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PLAYLIST (B. Blyth '18)
IB Mid-Mid/Late 22” (56cm)
A bright yellow bitone with falls a few shades deeper than the standards and a lighter creamy yellow area around the gold beards. Makes a gorgeous clump.
Sdlg No. X52-1 Decorum X Reckless Abandon
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PURRFECT (B. Blyth 2018)
IB Mid 18” (46cm)
Gorgeous bright salmon pink with slightly darker hafts and a small white area below the vivid tangerine beards. 5 buds at least and show stems. Slow increaser.
Sdlg No. X87-A Kiss Me Pink X Music Of The Surf
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Sassy Senorita
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IB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
From your first look, she’ll have you wound around her little finger. Shimmering light pink flowers are washed darker true pink, no peach tones at all. Intriguing light green veins ascend the standards midribs and web out over the falls. Mid pink styles stand behind darker pink beards. Strong growing clumps are filled with stalks.
Sdlg. Z175B: Sweet Pink X X208A: (T183A: (R203C: (M166A, Inspired sib x Love Spell) x R176A, Grace and Charm sib) x U73C: (Photogenic x O210B, Always Lovely sib)).
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Smooth As A Baby's
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SMOOTH AS A BABY’S (P. Black ‘19)
IB Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
This shorter and smaller flowered glaciata IB will have you wanting to touch it. Open peach pink standards showcase the pretty yellow to white styles. White fall centers blend to pale butter peach. Tangerine to pale yellow beards are an easy touch. Two branches & 7 buds.
Sdlg. X190C: House of Cards X V322A: (T248C: (Q95A, My Cher sib x P168F, Total Denial sib) x T233A: (P188B: (M251A, Outspoken pod parent x Tickety Boo) x R264sib, Fire sib))
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Star In The Night
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STAR IN THE NIGHT (P. Black '09)
IB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
What a breathtaking sight a clump of 'Star in the Night' makes! Darkness descends as dark blue purple standards turn to inky blue black falls. White beards laid over violet bases shine brightly. Flowers are gently ruffled so as not to diminish the simple beauty of Star in the Night. Muted white rays amplify that brightness. Clean, healthy plants support bountiful stalks with 2 branches and 6-7 buds. Spectacular garden show.
Sdlg. O247C: Ocean Depths X Wish Upon a Star
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Weird Science
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WEIRD SCIENCE (P. Black ‘19)
IB Spec-X Midseason-Very Late 17” (43cm)
Thank you, Marty and Jan Schafer-Sacks, for providing this I. junonia clone from seed from H. Mathes. It is helping revolutionize the SDB class. Well formed flowers are white with mid red-violet plic band standards, fall hafts and stitched edges. Styles are red violet. ‘Weird Science’ has 3 branches and 7 buds, all held above the short foliage. It has the potential to remedy the “blooming in the foliage” of many other 2 branched traditionally bred SDBs. It is fertile both ways and should be a major asset in breeding in all median classes. It is also fertile with TBs. The possibilities are endless.
Sdlg. X221A: I. junonia X Electrifying
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Your Turn
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YOUR TURN (P. Black '21)
IB (tet) Midseason-Late 26” (66cm)
These more simply formed purple black flowers are born in great abundance from healthy clumps. Elaborately branched stalks composed of a main stalk and two basal branches produce 15-18 flowers. The garden impact is one of exuberance.
Sdlg. Y201A: To the Contrary X Night Spirit.
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