Fields Of Gold

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    FIELDS OF GOLD (T. Johnson ’23)
    TB Midseason-late 36” (91.5cm)
    Light sweet fragrance. Standards are a deep lemon yellow with the edges being a light lemon. Falls are an interesting blend of lemon and maroon in the center giving somewhat of a brown effect. The petal edge of the fall is encircled in a wide cream and lemon blended band. The color of the fall can be quite different depending on the weather and the year. This last spring we were cool and wet the whole time and the flowers opened up a rich brown in the fall and then transitioned to the lighter color. Check out additional pics on the website to see for yourself. Fields of Gold is another example of the fun color ranges coming out of the fantastic parent Truth Or Dare. Sdlg. TK130B: Courageous One and I Believe sib.

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