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MYSTICANO (B. Blyth ’21)
TB Early-Mid 34” (86cm)
A striking and contrasting variegata. Standards are light golden yellow infused tan and with faint light violet infusion at base of midribs. The falls are near black with a reddish cast. A small spray of white is at each side of the orange-over-white beards. Show stems abound and it is fertile. Variegatas are difficult to improve upon in hybridizing and this we feel is a good step towards that elusive perfect specimen.
Sdlg Y77-A: (Keppel 06-59A: ((Italian Master sib x (( Enjoy the Party x Kathleen Kay Nelson) x Calling)) x Lesley Blyth 03L-4-4: (Secret Service x Wearing Rubies)) x Reckless Abandon) X Island Drumbeat sib

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