Practical Joke

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    PRACTICAL JOKE (Paul Black 23)
    TB Early-Late 31” (79cm)
    Pronounced musky fragrance There seems to be no end to the variability of the ‘Action Packed’ type veined standards and falls. Standards have chalky light red-brown centers washed to mid red-brown and darker to cream band stitched and sanded light red-brown. Falls have narrow white patches sandwiched between light yellow hafts and mustard beards and decorated with dark red-brown veins and mottling. The cream ground of the lower fall disappears in a heavy overlay of red-black veins. Light yellow dotted rims and stitched reverse encircle them. Three well-spaced branches and spur have 7-8 buds. Unopened buds have unique patterning. Sdlg. Z95E, Unimaginable sib

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