Castle On The Hill

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    CASTLE ON THE HILL (Thomas Johnson ’22)
    TB Early-Midseason-Late 40” (102cm)
    Sweet fragrance. Creamy white standards with a very light violet plicata stitched edge and gold rim. Falls are stark white with deep violet plicata edge and haft. The beard is white at the base then violet and finally tipped orange. Very dark mustard yellow style arms provide a stark contrast. The crowning glory is the incredible show stems that are well branched and budded carrying 18 buds consistently. A very long period of bloom that starts with the early bloomers and continues into the late season. Impressive!!
    Sdlg TK118F: ((((Dinner Talk x (Jersey Bounce x (Goldkist x Heaven))) x Vapor) x (Silk Brocade x Epicenter) x Petticoat Shuffle) x Keppel 98-204A: sib to Tunnel Vision pod parent X Be Not Afraid pollen parent.

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