Plic Symphony

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    PLIC SYMPHONY (P. Black '21)
    TB Early-Midseason 32” (81cm)
    Listen to the changes in rhythm, voice, timbre and harmony of a great symphony and then add a little plic magic to it. The range of colors and markings of ‘Plic Symphony’ is quite appealing. Centers of white standards have random mid violet dotting and midribs transitioning to wide mid plum plic bands. Centers of dark yellow falls are dotted dark red-brown becoming heavier toward dark wine plic bands. Marigold beards are surrounded by a white patch lined and sanded dark brown. Showy clumps of stalks with 3 branches and 8-10 buds.
    Sdlg. X72H: S127MM, Are You Free sib X S127NN, Are You Free sib

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