Artful Accent
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ARTFUL ACCENT (P. Black ‘18)
AB Midseason 24” (61cm)
This half-bred arilbred is as easy to grow as most other bearded irises. The falls become much paler as it ages.
Sdlg. V358A: Lancer X Eyes On You
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Beautiful Brown Eyes
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
AB (OGB) Midseason 24” (61cm)
Classic aril traits and relatively easy culture make this a prime selection for those wanting to give their first arilbred a try. Near white standards are finally netted mid lilac. Dusky mid rose falls have huge dark red brown aril signals and characteristic sparse diffuse beards. Usually one branch and 3 buds.
Sdlg. Byzantine Ruby X V351A: (Brash and Bold x S142BR, Triple Dip sib).
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Black Cherry Truffle
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
ABM Early 13” (33cm)
Globular form. Rich dark ruby bitone with darker black cherry blended signal surrounding near black beards.
Sdlg. X154A: Anacrusis X Kinky Boots
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Bordeaux Blaze
16.00 16.00 16.0 USD
AB (OGB-) Early-Midseason 26” (66cm)
It has strong aril characteristics including the bold burgundy blaze. Mid orchid standards surround mid apricot gold styles. Mid peach apricot hafts blend to mid violet centers banded darker dusky rose. Wide marigold beards narrow to light lavender scruffy ends. Two branches and 5 buds give it a good season of bloom.
Sdlg. W306A: Energizer X S167A: (P220A: (Fancy a Flutter x Palace Symphony) x Cheap Frills)
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Byzantine Romance
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
AB (OGB-) Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
No fragrance Stalks with two branches have six buds. Simple pale lilac flowers have darker orchid signals and are accented with showy light marigold beards.
Sdlg. Byzantine Ruby X Black V183C: (Grace and Charm x Black P92B: (Lady of the Night x Paul Black)
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Conspiracy Theory
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
ABM Midseason 21” (53cm)
Mid to pale lilac standards surround striking gold styles. Rosy tan to ecru falls have big red brown aril signals.
Sdlg. X169A: Rivers of Babylon X V245A: (R273F, Lovable Pink sib x Intergalactic)
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Desert Snow
7.00 7.00 7.0 USD
DESERT SNOW (P. Black ‘13)
AB OGB- arilbred-median Midseason-Late 25” (63cm)
Easy and strong growth. One branch & 3-4 buds.
Sdlg. R159B: Lancer X Open Your Eye
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Dotting Every Eye
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DOTTING EVERY EYE (Paul Black '22)
AB (OGB-) Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
No fragrance This is one of the rare instances of an arilbred-median producing a single viable seed. Better yet, the pollen parent is a reblooming TB. Yellow styles peer from inside globular white standards. Cinnamon lines and dots cover yellow falls and finished with a darker cinnamon signal. Two branches and 4-5 buds. Limited fertility.
Sdlg. V351A: Brash and Bold X Black S142BR, Triple Dip sib
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DUBAI (T. Johnson ‘13)
AB OGB+ Early-Midseason 33” (84cm)
Beautiful aril characteristics including recurved falls, big red black signal spots and diffuse beards. Spectacular!
Sdlg. TC229A: Lancer X Energizer
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Eerie Encounter
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
AB OGB- Midseason 26” (66cm)
Standards are palest smoky blue. Styles and falls are greenish ecru with diffuse mid gold signals. Usually 2 branches and 5-6 buds. Strong growth.
Sdlg. X156C: Aztec Princess X T104A: (P225C: (Never Been Kissed x Blyth O227-4, Edgy pollen parent sib) x Adoree)
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Egyptian Queen
7.00 7.00 7.0 USD
EGYPTIAN QUEEN (T. Johnson '07)
AB Midseason 20" (51cm)
Very round "onco" looking standards are medium lilac with rosy copper midribs and fine network of veins overall. Large tan-copper styles peer from between them. Colorful falls are rose-copper blended to tan-copper with muted gold hafts. Bright yellow beards terminate in rich, velvety black-cherry signals. EGYPTIAN QUEEN has one branch and three buds produced by healthy, vigorous growth. Slight fragrance. Very Nice! Honorable Mention 2009. Award of Merit 2011. Mohr Medal 2013.
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Egyptian Sands
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
ABM Midseason-Late 21” (53cm)
Very easy to grow. Pale gray standards blend to pale yellow bands. Light brassy gold standards are decorated with black cherry signals and mottling over hafts. Nice mid yellow styles.
Sdlg. X153A2: Alhambra Sun X Eye of Sauron
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Eye On America
9.00 9.00 9.0 USD
EYE ON AMERICA (P. Black ‘18)
AB OGB Early 24” (61cm)
The big dark purple signal spot on a light ground that is accented further by near white styles provides a show stopping clump. Easy to grow.
Sdlg. W309A: Fire in the Hole X Lancer
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Eye On The Prize
13.00 13.00 13.0 USD
EYE ON THE PRIZE (P. Black ‘20)
ABM Early 18” (46cm)
Mid red violet flowers have fine indigo filigree and narrow white bands. Lovely near black aril signal. Easy and vigorous growth. Showy clumps filled with stalks having one branch and 3 buds.
Sdlg. X165A: Lancer X unknown
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GALAXINA (P. Black ‘15)
AB Midseason -Late 24” (61cm)
Big ruby signal on exciting 1/4 arilbred. Easy growth. Two branches and 5 buds.
Sdlg. T132D: Heart of Hearts sib
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Golden Compass
10.00 10.00 10.0 USD
GOLDEN COMPASS (T. Johnson '12)
AB Aril-median mid-season 24" (61cm)
Bright and bold. White standards are a bright compliment to mahogany falls banded mid yellow. Strong, easy growth.
Sdlg. TX144AA: Jazzamatazz X Domingo
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Heart Of Hearts
9.00 9.00 9.0 USD
HEART OF HEARTS (P. Black ‘15)
AB Mid-Late 24” (61cm)
Easy to grow 1/4 arilbred. Two branches and 5 buds. Superb aril type signal. Very limited fertility.
William Mohr Medal 2021
Sdlg. T132C: Gaudy is Good sib X Silent Sentry
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LANCER (H. Shockey ’95)
AB mid-season 28" (71cm)
Medium light orchid violet, Falls with very large and sharp near-black pointed signal; beards old gold.
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Loudmouth (Rich 70) Dark Slate Mauve with darker veins and near black signal. 12" tall.
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Lucky Roll
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LUCKY ROLL (Paul Black '22)
AB (OGB-) Midseason-Late 22” (56cm)
Slight sweet fragrance. Its colors and markings are variable. Whether it makes it a broken color, I don’t know. Slate mauve and violet standards are flecked amber as are dark old gold styles. Mid caramel falls have red-brown flecks and mid black cherry signals veined red-black.
Sdlg. AA146D: Smokin’ Hot X Black Y260A: (Black V271A: (Orange Obsession x Black T219C, Meticulous pod parent) x Black V244A, Running Bare pollen parent))
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