Flirty Tease

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    FLIRTY TEASE (Thomas Johnson ’22)
    TB Midseason 36” (91cm)
    Sweet fragrance. A bit of a hard color combination to describe. Standards are a muted lavender violet lightening towards the edge and becoming a gold band and then a very light lavender edge. Falls are mostly a deep plush red-violet but with a deeper blue blended central belly stripe. The blue coloration also peeks through closer to the fall edge. The edge of the petal has a border of light flesh pink. The blue tipped beards also add a lot to the pattern. Wonderful large and ruffled flowers with exquisite form that keeps you coming back for another look. 8 buds are borne on nicely branched stems. Proving to be an excellent parent. The color does lighten with age but gracefully and with class.
    Sdlg TJ249A: (((Champagne Journey x Mysterioso)) x Unknown X Dressed To The Nines.

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