At Large

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    AT LARGE (T. Johnson ’24)
    TB Midseason-late 38” (97cm)
    Slight fragrance. White ground standards are sanded all over with light golden yellow dotting. Falls are white with a light lilac dotted band. There is a red violet haft that spreads across the falls on either side of the burnt orange beards. At Large is so named because the flowers are immense and carried on strong wide candelabra branched stems. Quite impressive! Sdlg. TL166YY: Beautician sibling X (Marry The Night sibling x TD314ZZ: (Blyth O211-A: (L94-1: (Ostentatious x G48-5: (Burst x Epicenter)) x L266-1: (G48-5 x Zestful Miss)) x Blyth R41-6, Stay Stylish pollen parent sibling))

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