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NEXT UP (L Miller ’21)
BB Space Age Early-Mid 24” (61cm)
Standards and styles flesh pink. Falls deep orchid paling to orchid pink edge. Beards tangerine ending with long spiky flounces of orchid. 7 to 9 buds on nice stems.
Sdlg 7514E: ((Winning Ticket x Rock ‘n Roll) x Act Surprise) X Act Surprised.
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Poise And Charm
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POISE AND CHARM (P. Black ‘20)
BB Early-Midseason 26” (66cm)
Here’s another BB that earns the label of perfection in addition to being a possible route to turquoise TBs. Milkglass blooms are tinted and washed pale blue with style crests tinted turquoise. Show stalks have 3 branches plus spur and 9-12 buds. Impeccable clumps filled with bloom.
Sdlg. X184A: U69C: (Ink Patterns x Alberta Clipper) X U69A, sib
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Smooth Jazz
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SMOOTH JAZZ (P. Black ‘19)
BB Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
Here’s a full formed and ruffled reverse bicolor. Mid slate violet standards blend to mauve and then to smoky peach. Mid buff peach falls are decorated with big orange beards. Three branches have 8-10 buds.
Sdlg. X143G, Merry Mulberry sib
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Solar Sunrise
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SOLAR SUNRISE (P. Black ‘19)
BB Midseason-Late 24” (61cm)
We’re all about color and simplicity of form. Pale peach standards are narrowly edged gilt yellow. Styles are apricot peach. Bright tangerine beards splash chartreuse yellow falls. Three branches carry 7-9 buds.
Sdlg. X129B, Lusciousocity sib
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Sorbet Swirl
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SORBET SWIRL (K. Keppel ’18)
BB early-mid 27" (69cm)
Well ruffled and clear colors in shades of lemon, cream, peach and buff. Ruffled!
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Stylish Choice
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BB Early- Rebloom 14” (36cm)
Classy ruffled plicata. Loads of branching and buds. Nice parent.
Sdlg. V394A: Silver Ice X T166B, involved
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TAGLINE (J. Ghio ’18)
BB mid-late 26" (66cm).
Creamy standards with lemon centers. White falls violet band and lemon hafts. Pretty combination!
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Wildcat Cha Cha
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WILDCAT CHA CHA (P. Black ‘20)
BB Midseason-Late 24” (61cm)
Its smaller stature doesn’t diminish its very colorful garden impact. Standards are dark straw and styles dark gold. White to straw falls are covered overall with mid to dark rose wine plicata dots and sanding. Show stalks have 3 branches and 7-9 buds.
Sdlg. V386B: Rustler’s Rhapsody X T118E: (Q47C, Devil’s Delight pod parent x Wild and Crazy)
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