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    ANKLE-BITER (Black ’24)
    MDB Midseason-late 7” (18cm)
    Musky fragrance. It’s the little ones you must look out for. Don’t let their size fool you; their dramatic coloring has great carrying power. Sdlg. BB212P: Black X224C: (Intoxicating x Black V322A: (Black T248C: (Black Q95A, My Cher sib x Black P168F, Total Denial sib) x Black T233A: (Black P188B: (Black M251A: (Black J392A: (Black F240A: (Sweet Bite x Black B281B: (Tweety Bird x Black 91216, Spin Again sib)) x Minidragon) x Black J282C, Amusing sib) x Tickety Boo) x Black R264: (Delayed Development x Black P189 T-beard purple, He's So Shy sib)))) X Black X233A: (Intoxicating x Spectator)

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