Running In Circles

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    RUNNING IN CIRCLES (T. Johnson ’23)
    TB Midseason 36” (91.5cm)
    Sweet fragrance. One of our favorite intros for this year and that is saying a lot with its competition and the fact that it is a plicata. The color on this is hard to convey in a picture as the presence it has in the garden. It is simply spectacular in clump with its extremely bright color and sharp pattern. Standards are icy white with a near solid overlay of blue lilac. The falls are white with a blue haft, center dart below beard, and band. Even the beard is tipped in blue. Gorgeous, wide, and ruffled form make it irresistible. Running In Circles has also been admired by garden visitors. Recommended! you won’t be sorry! Sdlg. TL180G: ((Ink Patterns x pollen parent of Counting Stars) X (pod parent of Say It Right x Marry The Night sib))

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