Queen Of Darkness
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SDB Early-Midseason 14” (36cm)
She does rule supreme in the garden. Iridescent red purple standards and styles sit above purple black falls set ablaze by big bright orange beards. Clumps packed full of stalks give a long bloom season.
Sdlg. Y292D: V340B: (T271F: (R284 turquoise plic sib: (Graph x P168G, Total Denial sib) x Q95A, My Cher sib) x T272 wine sib: Unknown) X U159A: (R222C: (Devoted x P199A: (T.Johnson TX100A, pod parent of It’s Amazing x N334C sib, pod parent of Worry Wart)) x (Devoted x P144A: ((L223A: Brash x Pink Frosting) x Pink Potion)))
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RADIATE (T. Johnson ’19)
SDB Late 12” (31cm)
Yellow orange Standards, haft and edge on washed magenta falls with brilliant tangerine beards. Nice!
Sdlg. TH198H: Sib to Alaia.
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Radical Rascal
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm)
How to describe the ever-changing? Sometimes it is white with very little mid lilac plicata marking and other times it has only a small amount of white showing and all sorts in between. Either way, it is unique. Thank you, Sarah Schwass, for the name.
Sdlg. Y265G: Cool Dude X (V217B: Pinky Ring x S324E, Notation sib)
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Roaring Fire
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ROARING FIRE (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm)
Standards apricot-rust; style arms mid gold, apricot-rust ridge and crest; falls apricot-rust base washed dark garnet around beard blending lighter to edge, mid butter throat veined garnet; beards fully saturated marigold; diamond dusted; slight musky fragrance. Diamond dusting makes it shimmer.
Sdlg. W265C: (All is Bright x (All is bright x Bad Intentions)) X (Come and Get it sib x (All is Bright x Witty pollen parent))
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RUFFLEMANIA (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm)
Gorgeous form, ruffling and color are its hallmarks. Exceptional in every way. Standards pale pink, extremely wide mid lilac plicata band blending to silver-lilac edge, small central area sanded lilac; style arms mid pink, violet ridge; falls warm white, ½˝ mid lilac plicata band edged light silver grey, intermittent mid grey-violet lined down petal, light tan haft veined mid brown; beards based white, dark tangerine in throat, greyed tangerine in middle, ends light violet; ruffled; slight musky fragrance.
Sdlg. W234F: Inclination sib
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Running Bare
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RUNNING BARE (P. Black ‘20)
SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm)
Heavily ruffled flowers are cream washed overall mid cantaloupe. Big beards are white brushed coral.
Sdlg. Y260E: V271A: (Orange Obsession x T219C, Meticulous pod parent sib) X V244A: (R273B, Lovable Pink sib x R273I, Lovable Pink sib)
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SCOUNDREL (T.Johnson '10)
SDB Midseason-Late 11” (28cm)
What a character this poor mixed up Scoundrel is. Be careful, you never know how he’s going to be on any given day. Light olive standards are irregularly splashed dark violet. Yellow styles are about the only stable part of Scoudrel. Centers of light olive falls are slate violet irregularly marked plum. Big, plush dark gold beards are flanked by gold hafts. Markings are quite variable depending on weather.
Sdlg. TZ320A: (Brash x Mochaccino) X (Marksman x Brash)
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Searing Embers
12.00 12.00 12.0 USD
SEARING EMBERS (T. Johnson ’20)
SDB Late 12” (30.5cm)
Golden yellow Standards, and rim on rich mahogany falls. Glowing saturated orange beards. Bright and beautiful flowers borne in profusion on robust clumps.
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See No Evil
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SEE NO EVIL (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Early-Midseason 15.5” (39cm)
An explosion of plicata dotting and sanding on the falls.
Sdlg. W233D: Fruit Cup sib X Fruit Cup
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She's So Cute
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SHE'S SO CUTE (P. Black ‘20)
SDB Early- Midseason 13” (33cm)
She has mid pink standards, darker pink styles and cantaloupe falls with big tangerine beards.
Sdlg. Y253C: Festive Bow X V271A: (Orange Obsession x T219C, Meticulous pod parent sib)
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SHORTHORN (P. Black ‘20)
SDB Early 11” (28cm)
Dark beetroot standards color repeats in a blended band around wine falls. Brown beards end in short tan brown horns.
Sdlg. Y269B: long & involved
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Sky And Meadow
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SKY AND MEADOW (P. Black ‘19)
SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm)
Fresh and pretty as a spring day. White standards, styles and narrow rim on chartreuse yellow falls are tinted light turquoise. Lavender beards add a nice counterpoint.
Sdlg. Y296A: W277A: (T235A, Lap of Luxury pollen parent x U113C: (Dedicated x Easy Does It)) X Bombay Sapphire
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So Noted
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SO NOTED (T. Johnson ’19)
SDB Late 15” (38cm)
White Standards and edge on indigo blue falls. Shocking brilliant yellow orange beards set this little gem ablaze. Four buds ensure a lengthy bloom season. Nice!!
Sdlg. TH193B: Oh Canada X (TD202A: Sib to Golden Ring x Easy Does it)
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Soft Blend
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SOFT BLEND (P. Black ‘19)
SDB Early-Midseason 13” (33cm)
Clumps are filled with myriads of well-spaced stalks and flowers. Falls of ruffled buttery peach blended flowers are subtly veined tan pink around yummy big tangerine beards.
Sdlg. Y232A: Kisses X V271A: (V308B: (Portland Pink x T228B: (Total Denial x R273F, Loveable Pink sib)) x Portland Pink)
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Speak No Evil
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SPEAK NO EVIL (P. Black ‘18)
SDB Midseason-Very Late 15.5” (39cm)
Perfectly formed pastel minimal plicata. A must have parent.
Sdlg. W272B: Portland Pink X Fun in the Sun
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Spicy Hot
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SPICY HOT (T. Johnson ’21)
SDB Mid 14” (35cm)
Golden yellow with an overall maroon wash and dots on falls. Beards are intense orange. The flowers on Spicy Hot are so intensely colored they appear neon in the field. COLOR!!
Sdlg TK292A: Alaia X illegible cross tag.
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SPLASH (P. Black '21)
SDB Early-Midseason 12” (30cm)
You won’t miss seeing it. Round, vivid yellow flowers have large slightly darker fall spots with fiery dark marigold orange beards. A patch of this brilliant creation will be a show stopping edge in your flower bed.
Sdlg. X301A: (U161B, Lottery sib X Lottery)
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Stop And Stare
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STOP AND STARE (T.Johnson ‘14)
SDB Early 13” (33cm)
You will ‘Stop and Stare’ What amazing color contrast and fun yellow tips on standards. Superb clumps.
Cook-Douglas Medal 2021
Sdlg. TC264A: Capiche X Riveting
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Stylish Miss
8.00 8.00 8.0 USD
STYLISH MISS (T. Johnson ’17)
SDB SDB Early 11” (28cm)
White ground with Lilac stitched and dotted border. Wonderful peach pink style arms and tangerine beards.
Sdlg TG263B: Love Spell X (Brash and Sassy x Pinky Ring)
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Sunny Babe
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SUNNY BABE (T. Johnson ’17)
SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm)
An extremely bright glaciata. Always shouting “look at me” , will certainly not be overlooked in the garden. Very interesting parentage.
Sdlg TG305A: Valedictorian X (Scoundrel x Little Sweetie)
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