Champagne Dream
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CHAMPAGNE DREAM (Thomas Johnson ’19)
TB Midseason 37” (94cm)
Light pink Standards deepening to a more salmon pink in the center. Falls are Medium mauve with darker texture lines and a narrow light pink edge. Beards are orange with frosted mauve tips. Nice full expansive ruffled blooms on nicely branched and budded stems. Very distinctive and pretty with a sweet scent.
Sdlg# TG68E: TC339A: ((Hysteria x Blyth O201A): (Lets Romp sib. x Mango Daiquiri sib.)) X Haunted Heart
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Cherokee Blaze
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CHEROKEE BLAZE (J.Painter '13)
TB Midseason 36 (91 cm)
Ruffled brick red with darker fall shoulders and violet blaze. Gold beards.
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Cherries And Cream
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TB EML 34” (86cm)
Just lovely! The standards are cream with a yellow flush coming ¾ of the way up the mid ribs and the reverse of standards is just cream. Falls are plush burgundy with 3/16” well defined edge of soft lilac. Beards are bronze over purple giving a very dark effect. Very wide and ruffled and plenty of buds give a long bloom season.
Sdlg No. Y48-2 ((W53-1: (T57-1: (Keppel 05-114A: (01-99A: Mysterious Ways sib x (Shoop 91-26 x Lotus Land)) x Decadence) x (04-93F: Brilliant Idea sib)) x Hello Beautiful) X Valley of Dreams)
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Cherry Hollow
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CHERRY HOLLOW (T. Johnson ’18)
SDB Late 11” (30cm)
Wine purple with deeper fall spot. Yellow orange beards.
Sdlg. TG310A: (Pulsator x Bright Flash) X (Spanish Lullabye x reverse sib to Golden Ring)
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CHISELED (L Miller ’21)
TB Late 40” (102cm)
Standards smoky dark red violet bordered old gold. Falls opening black lightening slightly to dark red violet black. There are a few white to gold lines alongside dark golden orange bds. Strong growth and stalks with ample buds!! Form!
Sdlg 8214K: Serving Wench X One of a Kind.
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Chloe With Class
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TB Mid 36” (91cm)
A delicate pastel Iris with ruffles and waves. Standards are cream; falls are soft lavender and beards are muted orange over white. Lovely balanced flowers on show stems.
Sdlg No. X193-A (V134-1: I’m Posh sib X T32-2: Cross My Heart Sib)
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Choose A Dream
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CHOOSE A DREAM (B. Blyth '18)
TB Very Early 40” (102cm)
Possibly the nearest approach to a true pink amoena with good branching and growth that we have seen in 50 years of crossing for a pink amoena. Standards are pure white with a faint lavender cast when first open. Falls are soft rose pink, lightening towards the center. Beards are vivid tangerine. The hafts touch, flowers are nicely ruffled and it has show stems. Proving to be a fine parent. Selected from over 100 seedlings in the cross and reselected from twelve 1st selections.
Sdlg No. X228-7 (V281-4: Lost In Dreams sib X Bashful Love)
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CHORUS (T. Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 14” (35cm)
Flashy little plicata with rose to pink overlaid on cream ground. Wonderful contrasting pink styles and brilliant tangerine beards. Nice form with up to 4 buds on nicely branched stems.
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Ciao Bella
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CIAO BELLA (T. Johnson '19)
SDB Early 13" (33cm)
Sweet. Yellow ground plicata with ruby to rust red nearly solid overlay on standards and edge on falls. Very nice wide and ruffled form with huge beards. Gorgeous!!
SDlg. TI292B Unwritten X Raspberry Crisp
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Circle Of Light
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CIRCLE OF LIGHT (P. Black '09)
TB Mid-Very Late 39” (99cm)
In addition to having a gorgeous flower, Circle of Light is also a brawny garden performer. White standard centers are washed and veined mid violet blue, then blending to dark indigo and then to a bit lighter purple margins. Heavily ruffled falls are a repeat of standard color and patterning. Styles are dark indigo black. Show stalks have 3 branches and 9-10 buds. Healthy blue-green foliage is impervious to leaf spot. No pampering needed here. Strong parent for black and white plicatas.
