Somebody To Love
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SOMEBODY TO LOVE (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Late 34” (86cm)
Sweet fragrance. Bluish pink standards and edge on icy blue white falls. Big, bushy, frosted light blue beards add to the attraction. Nice wide form on heavily ruffled and ever so slightly laced flowers. The coloring is somewhat similar to last year’s introduction, Eyes Of An Angel. Someone To Love is more of a blue pink in color and the beards are larger. They are definitely different in the garden and have different parental heritage. Both are a great advancement in the blue bearded pink breeding lines.
Sdlg TJ135A: TD10C: (Parisian Dawn x Material Girl) X Fashion Week sib.
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Shocking Secret
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SHOCKING SECRET (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Late 37” (94cm)
Sweet fragrance. Shocking Secret was selected for introduction when I first laid eyes on it. It was in flower in the middle of a 20 row seedling patch. The patch was in full flower and still Shocking Secret stood out among the sea of color, staring at me with its deep signal as if to say “pick me”. Medium orchid to lavender self with pink tones infused in the standards. Falls are the same, only with a large dark black cherry signal that surrounds the orange beards. Nicely branched and budded with good form. Yet another introduction from When Doves Cry, proving to be an excellent parent. To say it is dramatic is an understatement.
Sdlg TJ246ZZ: Medal Of Honor X When Doves Cry.
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What A Looker
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WHAT A LOOKER (P. Black '22)
TB Midseason-Late 33” (84cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. Pink, pink and nothing but pink including the beards. The pink pigment is overlaid on a warm white ground that prevents contamination from any other color. The pink beards approaching red will make anyone stop and turn with admiring glances. It is a garden favorite that catches most everyone’s eyes. Eight to nine more simply formed flowers are presented on three perfectly spaced branches. Robust blue-green foliage is a big plus for pink TBs that can have less than stellar foliage.
Sdlg. Z14A: Strawberry Shake X Black V186A: involved
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Too Mixed Up
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TOO MIXED UP (P. Black '22)
TB Midseason-Late 30” (76cm)
Pronounced spicy fragrance. If broken colored sorts are your proclivity, ‘Too Mixed Up’ should be on your must have list. Flowers are the ultimate in ruffled form but buds are bit lacking at 6-7. Standards are silvery white with random dashes, segments and slashes of violet to red violet. Falls are the same except rosy peach hafts. Two colored beards have tangerine throats ending in light lavender. Vigorous growth.
Sdlg. X115B: Big Break X Break In
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To Too Two
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TO TOO TWO (P. Black '22)
TB Midseason-Late 33” (84cm)
Slight sweet fragrance. Unlike the English language, these alluring uncomplicated flowers need no explanation; they are simply beautiful. Raspberry rose standards color is repeated in a blended band around cream to light peach falls. Orange beards provide a pointed accent. Makes a more subtle statement in the landscape.
Sdlg. Z119C: Black V160G (Black S158A, Like a Breeze pod parent x Enough is Enough) X Time Out
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Later Alligator
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LATER ALLIGATOR (Paul Black '22)
TB Early-Midseason 34” (86cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. Be careful this intriguing character doesn’t sneak up on you. Swirling mid to light slate blue standards are flushed darker gray violet up midribs. Ruffled mustard yellow falls have paler centers and are veined darker gold. Show stalks with 3 branches and spur have 8-10 buds which is characteristic of both parents. Robust growth ensures this gator will be back year after year.
Sdlg. Y46A: Black U10, Luxuriant sib X Black W130A: (Black T19B, Lost World sib x Secret Agenda
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Girls Wanna Have Fun
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TB Midseason-Very Late 35” (89cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance. Combinations of the plicata pattern with other patterns have created a seemingly never ending universe of new and unique patterns and colors. One of those is a butterfly type design where a luminata patch would be. There will be many variations of these to come. This one has mid pink standards with subtle darker rose lines and outer edge. Velvety dark purple-black falls have white darted chevon haft patches overlaid with near black lines sandwiched between purple sanded veins in a modified butterfly pattern. Coral beards enhance its uniqueness. Clumps are gloriously filled with an abundance of stalks having 3 branches and 8-9 buds.
Sdlg. Z88W: Dearest X Black U53X, Rise Like a Phoenix sib
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Expanding Universe
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TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm)
Slight sweet fragrance. This cross is another that yielded many quality seedlings from which choices had to be made as to what goes and what stays. Big broad and heavily ruffled flowers are presented on strong show stalks. Standards have wide purple black plicata bands and only centers show their white ground. Styles are near black. Super wide falls are warm white shaded buff over hafts. Dark purple plicata bands encircle the falls and unusual waxy black chevrons surround rich dark black-brown beards. Strong show stalks have 3 branches and spur to show of 10-12 buds. A must have.
Sdlg. Z74H: Goat Rodeo sib
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Essence Of Beauty
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ESSENCE OF BEAUTY (Paul Black '22)
TB Early-Midseason 33” (84cm)
No fragrance. Ooh la la, all those undulating ruffles and vivid apricot, orange and pink blending decorated with even darker bold orange beards. All this lusciousness is carried on strong stalks having 3 branches and 8-9 buds. For those breeding broken color sorts, this one has B/Cs on both sides of the parentage.
