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    INDECISIVE (Paul Black 23)
    TB Midseason-Late 29”
    (74cm) pronounced sweet fragrance Flowers on variegated foliage TBs have been notoriously poorly formed. ‘Indecisive’ remedies that with a very modern flower that can compete with any TB on the market. The bonus is the wonderfully variegated foliage that is blue-green and creamy white that is more disease resistant and less likely for the white to burn in intense sun. Falls of white flowers have hafts rouged pale yellow and veined light red-brown to plum. Lower half is heavily sanded/mottled mid violet then banded white. White beards are overlaid light tangerine. There are 2 branches and only 5 buds. A must have for those working with variegated foliage. Sdlg. X39E, Pie in the Sky sib

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