Baby Doll Pink
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BABY DOLL PINK (P. Black '21)
MTB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm)
The soft light orchid of the standards is blended over the soft pink falls. A slight metallic sheen adds a touch of mystery. Mid pink styles provide a bit of contrast as do the shrimp beards. Three branches are graced with 7-9 buds on easy to grow plants.
Sdlg. Z139BB: Unknown
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Baby's Got The Blues
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
The clean, dark indigo standards and inky blue black blended falls make this a great addition to the MTB class. Strong growth produces plenty of show stalks with loads of branches and buds. Unusual beards are half bronze brown and half indigo.
Sdlg. Y195A: Waylaid X U66B: (Date with Destiny x S208A, Silver Ice sib)
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Bright Victory
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
MTB Midseason-Late 23” (58cm)
Absolutely clean and clear mid bright gold with marigold beards. Stalks have 3 branches and 9-10 buds. You can’t ignore it. Exceptional MTB parent.
Sdlg. Y179B: long & involved
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CROSSWORD (T. Johnson ’17)
MTB Midseason 20” (51cm)
Could be the clearest attempt at a red MTB to date all set off with nice yellow orange beards. Has some fertility especially as a pod parent.
Sdlg: TF55A: Sun Spirits X Peebee and Jay.
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Dance With The Devil
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MTB Midseason-Late 24” (61cm)
No fragrance It’s vivid magenta cloak with vivid tangerine beards might lead you astray. Be careful. Nicely branched and budded stalks are tinted purple.
Sdlg. AA159A: Flirtin’ Skirts X Black Y192A: (Black U68B: (Date with Destiny x Unknown) x Night Spirit) tetraploid
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Deep In The Heart
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DEEP IN THE HEART (P. Black '21)
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
The lush velvety purple black falls will draw you in for a closer look. You’ll then notice the mid purple standard’s color repeats in a narrow fall band. Look inside and you’ll see sparkling white styles with center ridge and crest of mid lilac. It is entrancing. As with others of this type, there are loads of branching and buds to insure a long bloom season.
Sdlg. Y203A: To the Contrary X long & involved.
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Disco Ball
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DISCO BALL (L Miller ’21)
MTB Tet Early-Mid 20” (51cm)
Standards peach shaded orchid with apricot rim and styles. Falls peach veined rose. Lightly ruffled and 9 buds
Sdlg 4414B: Raspberry Shocker X (Rustle of Spring x Standing Alone)
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Drop The Mic
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DROP THE MIC (L Miller ’21)
MTB Mid 17-19” (46cm)
Standards open pale violet paling to white with blue veins. Falls light violet blue veined dark purple paling to white with med purple veins.
Sdlg 1314H: Lost cross tag.
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DWEEB (L. Miller ’20)
MTB Tet. Early-Midseason 24” (61cm)
Standards cinnamon brown with gold centers. Falls darker cinnamon brown with gold haft marks and lighter diffused gold edge. 10 buds!
Sdlg 6413 (Lost records) x Sun Spirit
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Fairy King
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FAIRY KING (P. Black '21)
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
The color range of tetraploid MTBs keeps expanding at a fast pace. ‘Fairy King’ does its part to keep pushing it forward. White standards are washed butter and edged and veined darker. Mid yellow styles peer from between them. Dark red plum falls blend inward to dark red violet then to near black centers. Darker veins underlay the entire fall. Bountiful branching and buds insure a long bloom season.
Sdlg. Y202C: V258C, Casual Attire sib X Casual Attire
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Flirtin' Skirts
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
FLIRTIN’ SKIRTS (P. Black ‘18)
MTB Early-Midseason 24” (61cm)
A new era of brightly colored, wider and more ruffled tetraploid MTBs is emerging from mixed chromosome breeding. This parentage includes SDBs, IBs, tet MTBs, BBs and TBs. The SDB pollen parent, ‘April Fanfare’, can have 2 branches and 6 buds which helps make it an excellent tet MTB parent. This bright bicolor has unique peach styles and the pattern is pumila spot plicata. ‘FLIRTIN’ SKIRTS’ will make a memorable clump. Can be used in breeding in all median classes and TBs. I’m using it to hopefully produce pumila spot plics in TBs.