Sdlg. N108A: (Thunder Spirit x American Classic) X Inside Track
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Circus Act
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CIRCUS ACT (P. Black ‘17)
SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm)
One of the first truly segemented broken color SDBs. Excellent growth. Fertile.
Sdlg. V316B: (Actor x R287A, Mesa Sunrise sib) X Long and involved
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Clean As A Whistle
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TB Early-Midseason 33” (84cm)
Time to wake up, get a cup of coffee and start a new day as the sun warms the air. Glowing white standards are gently washed palest yellow. Styles are the same with bright yellow crests. Clear mid yellow falls have lighter haft edges and mid marigold beards. Strong stalks have 3 branches and 8-9 buds. Clean vigorous growth.
Sdlg. Y43B, Butterscotch Bliss sib
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Clear Blue Sky
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CLEAR BLUE SKY (T. Johnson ’12)
SDB mid season 13" (33 cm)
Sky blue self; beards white; slight fragrance.
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Cloud Gate
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CLOUD GATE (P. Black ‘18)
TB Midseason-Late 38” (97cm)
Sparkling white clouds are edged darker plum of morning shadows. Strong show stalks with 3 branches and basal branch have 12-14 buds inherited from the fantastic ‘Petticoat Shuffle’. Stunning in a clump.
Sdlg. V144A: Etcetera X Petticoat Shuffle.
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Clouds Go By
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CLOUDS GO BY (P. Black ‘14)
TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm)
These heavily ruffled, classically formed white beauties have falls narrowly banded light blue, becoming near white with age. Big, fiery orange red beards add a bold touch. Show stalks with 8-10 buds are the norm. Strong, vigorous growth makes it a most desirable garden subject.
Sdlg. Q15E: (Kiss of Passion X Gypsy Lord), Girogio sib
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Coat Of Many Colors
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COAT OF MANY COLORS (T. Johnson ’21)
TB Mid 34” (86cm)
This iris is a very complex mix of colors and is hard to describe. I think it is best to just look at the picture. The name Coat of Many Colors seems to fit it well. Nicely branched stems and good bud count combined with lovely ruffled form make it a winner for sure. On top of all of that it is a hybridizers dream, giving some of the most awesome patterns in the seedling patch this past season. Coat of Many Colors is the product of two Barry Blyth seedlings. Recommended!!
Sdlg TK247A: Blyth W72-4, Pod parent of One Man’s Art, X Blyth W51, Epic Romance sib.
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Cockeyed Optimist
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TB Early-Midseason 30” (81cm)
One does have to be a “Cockeyed Optimist” to believe a variegated foliage and variegated flower in the same plant can be created. Optimism wins out. Here it is. Standards have larger random segments of dusky lilac and straw. White falls are banded varying from mid gold to dull peach to red plum and centers are randomly splashed and streaked lilac to red plum. Foliage and stalks are green streaked ivory white. It isn’t perfect but it is a great starting point.
Sdlg. V24A: Variegated Wonder X Die Laughing
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Code Of Honor
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CODE OF HONOR (T.Johnson ‘13)
IB Midseason 25” (63cm)
Strong growth creates clumps filled with bloom. Icy white self with medium blue beards. Slight fragrance. Beautiful form one would expect from Bluebeard’s Ghost.
Sass Medal 2021
Sdlg. TB91A: Bluebeard’s Ghost X Mythology
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Coin Flip
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COIN FLIP (J. Ghio '18)
BB mid-late 25" (64cm)
Nicely formed golden yellow with narrow red/brown fall band and small white center area below beard.
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COLOR (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm)
The accent here is on color! These bright clumps will be a dazzling focal point of the garden.
Sdlg. W285E: (It’s Amazing x (Bluebeard’s Ghost x M lost tag)) X (It’s Amazing x (Hugs x involved))
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