANGO (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid-Late 32” (81cm) Deep grape purple standards. Falls are grape purple with deep purple black lines and a wide grape purple band. Deep brown and grape purple blended beards. Nicely ruffled flowers on good stems. A truly unique creation with a very clean and mysterious look. I love it, and hope you will too. Sdlg: TJ156A: Cherry Parfait X Sib to All Things Considered and Those Violet Eyes.
Eyes Of An Angel
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EYES OF AN ANGEL (T. Johnson ’21) TB Late 35” (89cm) I have been working on the blue bearded pink iris pattern for quite a few years. The biggest challenge is to keep the blue beard and get the petals a more true pink and less lavender pink. I am quite happy with Eyes of an Angel. Beautiful pink standards and edge on white falls with frosted powder blue beards. Wonderful wide and ruffled flowers on good stems. A knockout in person and a must for the lover of blue bearded pinks. Sdlg TJ127A: Sib to Poem of Love X Soul Mate.
Full Of Joy
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FULL OF JOY (T. Johnson ’21) TB Mid 34” (86cm) Icy blue white standards with green infused midribs. Falls are a lavender blue with white rays extending out from around the beard becoming a wide white border. Very large and wide ruffled flowers draw you in for a closer look. Very pretty! Sdlg TJ156B, sib to Do the Fandango.
Good Feeling
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GOOD FEELING (T. Johnson ’21) SDB Late 12” (30.5cm) Salmon pink standards. Falls have an apricot pink ground with a deep violet plicata fall wash surrounded with a salmon pink band. Nicely formed flowers with three to four buds. Good Feeling presents itself very well with elegant and floriferous clumps. Sdlg. TK270C: Sib to Atom Smasher
Greetings My Lady
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GREETINGS MY LADY (T. Johnson ’21) TB Early-Mid 34” (86cm) Cream ground almost completely overlaid with pink and a little bit of violet dotting. Falls are stark white with a violet plicata band. Beards tangerine with red tips. A very clean and pretty bicolor plicata. Nice wide form and strong growth with show stems. Nice!! Sdlg TK215B: Sib to Photo Shoot X Beautician.