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    RUNAROUND (Thomas Johnson ’22)
    TB Early-Midseason-Late 37” (94cm)
    No fragrance. Peach and cream blended standards. White falls with a wide red violet plicata band and thin belly stripe that extends from below the beard to distal end. Nice classic rounded form shows off the deeply contrasting dark mustard yellow style arms, creating quite a dramatic look. Strong growth and show stems with loads of buds allows for a very long season of bloom. A very good and showy garden iris.
    Sdlg TJ154ZZ: sib to Marry the Night X (Petticoat Shuffle x ((( Silk Brocade x Epicenter) x Keppel 98-204A: sib to Tunnel Vision pod parent) x (High Master x (Silk Brocade x Epicenter))))

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