All Rise
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ALL RISE (L Miller ’21) TB Early-Mid 31” (78cm) S and styles orchid pink; F orchid-purple Paling at edges. Beards dark tangerine with frilly light purple flounces. Show stalks with three branches and 2 spurs. Consistent!!! Sdlg 815E: ((Winning Ticket x Rock ‘n Roll)) x Act Surprised)) X 2313A: (((Beyond Dreams x Pink Cushion) x Act Surprised)) x Blowing Kisses))).
55.00 55.00 55.0 USD
SCATTERGRAM (L Miller ’21) TB Mid 40” (102cm) S dusky pink veined maroon; F are a cream ground plicata with dotting and stitching of dark plum purple over most of petal; Beards flesh pink. 4 Branches with up to 14 buds!! A garden standout!! Sdlg 7015: Ninja Warrior X Action Packed.
Magical Night
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MAGICAL NIGHT (L Miller ’21) TB Mid-Late 34” (86cm) S Lacy orchid pink veined plum; F Black lightening to dark red-violet with a few pink lines beside mysterious purple beards tipped deep bronze; Large well-formed blooms and great color!! Sdlg 4515D: Ninja Warrior X Fatherland.
55.00 55.00 55.0 USD
HOBNOBBING (L Miller ’21) TB Early-Mid 32” (81cm) S and styles are clear pink; F. pale orchid intensifying to a deep orchid border. Tangerine beards lightening to white pink at the tip ending with a slightly deeper horn. 8 buds on nicely branched stalks. Big sister to All Rise and fairer more feminine colors. Sdlg 815A: sib to All Rise.
55.00 55.00 55.0 USD
CHISELED (L Miller ’21) TB Late 40” (102cm) S smoky dark red violet bordered old gold; F opening black lightening slightly to dark red violet black. There are a few white to gold lines alongside dark golden orange bds. Strong growth and stalks with ample buds!! Form! Sdlg 8214K: Serving Wench X One of a Kind.
Next Up
40.00 40.00 40.0 USD
NEXT UP (L Miller ’21) BB Space Age Early-Mid 24” (61cm) S and styles flesh pink; F deep orchid paling to orchid pink edge. Beards tangerine ending with long spiky flounces of orchid. 7 to 9 buds on nice stems. Sdlg 7514E: ((Winning Ticket x Rock ‘n Roll) x Act Surprise) X Act Surprised.
Talking Smack
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
TALKING SMACK (L Miller ’21) MTB Early-Mid 22” (56cm) Tet Dark purple w/ tangerine bds & 10 to 16 buds!!! First in my quest for a black w/ red beards! Sdlg 515A: ((Ben A Factor x Red Trooper) x unknown) X (Raspberry Shocker x Night Spirit).
Shirts And Skins
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SHIRTS AND SKINS (L Miller ’21) MTB Early-Mid Tet 19” (48cm) S flesh light coral; F deep pinkish orchid with narrow pink rim; Coral beards. 7-9 buds! Sdlg 4914: She’s a Doll X (Stylish Lass x Sun Spirit).
Drop The Mic
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
DROP THE MIC (L Miller ’21) MTB Mid 17-19” (46cm) S opens pale violet paling to white w/ blue veins; F light violet blue veined dark purple paling to white w/ med purple veins Sdlg 1314H: Lost cross tag.
Disco Ball
30.00 30.00 30.0 USD
DISCO BALL (L Miller ’21) MTB Early-Mid 20” (51cm) Tet S peach shaded orchid w/ apricot rim and styles; F Peach veined rose; lightly ruffled & 9 buds Sdlg 4414B: Raspberry Shocker X (Rustle of Spring x Standing Alone)
25.00 25.00 25.0 USD
LEGIT (L Miller ’21) MDB Mid 5-6” (13cm) S dark flesh pink; F white washed pale plum purple, darker on the sides & w/ darker veins. Tang bds tipped white Sdlg 115B: Gigabyte X Mini Figs.