Sdlg. W218B: (Black Q47C, Devil’s Delight pod parent x Teenybopper) X April Fanfare
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I Feel Enchanting
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MTB Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
Great color and form. Light lilac standards blend to buff. Mid lilac falls have buff sanded veins around tangerine beards and silver rims. Four branches plus spur carry 10-14 buds.
Sdlg. Y198C: long & involved
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LOKI (Lynda Miller ’22)
MTB Early-Midseason. Tetraploid 20” (51cm)
Named for the God of mischief. Standards are deep butter yellow, tinted purple at the base. Falls are medium plum purple with a paler rim. Old gold beards. Stalks are well branched with 10-14 buds.
Sdlg 6916B: (sib to Raspberry Shocker x Hager AMT6730-4) X (sib to Raspberry Shocker x Night Spirit)
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Long And Winding Road
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
MTB Early-Midseason 18” (46cm)
The result of this trip is a simply formed, demure flower with mid pink standards and peach falls with tangerine pink beards. Stalks with 2 branches and 2 spurs produce 8-9 buds. Very pretty.
Sdlg. Y190B: long & involved
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Mandarin Sunrise
18.00 18.00 18.0 USD
MTB Midseason Late 25” (63cm)
Slight sweet fragrance. Delightfully waved flowers have mid gold standards infused rose. Dark burgundy falls have underlying black veins. Heavily branched and budded stems make for a long bloom time. Sdlg. Y203I, Deep in the Heart sib tetraploid
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MANIAC (Lynda Miller ’22)
MTB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
Long blooming, wonderfully formed blossoms of clear white, irregularly splashed deep violet. Lots of stalks on this beauty with 8 buds.
Sdlg 4218B: Chocolate Fountain X (Emoji x Geshundheit)
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Neon Glow
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NEON GLOW (Lynda Miller ’22)
MTB Midseason Tetraploid 23” (58cm)
Small blossoms of brilliant neon orange with orange-red beards. 8 to 11 buds are carried on well branched stalks.
Sdlg 1016: sib to Raspberry Shocker X (Rose City x (Cheerful Doll x Red Trooper)).
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New Fangled
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NEW FANGLED (P. Black ‘19)
MTB Midseason-Late 20” (51cm)
Definitely some new genes in the quest for better formed and more colorful MTBs and also of shorter stature than most. Standards and styles are pastel peach. Cream falls blend to light slate violet and then to tan gold bands. Tangerine beards are a nice contrast. Two branches plus spur give 7-9 buds.
Sdlg. X246B: U182A: (R261A: (O297A: (Trust in Dreams x Honey Bunny) x O277A: ((L211A: Marksman x Scholar) x (L218A: Scholar x J342A))) x Devoted) X U67B: (Date with Destiny x S216A: (Q22A: (O234A: (Silverberry x L86B: (Waiting For George x Cimarron Trail)) x O230A: (K256A: (Flights Of Fancy x I144A, Fleece as White sib) x T.Johnson TU78A: (I’ve Got Rhythm x Flights Of Fancy))) x Sun Spirit))
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Off The Grid
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OFF THE GRID (L. Miller ’20)
MTB Midseason 19” (48cm)
Standards golden yellow with faint medium brown plicata marks. Falls cream center flushed light gold with gold stitched edge and random violet streaks. Up to 13 buds.
Sdlg 1914 (Garden Imp x Survivor) X Moose Tracks
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Paper Tiger
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PAPER TIGER (P. Black '21)
MTB (tet) Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
'Paper Tiger’ is a darker, richer version of ‘Fairy King’. Mid gold washed standards are lined and banded dark gold. Darkest red plum falls bend to purple and then to black centers, all underlaid with darker veins. Clumps are filled with show stalks.
Sdlg. Y202E, Fairy King sib
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