Sdlg. X113B: Big Break X Black U22B: ((Magical Glow x Impulsive) x Black R170C, Simply Coral sib)
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Crocodile Smile
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CROCODILE SMILE (Paul Black '22)
TB Late-Very Late 35” (89cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance If I could have only one of my plicatas to breed with, it would be this one. Its genetic diversity, including several instances of ‘Dolce’ plus SDBs, IBs, tet MTBs, BBs and TBs, has given rise to unique colors and patterns in addition to solid growth. White ground standards are washed pale mustard becoming darker toward edges then embellished with darker mustard fine veining overall and white edges. Yellow styles are held within strongly held standards. Expansive white ground falls are widely plicata banded dark olive gold with more olive random dotting and line down centers, over centers and haft. Unique olive gold beards complete this unusual creature. Three branches have 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. Y55A: Black U14A, Drag Race pod parent X Black W191A, Black Label pollen parent
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Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
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TB Early-Midseason 29” (74cm)
Pronounced sweet fragrance Reveille sounds as the brilliant sun rises just like the vivid yellow-gold standards of this showy flower. Pristine white falls have dark amber bands with red-violet halos inside them. Big bright yellow beards echo the standards color. Three branches and 8-9 buds ensure a lengthy bloom. Showy clumps and shorter stature provide a bright spot toward the front of your landscape.
Sdlg. X89E, Paisley Print sib
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Adrenaline Junkie
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TB Early-Midseason 30” (76cm)
No fragrance. These early bright blooming clumps will get you pumped up for the coming bloom season. Peach pink standards blend to buttery peach margins. Mid peach falls blend darker toward edges and have widely spaced dark purple veins overall. Fat vivid orange beards keep your heart pounding. Myriads of show stalks have 3 branches and 7-8 buds.
Sdlg. Z43W: Will You Be Mine X V78A: (R76D: (Opening Number x M29DD: (Ransom Note x What’s My Line)) x R108B: (N121AA: (City of Gold x Snowed In) x One of a Kind))
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Unbridled Passion
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TB Late 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards have pink centers and a wide lacy orchid lavender edge. Falls are white with a lacy orchid pink band. The beards are lavender, frosted white, and the style arms are pink creating a very pleasant and harmonious appearance. Wide expansive form with heavy lace make this late season beauty a real show stopper.
Sdlg TJ99ZZ: Don’t Stop Believing X Full Of Hope.
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Turn Back Time
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TURN BACK TIME (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason 40” (102cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards have a cream ground that is almost completely overlaid with gold and a crystalline white petal edge. Falls are white with a lilac blue plicata band and dotted bar on either side of the beard. I simply love this iris. The color combination is so unique and carries the wow factor when in flower. Tall well branched stalks beckon to you from across the garden.
Sdlg TK101A: (Petticoat Shuffle x (sib to Hysteria x Danger Money)) X Beautician
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STOKED (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Light lavender blue standards with darker lavender infused centers. Fall are smooth lavender blue with bright red beards! Very ruffled and full formed flowers on good stems. Very unique bicolor with the intense red beard.
Sdlg TK46XX: sister to Double Jeopardy.
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Spine Tingler
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SPINE TINGLER (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Early 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Luminatas have always been a favorite of mine and I am super excited about Spine Tingler. The form is divine-very wide and ruffled flowers on show stems with high bud count. A clump of it approaches perfection. Inky purple standards with nice precise gold edging. Darker violet falls with nice creamy-white lumi patch that is touched gold with a short white dart below the orange beard. The very wide ruffled falls are edged in gold. Recommended for the lovers of this pattern.
Sdlg TK22YY: Dancing In The Dark X Belle Fille.
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So Hot
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SO HOT (T. Johnson ’22)
TB Early-Midseason 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. A very early and long blooming variety, definitely in the top ten to start the season. Marked as an introduction from its maiden bloom it has performed consistently every year. A bit hard to capture but the color is so bright in the sun it appears on fire. Beautiful full ruffled form and show stems with ample buds. Brilliant gold standards sit atop rich burgundy red falls with orange beards. A definite garden favorite.
Sdlg TK227B: Honey Pie X High Desert.
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Pull Me Close
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PULL ME CLOSE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason 36” (91cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards are a rich shade of salmon pink extending out to become veining as it moves towards the icy blue border. Style arms peek through with the same rich salmon coloration. Falls are white with light salmon hafts and a blue blended band becoming deeper toward the edge. The form is wide and overlapping at the hafts with good ruffles. Easy growth and strong stems make this a real garden standout. A favorite of mine and of visitors to the garden. A very pretty combination.
Sdlg TK199C: sister to Just Wanting Attention and Festival of Lights.
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Own The Night
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OWN THE NIGHT (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Midseason 35” (89cm)
Sweet fragrance. A dark purple self, or bicolor with ruffles or lace, and a yellow beard has been a project of mine. Own The Night is headed in that direction. Medium purple standards sit atop plush deep purple falls with a light narrow edge. Mustard tipped beards set it off. Very nicely ruffled and formed with strong stems and ten buds. Marked as an introduction since maiden bloom. Flashy!!
Sdlg TJ212A: (Seasons In The Sun x Born This Way) X sib to Elite
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Mood For Love
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MOOD FOR LOVE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
TB Early-Midseason 40” (102cm)
Sweet fragrance. Standards have pink centers with light creamy yellow edges. Falls are cream with deep pink hafts and variable fall wash and then banded in honey pink. Very ruffled flowers are carried on tall strong stems. An early variety that continues blooming well into the midseason. Beautiful.
Sdlg TL252A: Bring Me Diamonds X One Man’s Art pod parent.
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